Weirdest Wedding Gifts Ever

Recently married couples on told us which wedding gifts left them scratching their heads.
by Miles Stiverson

Think you've gotten some strange gifts in the past? No number of hand-knit sweaters from estranged aunts can match the weirdness of the wedding gifts these couples received from their guests.

Monetary Oddities

"$10 in scratch tickets."
"$100 worth of quarters."
"A graduation card with $7."
"A hundred $1 bills rolled up in a rubber band."
"Boxers with money in them."
"Two cents and a nasty note inside a card."
"A check from my husband's friend, and in the 'for' line, it said 'vasectomy.'"
"A check that bounced."

Obscure Decor

"Broken fake-marble horse head bookends."
"Rosie the Riveter bookends."
"Moosehead bookends."
"Zebra shower curtain."
"A crystal block with a face in the middle."

Weird...but Useful

"A hurricane evacuation backpack full of MREs (meals ready to eat), first-aid kit, ponchos, etc."
"A pink can opener with the word 'love' on it."
"A used walking cane."
"24 double rolls of toilet paper."
"Dental floss."
"Octopus-shaped baster."
"A high-heeled shoe cake server."
"A magnifying glass."

Weird...and Useless

"Dog shock collar -- we don't have a dog."
"Pirate flip-flops."
"A 3-ft. SpongeBob SquarePants pirate doll."
"Autographed picture of Bret Michaels."
"Bronze kangaroo."
"Fake vomit."
"A cat suit."
"A picture frame with the wrong initials on it."

Kind of Creepy Gifts

"A bronze bust of myself."
"A book that a friend of mine had written and dedicated to me alone, not my husband (he apparently has a large crush on me)...very stalkerish."
"Toilet paper with writing on first few sheets."
"A birthing video from a professional midwife! Ew!"

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