29 Rainbow Wedding Ideas That Are Fun And Elegant

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maddy sims the knot associate editor
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Updated Jun 03, 2021

Your wedding day should reflect who you are as a couple. Whether you want to proudly celebrate your love story, host a show-stopping wedding or you simply can't choose just one color, we encourage you to follow your heart. To help spark inspiration, we rounded up 29 rainbow wedding ideas that are both fun and elegant. If you want to incorporate rainbow-colored flowers, rock a colorful wedding day outfit or just have a rainbow-colored cake, we have ideas for every kind of couple.

Using every color under the sun can be a challenge, which is why we recommend working with a wedding planner. They're experts in event design, so they'll be able to seamlessly incorporate your rainbow wedding color palette into your nuptials (not to mention assist with any other wedding planning). Plus, they'll be there to help ensure the big day goes smoothly, so you can enjoy your colorful nuptials without any stress. Ready to get inspired? See 29 of our favorite rainbow wedding ideas, below.

Rainbow Backdrop

rainbow wedding ideas colorful backdrop

If you want a rainbow wedding, book a space that comes with built-in decor. Give yourselves extra time to take stunning wedding photos.

Rainbow Welcome Bags

Start your celebration off right with a colorful welcome bag. Not only is it highly Instagrammable, it'll also let your guests know what to expect for your celebration.

Rainbow Floral Arch

Looking for a show-stopping rainbow wedding idea? Ask your florist to create an ombre multi-colored floral arch for your ceremony.

Rainbow Neon Sign

Create an Insta-worthy photoshoot by incorporating a rainbow-colored neon sign. Check to see if your wedding venue has one, or order a custom one for your reception. You can hang it in your house as a fun reminder of your special day.

Rainbow Wedding Party

rainbow wedding ideas colorful wedding party

If you have several members in your wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen or other loved ones), ask them to each wear a different color of the rainbow. When you all stand together for portraits, it'll give off a rainbow-effect.

Rainbow Balloon Installation

Looking for rainbow wedding decor ideas? Create a colorful balloon installation that your guests can pose in front of.

Rainbow Wedding Day Outfit

Incorporate all the hues of the rainbow on your outfit for a show-stopping day-of look. Pro tip: Don't forget to wear colorful wedding shoes

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Rainbow Jean Jackets

One wedding trend we can't get enough of? Matching jackets for the couple. Embroider yours with pastel rainbows for a sweet and special touch. (Psst: These look especially adorable at rustic weddings.)

Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Surprise your guests with a rainbow-colored treat. These ice cream sandwiches (complete with rainbow sprinkle cookies) are a sweet and subtle way to bring color to your nuptials.

Rainbow Flower Crown

An easy way to add color into your wedding day updo? Add a flower crown rainbow-hued florals for a fun, boho touch. We especially love this idea for spring and summer weddings.

Rainbow Wedding Jacket

If you love color but don't want your actual wedding day outfit to be bold and bright, consider rainbow-colored outerwear.

Multi-Colored Hanging Flowers

We're obsessed with this rainbow wedding idea. Hang flowers around your wedding ceremony area for a bright, colorful background.

Rainbow Wedding Makeup

rainbow wedding ideas eye makeup

If you love bright colors, get creative with your wedding day makeup. We love the idea of using different colored eyeshadows to match your rainbow-themed wedding.

Rainbow Wedding Bouquet

Include the rainbow in your bouquet. Together, your wedding flowers will look like a gorgeous explosion of color.

Edgy Rainbow Wedding Dress

Rainbow doesn't have to mean neon. If you want an edgier style, consider rocking a black wedding gown complete with colorful details.

Rainbow Wedding Nails

Searching for wedding manicure inspiration? Look no further. Rock the rainbow on your nails for a fun and bold pop of color.

Complete Coordination

Spread different colors throughout your wedding (think: outfits, flowers, decor). That way, when you take pictures together, rainbow colors will be everywhere.

Rainbow Wedding Recession

Calling all Star Wars fans: this rainbow wedding idea is for you. Gift your guests rainbow-colored lightsabers to hold up as you exit your reception for an epic photograph. Psst: This could work for non-Star Wars fans too. Use colored sparklers, glow sticks, streamers or confetti.

Rainbow Floral Accents

Maybe you don't want an all-rainbow-everything vibe. Try this idea instead. Drape colorful floral accents across your greenery for a pop of color.

Colorful Wedding Tablescape

Group certain colors together for a modern approach to a rainbow wedding. For example, set up a couple of tables with warm colors, like yellow, orange, pink and red. On the other side of your venue, create tablescapes with cool hues like green, blue and purple.

Rainbow Flat Lay

A flat lay is typically a picture with all of your wedding stationery and other important details (think: rings, shoes or family heirlooms). Incorporate other colorful objects for a rainbow-colored photo.

Rainbow Wedding Cake

We love this rainbow wedding cake idea because it's not too over-the-top. Ask the baker or caterer to paint on different colors around the cake. Dreaming of a full-on rainbow cake? Tell your vendor, and they can help bring your vision to life.

Colorful Wedding Outfit

rainbow wedding ideas dress

Here's the ultimate rainbow wedding inspiration. Make a statement with a colorful wedding day outfit.

Rainbow Wildflowers

rainbow wedding ideas wildflowers

Another unique rainbow wedding idea? Use wildflowers to bring in all the colors you love. Include them on your cake, in your wedding centerpieces and in your bouquets.

Rainbow Welcome Champagne

Welcome your guests to your wedding in style. Set up a colorful installation filled with balloons and champagne.

Rainbow Stationery

We love the idea of rainbow wedding stationery because it'll stand out in the mail pile. Plus, when put together for a flat lay picture, the end result will be gorgeous.

Rainbow Congratulatory Sign

COVID couples will recognize this tradition. However, we love the idea of including congratulatory signs for your sendoff after the wedding—especially rainbow ones to match your rainbow wedding theme.

Dark and Moody Wedding Bouquet

A rainbow wedding doesn't have to be super bright. If you love color but don't want a neon feel, consider using jewel-toned hues for an edgier look.

Rainbow Escort Wall

We love this rainbow wedding decoration idea because it's pretty and functional. Plus, it makes for one gorgeous photo op.

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