14 Wedding Registry Picks for Your Bedroom + Bathroom

A few of our favorite bridal registry must-haves for your bedroom and bathroom.
  1. Flat Sheets

    For each bed in your home, plan on having one set of sheets on your bed, one in the laundry and one folded in the linen closet. Registering for three sets may sound like a lot, but you'll need them!

    Register for: 3

    Signature wrinkle-resistant embroidered sateen flat sheet, from $48, GarnetHill.com

  2. Fitted Sheets

    If they don't come in a set, you'll need to register for fitted sheets to match your flat sheets. And remember, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet.

    Register for: 3

    Wrinkle-resistent solid sateen fitted sheets, from $48, GarnetHill.com

  3. Duvet Covers

    For hygiene's sake, a comforter needs a washable cover; register for two different duvet covers and matching shams so you can swap out your look.

    Register for: 2

    Target Home pinched pleat duvet cover set, from $70, Target.com

  4. Down Comforter

    Upgrade from your cheapo polyester-filled comforter (or a down one that has lost most of its feathers) to a comforter filled with lofty Hungarian white goose down.

    Register for: 1

    Signature Jacquard White Goose Down Comforter, from $248, GarnetHill.com

  5. A Mattress Pad

    Bedding basics are often forgotten when registering. A mattress pad will protect your mattress, repel moisture and act as an extra layer of softness.

    Register for: 1

    Magic Loft mattress pad, from $80, Sears.com

  6. A Bed Blanket

    A blanket can be layered on to keep you extra warm on cold nights, or it can be used as an alternative to a comforter when the weather is warmer. Choose from a variety of fibers (cotton, silk, wool), depending on the climate where you’ll be living.

    Register for: 1

    Chelsea Silk Blanket, from $195, Bloomingdales.com

  7. Bed Pillows

    You'll have sweet dreams with a fresh new pillow under your head. Match the size of your pillows to the size of your bed and register for two new ones for each of you.

    Register for: 4

    Original Sobakawa buckwheat pillow, from $20, Target.com

  8. A Set of Pillowcases

    If the pillowcases don't come with your sheets or if you like an extra pair of pillows, you may need to register for pillowcases.

    Register for: 1 to 2 pairs

    Room Essentials jersey pillowcase set, from $10, Target.com

  9. Pillow Shams

    A sham is a more decorative type of pillow cover that is not meant for sleeping on. If you like the look of these, register for a matched pair.

    Register for: 2

    Lattice matelasse sham, from $78, GarnetHill.com

  10. A Bed Skirt

    A bed skirt gracefully conceals your box spring and items stored under the bed. Opt for one that coordinates with the rest of your bedding (plain white is a common choice).

    Register for: 1

    Room Essentials bed skirt, from $13, Target.com

  11. Bath Towels

    Register for two standard bath towels for every member of your household. Choose the bath-sheet size if you like oversize towels. If you know you’ll be entertaining overnight guests often, register for an extra pair.

    Register for: 4 to 6

    Fieldcrest Luxury Stripe Accent bath towel, $20, Target.com

  12. Hand Towels

    You'll want to register for a coordinating hand towel for each of your bath towels.

    Register for: 4 to 6

    Fieldcrest luxury hand towel, $10, Target.com

  13. A Bath Mat

    Stepping out of the shower directly onto the tile is never pleasant -- so cushion your step with a bath mat. Microfiber, bamboo and cork are your best bets for quick-drying materials.

    Register for: 1

    Lattice wooden mat, $45, CrateandBarrel.com

  14. A Shower Curtain

    A new shower curtain is an instant face-lift for any bathroom.

    Register for: 1

    Stripe shower curtain, $39, WestElm.com

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