30 Thoughtful Anniversary Party Favors to Thank Your Guests

From personalized picks to themed tokens of appreciation.
anniversary party favors
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Updated Apr 18, 2024
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If you're planning an anniversary party for you and your partner (or a couple you know), you're probably wondering how to make the occasion feel more special. While anniversary party favors aren't a requirement, they're a great way to treat your guests and thank them for attending your celebration.

Whether you're searching for themed party favors for big milestones like a 25th anniversary or 50th wedding anniversary or something universal for another year of marriage, we're here to help. Our round-up includes wedding anniversary favors for all types of events, budgets and personalities, so you're sure to find something thoughtful to send home with your guests.

From small tokens of appreciation like personalized matchboxes and glassware to edible treats like cookies and candy, shop our favorite anniversary party favors below.

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Anniversary Party Favors for Any Year

Throwing an anniversary party to celebrate another year of love? We've found fun and festive souvenirs to suit any marriage milestone. Check out these anniversary party favor ideas for inspo.

1. Customized Glass Coasters

personalized anniversary glass coasters
Photo: The Knot Shop

Coasters make great anniversary party favors for guests as they're practical enough to use every day. These glass coasters can be etched with your names, event details or a short anniversary quote for a personalized finish. If you're having a celebration where drinks are being served, we suggest using them as elegant table decor.

2. Personalized Tea Bags

tea anniversary wedding favors
Photo: BBlissFavors

Choosing anniversary favors doesn't need to be complicated—they can be as simple and wholesome as bags of tea. These individually wrapped tea bags come in custom packaging featuring your names, anniversary details and a punny phrase for a fun touch (think: "Thank You for Coming to Our Par-Tea"). Choose from black or green tea to suit your guests' tastes.

3. "Perfect Pair" Soap

pear scented soap for the best anniversary gifts for your guests
Photo: My Wedding Favors

How cute are these pear-inspired soaps? Each one is packaged in a gift box and finished with a light-hearted message that reads, "The perfect pair." They're a clever way to celebrate how you and your spouse are still so in love after all these years. Note: They're sold in sets of four and personalized tags are available for an extra charge.

4. Wooden Tealight Holders

tealight holders anniversary party favors
Photo: butterflyyshop

If you're hosting a rustic anniversary party, these wooden tealight holders are right on theme. Each one is made from a slice of wood with the option to add dried flowers, a jute bow and a personalized heart etched with your names. Best of all, they're available to bulk buy in sets of 50, so you can easily snag one for everyone on your guest list.

5. Small Pizza Cutters

personalized pizza cutter gifts
Photo: Kate Aspen

These mini pizza cutters are one of our favorite party favors for an anniversary party. Not only are they really practical gifts, but they're also a creative (and cute) tribute to your love story. Each one features a white protective grip with the words "a slice of…" above a red heart, with the word "love" appearing on the stainless steel blade underneath. Aww!

6. Custom Coffee Favors

personalized coffee favors for your guests
Photo: BestDayEverSpot

Planning a late-night anniversary celebration? Give out these coffee party favors so guests can feel fresh the morning after the party. The sealed packets contain a blend of beans that are pre-measured to make one pot of coffee and come with pretty floral labels featuring your names, anniversary details and a fun phrase, "The perfect blend." Note: You can choose to apply the labels yourself or have them pre-assembled for an extra charge.

7. Personalized Brandy Glasses

customized brandy glasses for the best anniversary gifts for guests
Photo: The Knot Shop

If you intend to serve apéritifs at your wedding anniversary party, personalized glassware is a fun way to do it. These stylish brandy glasses make a cool alternative to champagne flutes (which your guests may already have) and are guaranteed to grab their attention. Each one can be printed with your names and the number of years you've been married for a thoughtful touch.

8. Sweet Honey Jars

personalized jars of honey for the best anniversary gifts for guests
Photo: BrandonsBeez

Spread the love to your guests by giving out these mini honey jars as anniversary party favors. Each one is filled with pure wildflower honey and comes with an optional dipper to sample the sweetness. Add your initials and anniversary date to the labels for personalized presents your guests will be buzzing to take home with them.

9. Personalized Golf Balls

customized golf ball gift ideas
Photo: The Knot Shop

Hosting an anniversary party isn't just about celebrating love—it can also be an opportunity to share your interests. If you and your spouse love to play golf, these personalized golf balls are the perfect party favor for your celebration. Add your names and anniversary date for a fun (and useful gift) that may even inspire your loved ones to join you on the green.

10. Heart-Shaped Sweet Waffles

personalized waffle snack favors from GourmetWeddingGifts
Photo: GourmetWeddingGifts

Still trying to come up with anniversary party favor ideas? Give your guests something to eat! These heart-shaped waffles come individually wrapped with the option to add personalized stickers for no extra charge. Each one has a delightfully crispy texture and a creamy caramel sauce inside for the perfect sweet treat. Trust us, guests will make these disappear in no time.

50th Anniversary Party Favor Ideas

Celebrating five decades of marriage is an incredible milestone that deserves special recognition. If you're looking for party favors to fit the golden anniversary theme, look no further. Here are our favorite 50th anniversary favor ideas for the occasion.

1. Themed Matchboxes

personalized match box anniversary gifts for your guests
Photo: Zazzle

Personalized matchboxes are practical (and budget-friendly) anniversary party favors with just the right amount of novelty factor. This old-school gift was popular for weddings in the 1970s, making it the perfect throwback to when you married 50 years ago. We love this retro, "Cheers to 50 years" design from Zazzle featuring your names and wedding date.

2. Gold Tin Candles

gold tin candle anniversary gifts ideas for your guests
Photo: TheDancingWick

When it comes to choosing anniversary party favors for guests, it's hard to go wrong with a scented candle. This soy wax candle comes in a gold tin that's on theme for the 50th wedding anniversary. Choose from a variety of celebratory scents—like wedding cake and fresh cut roses—and customize the labels for pretty gifts that double up as table decor.

3. Celebratory Bottle Openers

bottle opener anniversary gift ideas for your guests
Photo: Kate Aspen

These cute gold bottle openers are sure to get your guests in the mood for celebrating. Each one spells out the word "Cheers" in an elegant script and comes with a satin ribbon and thank-you tag for a thoughtful touch. The gold color makes them a great option for a 50th wedding anniversary party favor, plus the universal design means guests can use them again for future celebrations.

4. Peanut Butter Cups

peanut butter cup anniversary gift ideas for guests
Photo: Zazzle

Chocolate party favors are always a crowd-pleaser as they appeal to guests of all ages. These Reese's peanut butter cups come in elegant gold foil packaging with personalized labels you can assemble yourself. They're available to buy in batches of 50, so you can make sure there's enough to go around—order extra, as guests will likely return for more! Note: The text on the labels is small, so you may want to keep the details simple.

5. Mini Gold Compasses

personalized compass gift ideas
Photo: The Knot Shop

Whether you're planning to toast your 50th wedding anniversary on a boat or with a fun outdoor adventure, we've got just the party favor for you. These miniature compasses are bound to spark plenty of conversation among guests (and playfully test their sense of direction). They have an elegant gold finish that nods to the 50th anniversary theme and can be customized with your initials and details inside the lid.

6. Personalized Seed Packets

customized seed packet gift ideas
Photo: JenFlections

Are you hosting a 50th anniversary party for a pair of gardeners? If so, you'll want to check out these personalized flower seed packets. Each one contains wildflower or sunflower seeds (or a combination of both) that guests can plant in their backyard to attract bees and butterflies. The gold packaging can be customized with the couple's names and the date of their anniversary celebration for a pretty (and eco-friendly) party favor.

7. Customized Hand Fans

personalized hand fan gift ideas
Photo: Zazzle

If you're celebrating your anniversary somewhere sunny, these customized hand fans will help guests keep cool. Each one features two photos of you and your spouse (on the front and back) surrounded by a simple quote, like "Happy 50th Anniversary." Our suggestion? Pick snapshots from your wedding day and a more recent occasion for a nostalgic party favor that pays tribute to your long-lasting marriage.

8. 50th Anniversary Butter Mints

50th anniversary mint party favor ideas
Photo: Amazon

You don't always have to splurge to find thoughtful gifts for your guests. If you're looking for inexpensive party favors for your 50th anniversary celebration, these butter mints will do the trick. They're available to buy in packs of 100 and come wrapped in on-theme gold and white packaging. Bonus: The sweets are kosher and gluten-free, making them suitable for guests with these dietary requirements.

9. Mini Gumball Machines

mini gumball machines for the best party favors
Photo: The Knot Shop

Got grandkids on the guest list for your 50th anniversary party? Fill these mini gumball "machines" with their favorite candies and watch their eyes light up. They're sold in pairs and come in gold, so they'll tie in well with your themed table decor. Once they're empty, guests can reuse them to hold snacks, trinkets or even loose change.

10. Personalized Cake Pops

customized cake pop anniversary party favors
Photo: Zazzle

Cake is an important part of any occasion, especially something as major as a 50th wedding anniversary. If you're looking for an alternative to an elaborate, tiered creation, give out these cake pops to guests instead. These bite-sized treats are handmade with delicious ingredients and covered in chocolate icing with a drizzle in your chosen color. Add a custom design or a favorite photo for the perfect finishing touch.

25th Anniversary Party Favor Ideas

Searching for 25th anniversary party favor ideas? We've found plenty of great giveaways that pay tribute to the silver anniversary theme. From edible party favors to practical gifts and much more, shop our top picks below.

1. Silver Anniversary Hershey Kisses

Silver Anniversary Hershey Kisses party favors
Photo: Zazzle

Here's an anniversary party favor your guests will eat right up! These milk chocolate Hershey's Kisses are wrapped in silver foil and come with custom stickers featuring a photo of the happy couple, along with their names and "25th Anniversary." Just be aware that some assembly is required, so you'll need extra time (or a few helpers) to attach the stickers.

2. Mini Succulents in Silver Pots

Mini Succulents in Silver Pots party favors
Photo: DesertViewCactus

These miniature succulents are anniversary party favors your guests may not expect but will definitely love. They're available in several varieties, including cacti, rosettes and jade plants, with the option of choosing a random selection or all rosettes for a coordinated look. Each plant comes with a silver metal bucket and an optional paper tag for a thoughtful (and on-theme) finish.

3. Silver Bottle Stoppers

silver bottle stoppers with hearts for the best party favors
Photo: The Knot Shop

Take inspiration from the 25th anniversary color—silver—with these stylish bottle stoppers. Each one is shaped like a heart for a fun (and practical) party favor that guests can use to make their favorite beverage last longer. They're packaged individually in gift boxes with square thank-you tags, so you won't have to spend time on assembly before handing them out.

4. Personalized Mason Jar Candles

Customized mason jar candle party favor ideas
Photo: Personalization Mall

We couldn't resist adding another scented candle to our list of anniversary party favors. These mason jars contain a blend of soy and paraffin wax with a sweet vanilla fragrance. Each one comes with a lid that displays your names and a celebratory message on the label for a personal touch.

5. Hot Sauce Bottles

personalized hot sauce bottles for the best guest gifts
Photo: Zazzle

Looking for edible party favors to impress the foodies at your party? Check out these mini hot sauce bottles. They're filled with a Louisiana Cajun-flavored hot sauce and labeled with your names, anniversary details and a message of your choice. Get creative with fun phrases like "25 Sizzlin' Years," or keep things simple with a heartfelt thank-you note—either way, these thoughtful (and tasty) gifts are sure to hit the spot!

6. Novelty Bottle Openers

personalized bottle opener party favor ideas
Photo: Amazon

How fun are these? These novelty bottle openers are made from silver-toned metal and shaped like the number "25" for a playful nod to the length of your marriage. They're available to order in sets of 24 and are packaged individually in handmade gift boxes for a thoughtful presentation.

7. Silver Anniversary Swan Cookies

Silver Anniversary Swan Cookies for the best party favors
Photo: Zazzle

Swans are beautiful creatures, but did you know they also have a romantic side? These white feathered birds are said to mate with the same partner for life—just like you and your spouse. Pay tribute to your enduring relationship with these frosted cookies featuring two swans joining their heads together to form a heart. Add your names and a 25th anniversary message for fun party favors that look (almost) too good to eat.

8. Heart-Shaped Tea Infusers

Heart-Shaped Tea Infusers party favor inspo
Photo: FlowerTeas

Whether you're hosting a 25th anniversary tea party or just want to send your guests home with something useful, these silver infusers tick all the right boxes. Each one is made from stainless steel and shaped like a heart, with the option to add a gift tag and bow for a personalized finish. They're the perfect utensil for brewing loose tea leaves and make for a unique (and practical) party favor your guests probably haven't seen before.

9. Elegant Silver Bookmarks

Elegant Silver Bookmarks party favors from Zazzle
Photo: Zazzle

Here's another anniversary party favor that'll score you top marks for creativity. These miniature bookmarks can be printed with your names, anniversary date or even a favorite quote for a cool keepsake that guests can slip into their pocket or purse. Choose the silver-gray color to tie in with the 25th anniversary theme or opt for another shade to suit your preferences.

10. Themed Shot Glasses

personalized shot glasses for the best anniversary party favors
Photo: Amazon

If you're anticipating a late night of revelry, here's a fun anniversary party favor that'll encourage guests to join in on the festivities. These shot glasses are printed with the word "Celebrate," along with the number "25." They're perfectly suited for serving shots of liquor, espresso or even desserts. Planning a more low-key celebration? Use them as candle votives instead to create a themed tablescape.

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