How I'm Incorporating Astrology Into Wedding Planning

Look to the stars to guide your planning journey.
Jessica Estrada - The Knot Contributor.
Jessica Estrada
Jessica Estrada - The Knot Contributor.
Jessica Estrada
The Knot Contributor
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Updated May 09, 2022

As someone who writes about astrology pretty often and checks their horoscope religiously, incorporating cosmic wisdom into my fiancé and I's wedding day feels very fitting. I'll preface this by saying we haven't planned anything wedding-related. We have some general ideas for our vision, but nothing is set in stone. So before we fully dive into planning mode, it felt like a perfect time to ring up an astrologer to help gather some guidance on planning a wedding that is very us, honors our union, and aligns with our astrology. Here are four ways I'm incorporating astrology into our wedding day.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Our Partnership

Before getting to the juicy wedding planning details, Lumi Panduri, an astrologer, intuitive and transformational coach based in New York City, started our session by looking at my fiancé and I's composite chart. The composite chart, she tells me, essentially marries (no pun intended) our birth charts together to get a better sense of who we are as a couple which in turn can help design our dream wedding. The composite chart denotes the tone and personality of the marriage and how it will unfold.

Panduri picked up some very accurate tidbits about us from our composite chart. We're meant to build things together in this lifetime, such as businesses (already doing that). We embrace each other's quirks wholeheartedly (definitely), and our relationship has facilitated a lot of healing around vulnerability and expressing our emotional needs (also very true).

Panduri also looked at the synastry, also known as compatibility, between our birth charts. She noted that my fiancé is incredibly supportive of my career and all my endeavors (absolutely), helps me hone my gifts and share my voice (yup!), and holds great space for me to fully express myself (undoubtedly). But like with every partnership, it's not all rainbows and butterflies. There is tension in the relationship, but in a good way. Panduri explains it's the kind of tension where we challenge each other to think beyond the norm, which prompts growth and prosperity.

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Choosing the Most Prosperous Wedding Date

Beyond confirming you and your partner's compatibility, another cool thing astrology can help with is selecting the most fruitful wedding date. Why does it matter? Just like we all have birth charts that detail the placement of the planets at our exact time, date and place of birth, a marriage also has a birth chart that says a lot about the marriage's flavor.

The birth of the marriage, Panduri says, is when the officiant signs the marriage license, officially making you a married couple. This is called electional astrology, which involves analyzing the precise wedding date, time and location, and where the planets will be positioned. So by timing your "I dos," you can ensure that the marriage embodies the kind of energy you want.

To pick the best wedding date, working with an astrologer is recommended. Astrology can be complex. Although my fiancé and I will likely have a small, intimate wedding that won't require as much planning as a full-blown affair, we still want it to be a very intentional and magical experience, so we don't want to rush the process. An end-of-the-year wedding date gives us a few months to plan things.

With that time window in mind, Panduri dove in and found a few potential dates and times in early December that would be great for us. She did this by looking at the different planets of the celestial bodies on those dates and times and how it relates to our composite chart. Again, astrology is a complex system, so it's best to have a pro interpret it all for you.

Choosing an Astrological Season That Complements Our Relationship

If you want to go the DIY route in picking an astrology-friendly wedding date, there are some pointers Panduri recommends keeping in mind. Avoid getting married during eclipses and retrogrades, including the infamous mercury retrograde. Panduri also suggests avoiding a wedding date that lands on a waning moon, which symbolizes endings, and people tend to be tired during that time. Instead, she says shoot for a waxing moon or a new moon.

Or, you can keep it super simple by focusing on the astrological season that has the energy that complements your relationship and the future you want to create together. For my fiancé and I, for instance, since we were thinking of December for a potential wedding date, that encompasses Sagittarius and Capricorn seasons. Our composite chart already has a lot of Capricorn energy described as business heavy and very ambitious and eager to get things done, which is a good thing. But, we also need to balance that with tending to our emotional needs. So, Panduri says getting married during the Sagittarius season would be more supportive for our marriage because it's more about softening, relaxing and having a zest for life.

Incorporating the Elements of Our Birth Charts to Select a Wedding Venue

Embracing the astrological elements is another way we plan to infuse astrology into our big day. If you're not familiar, each of the 12 zodiac signs is ruled by one of the four elements (earth, water, air and fire). My fiancé and I's birth charts have a lot of water energy. He's a Scorpio, a water sign, and we both have a Pisces moon, for example. Panduri explains that the element of water is "all about processing emotions and expressing it in some way or form." For this reason, she recommended that we get married by a body of water, which is very fitting given that we were already envisioning having our wedding by or near the ocean. Water will make us feel at home and in our natural element, literally, which is exactly the kind of energy we want on our big day.

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