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Wedding Cakes: Ways to Save on Wedding Cakes?


My fiance and I are trying to find some ways to save for our wedding, and because neither of us are very big dessert eaters I have been trying to come up with ways we can save on a wedding cake. I was thinking of simply having sheet cakes instead of a traditional, tiered wedding cake (which would save us a bundle). I think it's a great plan, but my fiance thinks guests would find this tacky and possibly even offensive. Yikes! Who's right?


Don't worry -- there's more than one way to slice a wedding cake these days. Here's a little secret: Though you'll pretty much always see the bride and groom cutting a fancy, tiered wedding cake, many times guests are actually served sheet cakes since (you're right) they can be a big money-saver . How do they do it? Sometimes, the bride and groom cut a real wedding cake that's simply too small to feed all the guests. A two-tiered wedding cake still looks impressive, but because it won't feed too many people (especially if the top tier is for the first anniversary), the majority of what guests are served is just cut from a sheet cake. Other times couples want the look of a truly amazing cake, but balk at the cost, so they have their designer create a tall wedding cake with one or two fake cake layers -- a full-scale, multitiered masterpiece that looks incredible, but isn't completely edible. (The fake layer is usually made of Styrofoam.) In this case, you can supplement the rest of the wedding cake with sheet cake (so long as it's cut back in the kitchen, who's to know?). Talk to your wedding cake baker or designer about what options will work best for your situation. They may also be able to help you out with other ways to save (for example, choosing one type of adornment over another, or limiting your flavor choices). Lastly, don't forget that if the two of you really don't like cake, you don't have to have it. We've seen couples cut everything from pies to cookies -- in the end, any wedding dessert will make for a sweet finish to your reception meal.

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