Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich's Wedding Story

It took less than a month for these two to get engaged!

How did they meet?

During the middle of Elizabeth's second week working in America (she's originally from England), she had a meeting with Dennis concerning monetary policy. "As I walked into his office my eyes fell upon a shelf bearing an illustration depicting 'light consciousness,' a bust of Gandhi, and then Dennis," Elizabeth says. "That's when I knew I had met the man I would one day marry." Dennis felt the same way. When the 8-minute meeting ended and Elizabeth left the room, Dennis called his friend and actress, Mimi Kennedy and said, "I met her."

The Bride

Elizabeth Jane Harper, 28

The Groom

Dennis John Kucinich, 59

Wedding Date

August 21, 2005

The Location

Cleveland, Ohio

Number of Guests


How did they get engaged?

A couple weeks after their brief meeting, Dennis and Elizabeth happened to both be working in New Mexico. They met up, and after spending hours talking and getting to know one another, decided to get married. "Neither one of us proposed to the other, instead the love we felt for each other was all that needed to be expressed -- we just knew that marriage was for us," Elizabeth says.

Was there a ring?

Dennis officially proposed on bended knee in front of the peace fountain in downtown Cleveland, with a clear blue citrine stone ring, just two days before the wedding day. But as Elizabeth puts it, they got engaged the day they met.

The wedding day?

The couple chose the open-air mall and park area in the middle of downtown Cleveland as their ceremony site. They placed a Native American blanket on the ground next the altar in remembrance of America's ancestors, and honored those who had passed by setting up a row of empty chairs with a red rose on each.

What did they wear?

Dennis wore a gray-blue waistcoat with coattails and a bow tie, while Elizabeth walked down the aisle in an ivory regency-style gown with lightly embroidered peach flowers and crystal beading on the bust. Her chiffon overlay skirt draped in the back into an "M" shape and hooked onto her straps for an airy elegant look.

The Flowers?

Elizabeth's bridesmaids carried hand-tied pink and mauve wildflower bouquets. And, in memory of her family-adopted grandfather who used to grow gladiolas in the garden, Elizabeth carried a bouquet made of ivory, peach, and pink gladioli.

What was the reception like?

The reception unfolded in the rotunda of Cleveland City Hall. Potted plants made for centerpieces and take-home favors. For dessert, guests ate vegan carrot or chocolate wedding cake. As Dennis and Elizabeth made their rounds to all their guests, a Latin band entertained on the steps of City Hall allowing for guests to dance on the sidewalk.

Funny wedding memory?

Dennis and Elizabeth planned an alcohol-free, vegan reception without any plastic disposable cups, plates, or flatware. But their friend had other plans -- he loaded up his truck with beer, wine, liquor, and plastic cups, and began serving "beverages" to all the guests. "I cottoned on only when my bubbly Uncle Geoffrey came up to me clutching a plastic cup containing what he called 'special apple juice,' but which I found turned out to be whiskey after taking a large swig," Elizabeth says.

Where did they go on their honeymoon?

A few days after the wedding, Dennis and Elizabeth packed up their car and drove to Catawba, Ohio where they settled into a bed and breakfast. And in keeping with their environmental stance, the two managed the entire honeymoon on less than one tank of gas.

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