The Best 23rd Anniversary Gifts to Surprise the One You Love

We've found symbolic and alternative gifts to commemorate another year of love.
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Updated Jun 20, 2023
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It's time to celebrate 23 years of marriage! If you and your spouse are marking your latest marriage milestone, a thoughtful 23rd anniversary gift is one of the best ways to honor the occasion. Stuck for ideas? Worry not, because we've found some really great options to help you show your other half some love. Whether you're looking for a symbolic gift or something a little more creative, you're sure to find a meaningful 23rd anniversary gift on our list.

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Traditional 23rd Anniversary Themes

Most wedding anniversaries have traditional and modern gifts associated with them. However, the 23-year anniversary breaks the mold, with just a modern theme: a silver plate. Giving this precious metal in the form of serveware is a reminder to find joy in the small moments with your partner, like sharing a home-cooked meal together. You don't have to stick to just silver plates though—expanding your search to anything made of silver is also a great approach and one that opens up lots of gifting possibilities. Silver itself symbolizes clarity, strength and persistence, which are three key components of a long and successful marriage.

The 23rd wedding anniversary also has an official flower, color and gemstone. The milestone's color is silver, and the official anniversary flower is nil, a type of morning glory, which symbolizes love, thoughtfulness and gratitude. Lastly, the 23rd anniversary is associated with two beautiful gemstones, imperial topaz and sapphire. Imperial topaz is said to encourage self-confidence and emotional generosity, while sapphire is believed to attract abundance and gifts (like a great 23rd anniversary gift in return, perhaps?).

Symbolic 23rd Anniversary Gifts

If a themed anniversary present is on your radar, there are tons of ways to incorporate the different 23rd anniversary symbols into your gifting. From elegant silverware and jewelry to contemporary homewares and accessories, there's something for everyone in our round-up. Keep reading to find out more about shopping for a memorable 23rd wedding anniversary for your wife, husband or friends.

Engraved Silver Tray

We couldn't start a round-up of the best 23rd anniversary gifts with anything but a silver plate. This decorative tray is custom-engraved with your shared last name, along with the date of when you walked down the aisle. It's a sentimental and symbolic gift that'll remind you and your spouse of all the time you've shared together since saying "We do." Tip: Add the black easel to your order so it's ready to display right away.

Velvet Weighted Blanket

Take inspiration from the 23rd anniversary color, silver, with this luxurious velvet blanket. It's gently weighted to help stimulate serotonin production and reduce cortisol levels in the body, which will leave your spouse feeling super relaxed the next time they doze off on the sofa. We bet they'll be so zen you'll be tempted to join them for a chill night in watching your favorite movie. Cuddle sesh, anyone?

Morning Glory Butterfly Puddler

Does your spouse spend hours tending to their garden? Add this enchanting stone among the plants to attract butterflies to their flower patches and mixed borders. It's etched with morning glories (the 23rd anniversary flower) and features a puddler's well of recycled glass, which you can fill with sand or rock salt mixed with water. As these materials evaporate, butterflies are drawn to the remaining minerals—and once they know where to find minerals, they'll come back regularly!

Sterling Silver Frame

A silver plate isn't your only option when it comes to finding a symbolic 23rd anniversary gift. You can choose anything made from silver, like this shiny photo frame. It's handmade in Italy, with an elegant bamboo motif border crafted from sterling silver that'll make any photo shine. Fill it with your favorite memory from the past 365 days of marriage so you can look back on your 23rd year with joy and fondness.

Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

Jewelry is always a great gift, whether you're celebrating your first anniversary or your 23rd. This pretty locket couldn't be any more on theme—it's made from sterling silver and dotted with white sapphire pavé details for a gift that incorporates both the modern 23rd material and one of the year's gemstones. There's space for two tiny photos inside, so you can fill it with snapshots from your wedding day and your 23rd anniversary for an extra personal touch.

Silver and Wicker Entertainment Set

If you and your spouse love hosting guests, now may be the perfect time to stock up on some stylish entertainment essentials. This matching tray and ice bucket will add a touch of rustic elegance to your next dinner party or family get-together. Both are crafted from silver-plated stainless steel and wrapped in handwoven wicker, and can be engraved with your names for a personalized finish. We suggest pairing the set with a bottle of champagne and some tasty snacks for a fun 23rd anniversary celebration with loved ones.

Silver Serving Bowl

The 23rd anniversary's modern gift may technically be a silver plate, but we think a silver bowl is just as fitting. This one is made from an eight-metal alloy blend that has a silver-like luster when polished. It can retain heat or cold for long periods of time and it can be used in the oven, refrigerator or freezer. Just be sure to take care with acidic foods (like citrus fruits or salad dressing), as these can tarnish the surface.

Sapphire Whiskey Tumbler

Married to a whiskey enthusiast? Here's a thoughtful and practical 23rd anniversary that'll give their favorite sip a sophisticated edge. This colorful glass tumbler is handcrafted from stained glass to mimic the look of a sapphire gemstone (i.e., one of the 23rd anniversary stones). It's a really cool way to incorporate one of the milestone symbols into your gift, not to mention a creative way to upgrade your glassware. Our suggestion? Pair it with your partner's favorite bottle of bourbon so they can pour a drink on the rocks right away.

Silver Trinket Dish

Say "I do" all over again with a really cute, personalized anniversary gift. This silver trinket dish is stamped with your wedding date and a petite heart, along with a romantic phrase of your choosing. (Think: "I Still Do" or "I Love You.") Give this to your spouse as a symbolic token of all the years you have been together and as a safe spot to store their wedding and engagement rings.

Silver-Tone Watch

Looking for a 23rd anniversary jewelry gift for your spouse that has more of a minimalist style? Timepieces are an excellent gift to honor all the hours, minutes and seconds you've spent together. This silver-tone stainless steel watch features a contrasting black dial with silver hands and a calendar date window (so they'll have no excuse for not remembering your anniversary date). Plus, it's water-resistant up to 50 meters, so they won't need to take it off when they take a shower.

Silver Ring Bracelet

Celebrate your past, present and future with this elegant silver bracelet from Uncommon Goods. The simple design has three interlocking circles that each represent a period in time: a muted, oxidized ring (the past), a sterling silver band wrapped in wire (the present) and a glimmering gold-filled ring (the future). It's a great way to remind your spouse to live in the moment and show them how much you value all the moments you've shared over the last 23 years.

Engravable Silver Compact Mirror

If your spouse always likes to be well-groomed, here's a thoughtful 23rd anniversary gift that'll help them look their best. This square silver-toned compact has a two-sided mirror with one magnified size which is great for quick makeup touches on the go. The fine beaded detail adds a touch of refined elegance to the overall design for a chic accessory they'll be happy to whip out on the subway or in a cab. Have it engraved on the front and back with a personal message to show your love you think they're beautiful inside and out.

Imperial Topaz Drop Earrings

These striking earrings made from the 23rd anniversary gemstone, imperial topaz, are destined to delight any fashionable spouse. The beautiful pink-orange tones make a big style statement, whether worn alone or stacked with delicate studs. Choose from three different gold hardware options to contrast with this shining stone: yellow, rose or white gold.

Silver Candle Holder

We can't think of anything more romantic than a candle-lit dinner, especially when it's to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Bring a soft glow to the kitchen table with this vintage-style candelabra, and get ready to fall in love all over again. The long curved body and scrolled arms of the piece give us total Beauty and the Beast vibes, making it the perfect addition to an enchanting evening with your other half.

Personalized Silver Pen

If your partner likes to jot down notes with a pen and paper, here's a practical 23rd anniversary gift that'll show off their handwriting. This silver Parker pen is made with stainless steel accented by shiny gold trims and an arrowhead clip for a sleek finish. Have it engraved with your spouse's name (or a short, sweet message) for an elegant accessory they'll be happy to take out at their next office meeting. Bonus: You can choose an option with a refill set so they won't have to worry about running out of ink anytime soon.

Alternative 23rd Anniversary Gifts

Themed anniversary gifts are only one option when it comes to this celebration, so feel free to break with tradition if it feels right. Taking inspiration from your partner's hobbies and interests is a good way to go, as is considering the type of lifestyle they enjoy. With this in mind, we've rounded up some awesome alternative gifts ranging from thoughtful trinkets and exciting experiences to quality clothing and fashionable accessories. Discover the top unique presents for the 23rd wedding anniversary below.

Adventure Challenge Journal

The silver plate anniversary is all about making time for the small, intimate moments of a relationship, like eating a meal or trying out new things together. If you're running out of date night ideas (and after 23 years, we can't blame you), the Adventure Challenge Journal will inspire you to have lots of fun with your other half. It's crammed with scratch-off activities you can do together, like baking a cake blindfolded or recreating your grandparents' first date. Even though it's not made of silver, this unique 23rd anniversary gift will help you improve your relationship, which is just as precious. Use the code THEKNOT10 to get 10% off your purchase.

Intersection of Love Print

Surprise your spouse with a sentimental gift that celebrates how your paths crossed for the first time. This personalized photo print features your names and the important dates you share (like your wedding or 23rd anniversary) displayed on a signpost of intersecting paths. It's a thoughtful way to pay tribute to when your relationship began and how fate brought you two together. Choose from color or black and white photo prints and a variety of framing options to compliment your home's decor scheme.

Personalized Wind Chime

If your partner is bright and breezy in nature, here's a quirky 23rd anniversary gift they'll appreciate. Made from a combination of wood and metal, this rustic wind chime jingles every time a gentle wind passes through it. Have the diamond-shaped hanging feather engraved with your titles, shared last name and wedding date for a personalized keepsake that'll bring tinkly tunes to your backyard.

Luxurious Sheet Set

The only thing dreamier than your love is this soft and warm cashmere sheet set. It comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases, all made from a mix of cotton and cashmere fabric that'll help you both sleep like a baby. Choose from six colorways to accentuate your bedroom's decor scheme, and get ready for a luxurious lie-in. (Just remember to switch off your alarm!).

Music Lovers Gift Set

Whether you're married to someone who enjoys playing the guitar or just an amateur shower singer, we've found an awesome gift for the music lover in your life. This stylish set is bursting with music-inspired items, including upcycled record coasters (made from actual old vinyls), drumstick pens, guitar socks and music playing cards. It's a fun and thoughtful gift that's sure to make you number one in their eyes (although you probably already are!).

Plaid Flannel Shirt

A plaid flannel shirt is a wardrobe staple for many reasons—it's super comfy to throw on, it goes with everything and it's pretty timeless. If your spouse's casualwear needs to be updated, look no further than this check hooded shirt. Made from 100% cotton, it features a snap-front placket, a front kangaroo pocket, a chest pocket and a drawstring hood for extra warmth. Whether your partner wears their new flannel with a classic pair of jeans or relaxed joggers, they'll look smart on their days off.

Cell Phone Bag

Phone, wallet, keys…what else do you need to bring with you when you leave the house? If, like us, your spouse lugs around far too much with them daily, it may be worth swapping their roomy tote for a more compact option. This crossbody bag from Kate Spade is designed to hold all their essentials, like their phone, credit cards and keys. It's made from pebbled leather with a flap enclosure and an adjustable strap that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. It's a chic and practical 23rd anniversary gift your spouse (and their tired shoulders) will thank you for.

Heart-Shaped Succulent

If you're searching for a gift for someone who loves plants, this heart-shaped succulent is a winner. Available as a single or double heart, it comes with a white ceramic planter and a set of care instructions to ensure it thrives. Succulents are known for being pretty low maintenance, so all your spouse has to do is keep it at an ambient temperature and water it occasionally. Bonus: This variety is pet and child friendly, making it suitable for anyone with a dog or kids.

Meat and Cheese Gift Box

We simply cannot resist an edible anniversary present, particularly if there's cheese involved. This meat and cheese gift box from Harry & David has everything you need for a romantic charcuterie date (can you think of a better way to spend your 23rd anniversary?), including hickory smoked summer sausage, two types of cheese, seeded crackers and honey hot mustard. But that's not all—it also comes with a bottle of red wine for a really delicious feast for two.

Romantic Cabin Getaway

Modern life can get very hectic, whether you're busy with your career, raising a family or caring for a loved one. Help your spouse unwind from life's daily stresses by escaping to a romantic cabin for a few nights to rest and recharge. Getaway offers cozy, intimate cabins just a few hours outside of major cities, so you've no excuse not to book a weekend away to celebrate your 23-year wedding anniversary.

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