The Best 27th Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Latest Marriage Milestone

Just consider us your gifting guardian angels.
The Top 27th Anniversary Gifts of 2024
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Updated Jun 25, 2024
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Here's to year twenty-seven celebrating a match made in heaven! As you and your spouse reach this milestone and reflect on your beautiful journey together, it's clear: a 27th anniversary gift is a perfect tribute to your enduring bond. Just consider us your gifting guardian angels because we've rounded up the best 27-year anniversary gifts for you to shop. Whether you prefer a symbolic present tied to the 27th anniversary theme or something entirely personal and unexpected for your spouse or the happy couple, you'll find the best of both worlds below to ensure your celebration is as unique as your love story deserves.

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    Traditional 27th Anniversary Gift Themes

    So, what is the 27th anniversary gift according to tradition? Unlike most years, which are marked by both a traditional and modern gift material, the 27th year of marriage is celebrated with just a modern one: sculptures. This creative theme symbolizes the beautiful relationship a couple has built together and how they have shaped each other's lives for the better. Like a work of art, every couple and their love story is unique and precious. As such, seek out gifts personalized to your partner or friends—extra points if they're handmade!

    While some marriage milestones also have designated anniversary flowers, gemstones and colors, sculptures are the only 27th wedding anniversary symbol. However, this doesn't mean a vibrant bouquet or new piece of jewelry wouldn't make a great gift! After nearly three decades together, you likely know your partner's preferences well and can base your gift on these interests and tastes.

    Symbolic 27th Anniversary Gifts

    If you're considering a sculpture as a 27th wedding anniversary gift to impress him, her or them, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from. Explore vibrant artwork that goes beyond mere decoration to also serve as fashion statements, kitchen goods and home organizers below!

    Colorful Glass Infinity Sculpture

    Colorful rainbow glass infinity sculpture
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    If you're looking for a 27th anniversary gift that makes a stylish statement, this hand-blown rainbow glass sculpture is it. The infinity symbol is the perfect representation of the everlasting love you share with your partner, while the multi-colored glass is guaranteed to brighten your living room or hallway. This unique piece combines artistry with a meaningful symbol, making it a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

    Gilded Goddess Bust Bookends

    Gold head bust book ends
    Photo: Anthropologie

    These beautifully designed bookends double as art pieces, adding character to any bookshelf while keeping your partner's growing literary collection neatly organized. Crafted from cement in the form of functional sculptures, each bookend showcases a split bust of a Greek goddess, her serene expression complemented by an olive branch delicately styled in her hair. Whether your partner is an avid reader or an art aficionado, they are sure to treasure the timeless beauty and symbolic elegance of this 27th anniversary gift.

    Ceramic Cat Eyeglass Holder

    Cute glasses holder
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Surprise your spouse on your 27th anniversary with a gift that puts an end to the perennial question, "Have you seen my glasses?" Introducing: this cat-shaped ceramic eyeglass holder. This adorable feline not only keeps eyewear safe and easily accessible but also serves as a charming sculpture. Just imagine their glasses perched on its nose, adding an extra touch of charm. This gift is sure to bring a smile every time they reach for their spectacles.

    Bronze Ladder Scultpure

    Gorgeous romantic bronze sculpture from AnnaAndreadi on Etsy
    Photo: AnnaAndreadi

    Add a lil' moonlight magic to your home's interior with this enchanting sculpture. The handmade bronze sculpture depicts a couple dancing under a crescent moon after climbing a ladder together to, presumably, get the best view of the gorgeous night sky. Too romantic! We bet your spouse will feel on top of the world when they receive this thoughtful gift for your 27th anniversary.

    Copper Love Swing Sculpture

    Copper love swing wall decor
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Celebrate the 27 years you and your spouse have spent building a family together with this heartfelt anniversary gift. This 3D wall art, handmade from copper wire, features a beautifully welded tree swing with a couple and up to three additional stick figures swaying together on the hanging bench. That's right, the swing can actually rock back and forth! This sculpture is a touching tribute to a love that is both deeply rooted and soars to great heights, capturing the essence of your enduring bond and the life you've cultivated together.

    Decorative Clam Shell Bowl

    Stylish silver decorative bowl
    Photo: Neiman Marcus

    Sculptures that double as decorative bowls can be both stunning centerpieces and practical items. Made of recycled aluminum for a beautiful shine, this clam-shell-inspired sculpture has significance beyond the 27th anniversary material theme. Clams symbolize strength and inner beauty, with a hard, protective exterior and precious pearls found within. They also represent patience and endurance, as pearls form slowly over time—a testament to your relationship, which only grows more beautiful with age. What a charming 27-year anniversary gift for your wife, husband or partner!

    Sculptural Coffee Mugs

    Set of two porcelain mugs kissing as a 27th anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Mornings together just got even better thanks to these sculptural mugs. This charming set is designed to fit together perfectly, just like you and your partner. Each mug is crafted to resemble a face with puckered lips, so when placed together, they form a loving kiss, with the handles completing a heart shape. How sweet! Whether you're shopping for a 27th anniversary present for your spouse, friends or parents, this set will add a touch of whimsy and warmth to their mornings.

    Cherub Angel Candle

    Cherub decorative candle
    Photo: LaAromaCandleCo

    We are amazed by the sculptures crafted by this Etsy seller from wax which, thus, also function as candles. This adorable cherub angel, symbolizing love, purity and divine connection, will watch over the couple as they embark on another year of wedded bliss. It's available unscented or scented, with a choice of 15 fragrances including vanilla, lavender, and oakmoss and amber. You can also select a color to match the existing home decor for this delightful 27th anniversary gift for her, him or them.

    Abstract Chunky Earrings

    Stylish silver earrings
    Photo: Anthropologie

    If you think sculpture-inspired gifts are confined to figurines and statues, think again. These statement earrings from Anthropologie are a great way to surprise your stylish spouse and nail the modern gift for your 27th anniversary. Available in a silver hue, they're made from a combination of zinc and cubic zirconia to form a chunky pear-shaped hoop. Your partner is sure to attract plenty of compliments whenever they decide to show off these trendy baubles.

    Personalized Wind Sculpture

    Personalized wind sculpture
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    This stunning sculpture combines artistry with personalization, featuring your (or the happy couple's) names and wedding date. Crafted from copper-plated steel, it elegantly captures the movement of the wind, creating a mesmerizing display in a garden or outdoor space. Plus with its celestial accents, this wind sculpture will serve as a beautiful reminder of your written-in-the-stars love.

    Expressive Serving Bowl

    White serving bowl with lip impressions
    Photo: Revolve

    Jonathan Adler is a renowned artist and designer known for his bold and colorful approach to pottery, furniture and home decor—epitomized by this distinctive serving bowl. Inspired by Gala, the wife and muse of surrealist painter and printmaker Salvador Dalí, it's adorned with lips to add a touch of romance to any table. Despite the intricacy, it's dishwasher and microwave-safe.

    Rocket-Shaped Decanters

    Rocket-shaped liquor decanters 27th anniversary gift idea
    Photo: Jonathon Adler

    Here's another great sculptural piece by Jonathan Adler that anyone with a refined liquor collection and a stylish home bar will appreciate. The rocket-shaped decanter is made from white porcelain with black, silver and gold accents to label its contents. We guarantee it'll be quite the conversation starter when serving friends and family drinks. For an added touch, pair it with their favorite bottle so they can use it right away.

    Contemporary Balloon Dog Sculptures

    Balloon dog statue for your best 27th wedding anniversary gift
    Photo: Target

    One thing you love about your partner: their playful side! This pair of contemporary sculptures, inspired by Jeff Koons' iconic Balloon Dog, perfectly captures their personality and brings a touch of fun to any room. Crafted from porcelain and ceramic materials molded together to resemble twisting party balloons, these figurines are available in silver or gold. They offer a stylish way to achieve the luxurious look of modern art without the high price tag.

    Accordion Sculptural Lamp

    Accordion night light
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    This artistic lamp doubles as a sculptural masterpiece, featuring an accordion-inspired design crafted from sustainably sourced wood and paper. Its accordion folds create a mesmerizing play of light and shadow, adding a touch of elegance and ambiance to any room. Perfect for couples who appreciate artistry and functionality, this lamp embodies the enduring harmony and flexibility of your relationship, making it a meaningful addition to your home decor.

    Swarovski Crystal Figurine

    Beautiful crystal bird figures
    Photo: Swarovski

    This small figurine offers a charming interpretation of the 27th wedding anniversary's modern gift, embodying romance at its finest. Depicting a pair of swallows perched on a branch, the elegant design is crafted entirely from clear crystal with an astonishing 863 facets. Known for their lifelong mating habits, swallows symbolize love and fidelity—making this sculpture an ideal anniversary gift for your beloved spouse.

    Air Dry Clay Kit

    Air dry clay kit
    Photo: Amazon

    Searching for a gift that fits the theme and offers a fun date night experience? This pottery-making kit allows you and your spouse to unleash your creativity by crafting your own sculptures together. It includes all the essentials for creating three-dimensional art pieces: two bags of air-dry clay, pottery shaping and cutting tools, a smoothing sponge, acrylic paint and two brushes. You'll also receive instructions for making four popular functional sculptures. (There's enough clay for up to 10 creations, so don't worry if your first attempts need a little refining.)

    Alternative 27th Anniversary Gifts

    If a sculpture gift doesn't resonate with you, consider choosing an alternative anniversary gift for your wife, husband, partner or favorite couple. There are numerous options that, while not fitting into a specific theme, are equally meaningful and memorable. To help, we've curated a list of unique gifts to celebrate your 27th wedding anniversary in a creative and heartfelt way.

    Fresh Bouquet Subscription

    Beautiful white and purple flowers
    Photo: BloomsyBox

    Even though there isn't an official flower for the 27th wedding anniversary, a bouquet can still make a wonderful gift. Consider gifting a subscription so your partner or the couple receives a new, seasonal bouquet every month! BloomsyBox will deliver a beautiful arrangement of flowers weekly or monthly, starting on a date of your choosing, like your anniversary. This way, you won't have to worry about sneaking out on the day of to ensure your love gets the freshest flowers. It sounds like an excellent 27th anniversary gift for both of you!

    Use the code KNOT20 to receive 20% off bouquets and subscriptions!

    Anniversary Candle and Tarot Reading

    Personalized candle
    Photo: Birthdate Co.

    Set the stage for a romantic evening with this personalized candle from Birthdate Co. The label features your names, anniversary date and a bespoke reading by the brand's team of astrologers, highlighting your compatibility style, relationship strength and the planet and number that rules your connection. The luxurious blend of sage, frankincense and oakmoss adds the perfect finishing touch to this exceptional 27th anniversary gift.

    The New York Botanical Garden-Inspired Tea Set

    Garden-inspired tea set
    Photo: Tea Forte

    Tea Forte partnered with The New York Botanical Garden to create a tea-riffic gift idea for lovers of fine tea, art and nature. Rare botanical illustrations by Pierre-Joseph Redouté adorn the box, which contains 10 tea bags in unique blends like Chamomille Rose, a pink porcelain cup with a lid and a matching ceramic tea tray. (The retailer offers other limited-edition tea sets to fit the recipient's taste preferences, as well.) Best of all, a percentage of each sale supports NYBG's work in plant research, conservation, horticulture and education.

    Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

    Custom shortbread cookies
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    After 27 years of marriage, you've said "I love you" in countless ways—but have you ever said it with cookies? Each of these buttery, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies is imprinted with a personalized message of your choice, like "Happy Anniversary" or "You're the sweetest," making it a very memorable and delicious anniversary gift. Packaged beautifully, these cookies are ideal for sharing over a cozy cup of tea or coffee.

    A Journal of Your Love Story

    The book of us love journal
    Photo: Amazon

    If your partner devours romance books, but their favorite love story is your own, now's the chance to write it down with Our Love Story: A Journal. This beautifully crafted journal not only captures your meet-cute, but also includes 150 prompts that delve into every facet of your journey together—from what makes you both laugh to the challenges you've conquered. It's more than just a book; it's a canvas for your memories and a testament to your love that's worth rereading over and over again.

    Custom Song Art

    Couple hanging up a custom song art
    Photo: Lime & Lou

    When was the last time you listened to your wedding song? Now, you can cherish those unforgettable lyrics every day with this modern wall art. Designed by artist Roni Shalev and proudly made in the USA with eco-friendly practices, this canvas features a sleek, minimalist record design that highlights the lyrics of your chosen song. Personalize this artwork with your names to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. It's the perfect way to celebrate 27 years of love and keep your cherished first dance memories alive through art.

    Washable Silk Pajamas

    Black silk pajamas for anniversary
    Photo: Lunya

    Comfort is key to a successful relationship and a restful night's sleep. This anniversary, celebrate both with a stunningly soft pajama set from Lunya. Made from luxurious washable silk, it includes a relaxed-fit tee with a high-low hemline and pants featuring side slits, offering loungewear that's both stylish and breathable. Whether enjoying a leisurely morning together or winding down at night, this set ensures every moment is filled with luxury and relaxation.

    Take 15% off your first purchase from Lunya with code FOR-TK. (Sounds like the perfect excuse to get yourself a cozy set, too!)

    Naturally Healing Weighted Blanket

    White weighted blanket
    Photo: Sunday Citizen

    After 27 years of marriage, you've likely enjoyed plenty of cozy cuddles on the couch. Elevate your next snuggle session with a luxurious touch: a plush weighted blanket from Sunday Citizen. Designed for ultimate comfort, this blanket provides a steady, gentle pressure that soothes and relaxes both of you. What sets it apart is its unique filling of glass pearls and crystal pieces, like clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst, known for their supposed natural healing energies. You might find yourselves so relaxed that you drift off during your next Netflix binge.

    Personalized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas

    Customized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas for your wedding anniversary gift
    Photo: Personalization Mall

    Celebrate the exact day you got married all those years ago with a special chronicle canvas print. With this on your wall, you and your partner can take a trip down memory lane and look back on notable events, sports and movies from your big day. It's a fun and thoughtful 27th anniversary gift that's bound to impress any history fan or news enthusiast.

    Personalized Map Glasses

    Customized map glasses for your wedding anniversary cocktails
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Celebrate your 27-year union by raising a toast with your favorite nightcap in hand. These distinctive Old Fashioned glasses are designed to ensure you both sip in style—not just on your anniversary, but for many occasions to come. Each glass is beautifully etched with a map of your chosen US city or town, whether it's your hometown or your wedding location, making for a personalized anniversary gift that adds nostalgia and uniqueness to every drink.

    Dinner Decision Dice

    Foodie dice for date night
    Photo: TwoTmbleweeds

    Deciding what to eat three times a day over 27 years adds up! Make mealtime decisions easier with this funny anniversary gift. These dice shake up your cooking routine by randomly selecting dinner ingredients with each roll: one die for protein, another for cooking method, a third for grain or carb, a fourth for herbs and a bonus ingredient. There's even an additional seasonal veggie die. With over 186,000 possible meal combinations, it's a playful way to spark creativity in the kitchen and savor delicious meals together.

    Keepsake Photo Travel Case

    Always and forever travel case
    Photo: Mark & Graham

    If your partner often travels for work, ease their homesickness with this thoughtful and practical 27th anniversary gift idea. Available in three sizes, this zippered case is perfect for organizing jewelry or toiletries on the go. It features a slot on the interior lid for a photo and includes a keepsake bag for small treasures, allowing them to carry a piece of home wherever their travels take them.

    Double Birthstone Necklace

    Pretty thin gold necklace with gems
    Photo: Haverhill

    Since there is no traditional 27th anniversary stone, draw inspiration from your own birthstones for a thoughtful gift. Two sparkling, sustainably grown briolette-cut gemstones (one for each of you) are set in a 14K gold bezel and shimmer beautifully against the dainty chain. Designed for everyday wear, this necklace is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for layering with other pieces or wearing alone. Individually represented yet symbolizing your deep connection, this necklace is sure to be a favorite in their collection.

    Retro Men's Watch

    Retro men's watch from Citizen for your anniversary gift ideas
    Photo: Citizen

    A watch is a practical and thoughtful gift to celebrate all the years you and your spouse have spent together, and this vintage-style timepiece from Citizen is an accessory worth splurging on. It comes with an elegant champagne-colored dial, a brown leather strap and a date function to remind them of any important days (like your 27th anniversary). The best part? It's powered by light, so they'll never need to worry about replacing the battery.

    Personalized Wood Watch Box

    Personalized wooden watch box
    Photo: Mark & Graham

    If your partner already has a watch for every day of the week, consider this wooden watch box instead. Crafted from beautiful cherry wood, this box blends functionality with luxury, offering an elegant home for their cherished collection. With 10 interior felted and divided compartments, each timepiece is kept safe and proudly displayed. (It even has a quartz movement clock itself!) Personalize it with a monogram for a thoughtful touch. It makes a perfect 27th-anniversary gift for your husband, wife or partner, celebrating the time you've shared together.

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