40 Great Gifts for Your Husband on Father's Day That Celebrate Him

Because he's a super-duper dad and spouse.
Collage of Father's Day gifts for husband
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Updated Jun 05, 2024
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You're thankful for your kids and for the guy who raises them with you. Say so this June with a special Father's Day gift for your husband. Whether it's his first year celebrating or he has a stack of "super-duper dad" cards, gifts for your husband from his loving spouse on this holiday will be a welcome gesture—especially if your kids haven't graduated from homemade crafts yet.

There are a few different approaches to finding a good Father's Day gift for your husband. First, you could lean into his hobbies and, thus, offer him some upgraded "me time." Whether it's new sporting equipment, fun cooking gadgets or outdoor gear, acknowledging his passions will surely be appreciated—especially if the gesture is accompanied by a "Dad's Day Off" coupon.

Alternatively, you can shop for sentimental Father's Day gifts for your husband that celebrate his role as a parent. Think: photo books, "Dad" emblazoned mugs and custom men's jewelry. After all, the day revolves around him, so the gifts should also reflect his individuality and significance.

Lastly, consider experience gifts. Unlike traditional presents, a special activity offers quality time together, enabling your husband to forge deeper connections with the kids. Whether it's planning a day at the amusement park for family bonding or gifting him a LEGO set the kids can help build, this approach not only celebrates his role as a dad but also creates memories he'll treasure for years to come.

1. Monthly Coffee Subscription

Monthly coffee club subscription, gift idea for husband.
Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

Forgot about Father's Day? Here's a good last-minute Father's Day gift for your husband—seriously, you can buy this day of and he'll have no idea. Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription service that'll send a fresh bag of beans, grounds or pods (long coffee and espresso) from around the world to your husband every month. Each delivery also comes with a postcard from the country, tasting notes and some info on coffee history in the area. You can simply email him to let him know his first tasting adventure is on its way.

2. Beef Jerky Subscription

Beef jerky subscription father's day gift for husband
Photo: Craft Jerky Co.

Satisfy your husband's cravings with a gift that keeps on giving: a beef jerky subscription. Simply choose between two, four, six, or eight bags of jerky, and select a duration of three, six, or 12 months. Craft Jerky Co. can ensure his first shipment arrives promptly on Father's Day. Just a heads-up, he might be tempted to dive into these savory treats and spoil his dinner plans.

3. Expertly Crafted Cocktails

Expertly crafted cocktails father's day gift for husband
Photo: Via Carota

Your husband deserves a drink or two for all the love, patience and dedication he's shown your family. Bring the adventurous flavors of craft cocktails home without the hassle of mixing them yourself with Via Carota. Customize a refreshing gift set just for him by choosing three of his favorite drinks, such as an espresso martini, Negroni,and Old Fashioned. The stylish bottles are the perfect finishing touch that'll look great on the bar cart.

4. Tinggly Experience Voucher

Tinggly experience voucher father's day gift for husband
Photo: Tinggly

While fatherhood is often hailed as the greatest adventure, there's no shortage of thrilling experiences beyond it. With Tinggly's Superman gift voucher, your husband can choose from over 5,000 adventures in 100 countries, ranging from food tours to helicopter rides to shark diving. What's more, the voucher covers up to four people, so you and the kids can join in on the fun. Simply deliver the eVoucher, and he can select his desired adventure for an unforgettable family experience.

5. Photo Display Box

Photo display box father's day gift for husband
Photo: Artifact Uprising

There's quite possibly nothing as sentimental as a photo gift. You and your husband will look back on all the memories in this brass picture holder for years—even decades—to come. Unlike most frames, it can hold up to 50 prints, so he can frequently change the image on display. Plus, now you don't have to pick just one sweet photo of your family to gift.

6. Sport Arena Map Glasses

Sport arena map glasses father's day gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Score big this Father's Day with a gift that blends his passion for sports with his appreciation for whiskey. This set of rocks glasses showcases an aerial map of his favorite team's arena in one of the club's signature colors, complete with the team's logo printed on the bottom. But it's not just NHL collectibles that the makers offer—they also have MLB ballpark glasses.

7. Custom Photo Golf Balls

Custom photo golf ball father's day gift for husband
Photo: Personalization Mall

It's a safe bet that golf remains a favorite among sports-loving dads. Ensure he never loses track of his golf ball with this personalized set of 12 from Callaway. Each golf ball is printed with a portrait of your choice, whether it's the faces of your kids, his beloved pet, or his partner both on and off the course. It's a funny gift for your husband for Father's Day if he's planning to spend the day on the green.

8. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Uncommon Goods kabob grilling baskets father's day gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

June is the perfect time for Father's Day, since what better way to celebrate than with a BBQ? Whether he's a cookout expert or novice, making kabobs is easier with these grilling baskets. No need to skewer veggies and chicken, these steel wire and hardwood handle baskets make it easier to sear and flip everyone's dinner.

9. Frosted Father's Day Cookies

Frosted father's day cookies gift for husband
Photo: 1800Flowers.com

Your husband and kids share a lot of traits, including a love of sweets—meaning this Father's Day gift will be a hit amongst the whole family. Made from scratch in small batches using only the finest ingredients—including a Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla for mouthwatering flavor—these hand-decorated butter cookie cut-outs are a work of edible art. They come in a set of five or eight cut-outs featuring cookout motifs like a grill, hamburger, apron and beer with delightful exclamations like "#1 Dad" and "Happy Father's Day." They're sure to make his day and tummy happy!

10. Funny Dad Mug

Funny dad mug father's day gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This witty and playful gift is perfect for the dad who loves a good laugh. The ceramic mug boasts a charming "Emergency Dad Jokes" print, guaranteeing a smile to kickstart everyone's morning—because he's sure to share the jokes with anyone who'll listen! Good news: it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so there's no need to worry about the fun fading.

11. Custom Metal Wallet Insert

Custom metal wallet insert father's day gift for husband
Photo: promenadefield

Your husband will really not want to lose his wallet after receiving this gift for Father's Day. Tucked alongside his credit cards and ID, this aluminum card is personalized with a photo and custom message to serve as a sweet, daily reminder of his family's love. Each handmade piece boasts a long-lasting, waterproof finish, ensuring the keepsake will never fade, rust or peel.

12. Personalized USB Charger

Personalized USB charger father's day gift for husband
Photo: Personalization Mall

If your kids are always on their phones and therefore always need a charger, you and your husband's own cords probably go missing frequently. Replace his this Father's Day with a lighthearted, but very practical gift: a personalized charger. It has three USB ports and LED illumination when plugged in that reads "Dad's charger." No one will take his box now, and if they do, he'll know!

13. Custom Landscape Family Collage

Custom landscape family collage father's day gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Does the perfect Father's Day outing for your husband consist of a hike or camping trip? You love how much he gets the family out in nature and this custom artwork honors that. Using handmade and digital collage techniques, artist Mia Hague will make a print featuring him and the kids admiring their favorite outdoor destination be it a body of water, mountain peak or grassland. She can even include pets. This personalized Father's Day gift will definitely be hung in a place of prominence.

14. Washable Silk Sleep Set

Washable silk pajamas father's day gift for husband
Photo: Lunya

This Father's Day, upgrade your husband's pajama game by replacing his worn-out T-shirts and sleep boxers with a luxurious gift from Lunya. This matching short-sleeve top and pant set combines style and functionality, offering a sophisticated upgrade to his relaxation attire. And, it's made from thermoregulating, washable(!) silk to keep him comfortable all night long.

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15. CBD Massage Cube

CBD massage cube gift idea for husband.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Dads are active people. Between serving as their kid's personal climbing gym and being the designated handyman, it's unsurprising if their muscles get a bit sore sometimes. Luckily, this cube is ready to smooth and soothe. Its hemp-infused organic plant butters and oils are believed to help reduce pain and inflammation, plus they moisturize the skin. Simply help your hubby massage it on his shoulders and back to unwind this Father's Day.

16. "Leveled Up to Daddy" Shirt

Leveled up to Daddy t-shirt gift idea for husband for Father's Day.
Photo: Afrodits

Say "Happy first Father's Day!" to your husband with this surprise gift. He won't stop smiling when he sees your little one in this adorable onesie, which reads: "Player 2 has entered the game." You can even lay out a matching shirt for him that says "Leveled up to daddy." Get the camera ready!

17. Fill-in-the-Blank Book

Fill-in-the-blank book father's day gift for husband
Photo: Amazon

There are many ways to express your appreciation for your husband, but one of the most direct and heartfelt methods is through this fill-in-the-blank book. With dozens of prompts tailored to celebrate his role as a partner and father, it offers a thoughtful way to articulate your gratitude for all he does. Whether he reads it during moments of busyness or cherishes it during quiet times, the sentiments within will serve as a touching reminder of your thankfulness. For an added touch of sweetness, consider involving the kids in filling out some of the pages.

18. Indoor S'mores Kit

Indoor s'mores kit father's day gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

For those days when you can't gather around a campfire and roast marshmallows under the stars, you can still enjoy the warmth and fun the activity brings with this at-home s'mores kit. The mini concrete fire pit is safe for indoor use, allowing everyone to indulge in melted chocolate and gooey marshmallows. It's the perfect Father's Day idea for your husband if you're unsure how to celebrate the occasion with your sweet-toothed, outdoor enthusiast.

19. Leather Bracelet with Custom Name Beads

Leather bracelet with custom name beads, gift idea for Father's Day
Photo: MYKA

Get ready for some "oohs" and "awws!" This meaningful Father's Day gift for your husband puts your kids' names on custom beads, so he can carry them around with him no matter where he goes. They're strung on a braided leather bracelet for a subtle accessory.

20. Personalized Catchall Tray

Personalized catchall tray father's day gift for husband
Photo: Swanky Badger

If your husband is like a catchall for the family—always there to hold everything together—then this is a clever Father's Day gift idea for him. This tray will keep his keys, wallets, watches and other essentials organized and easily accessible. It's handmade with premium vegan leather and laser engraved with a custom message from you and the kids. Whether he places it by the door or on his bedside table, this thoughtful gift will remind him of how much youw appreciate all he does to keep things running smoothly in the family.

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21. Outdoor Emergency Gear

Outdoor emergency gear father's day gift for husband
Photo: Bespoke Post

Make sure your husband is prepared on his next outdoor adventure with this emergency kit. After all, it's important to you and the kids that he comes home! This survival-ready cylindar is made from virtually indestructible, military-grade aluminum and is disguised as a water-resistant LED lantern with SOS display. It's filled with essentials like a weatherproof fire-starter kit, a roll of multi-purpose tape, zip ties, a can opener and an emergency whistle as well as an empty screw-top tin to bring along anything else he deems necessary such as fishing lines and flies. There's even a fluid-filled compass in the cap with an integrated carabiner. With this comprehensive kit, you can both be rest assured he's equipped for any adventure that comes his way.

22. Waxed Trucker Jacket

Waxed trucker jacket father's day gift for husband
Photo: Huckberry

As rugged as it's refined, this men's canvas jacket embodies more than just style—it reflects the enduring strength and versatility of your husband's role in the family. Crafted in the USA from waxed and weather-resistant sailcloth, the fabric lightens, creases and bends with each wear, ensuring a custom fit. Best of all, its soft flannel blanket lining ensures ultimate comfort, allowing him to wear it with just a T-shirt underneath. It'll quickly become an irreplaceable closet staple!

23. Garment Duffle Bag

Garment duffle bag father's day gift for husband
Photo: Halfday Travel

This is the perfect Father's Day gift for your husband ahead of summer travel plans if he is the epitome of efficiency when it comes to packing. Halfday Travel's innovative luggage starts as a garment bag to keep his formalwear wrinkle-free, then folds into a duffle bag to fit at least three days worth of clothes and shoes. With its versatile design and practical functionality, it's sure to become his go-to travel companion for many adventures to come.

24. Ergonomic Neck Pillow

Ergonomic neck pillow father's day gift for husband
Photo: Ostrichpillow

Here's another essential for husbands who travel regularly. This innovative pillow provides unparalleled neck support and cushioning, ensuring he can rest comfortably on a plane, train or as a car passenger. With this in tow, he'll feel more refreshed after each commute, allowing him to jump right into work or family time with no jet lag.

25. Laser-Engraved YETI Tumbler

Laser-engraved YETI tumbler father's day gift for husband
Photo: YETI

Stumped on what to get your husband for Father's Day? YETI has you covered. Their best-selling insulated drinkware and coolers frequently top everyone's wish list. This 20-ounce tumbler is ideal for keeping his favorite beverages hot or cold for hours and conveniently fits in car cupholders to accompany his commutes to work or errands. What makes it truly special, though, is the option for laser-engraving, allowing you to customize it with a monogram, short message or clever clip art like this desert scene that jokes "dad to the bone."

26. Wireless Meat Thermometer

Wireless meat thermometer father's day gift for husband
Photo: Amazon

This rechargeable, wireless meat thermometer will really solidify your husband's title of grill master. It connects via Bluetooth to an app on his phone and will notify him when the meat is cooked, so he knows exactly when to take it off the heat. With this on his team, he'll achieve perfectly tender chicken, pork chops or steak every time. That's a win for the whole family!

27. Monogrammed Bean Bag Toss

Monogrammed bean bag toss father's day gift for husband
Photo: Mark & Graham

Whether you call it cornhole, baggo or sack toss, there's no denying that your husband is the reigning champ. This Father's Day, hype up his title with a monogrammed game set. Perfect for backyard gatherings, beach outings or tailgating parties, it's a Father's Day present that combines fun and style. And it's not the only personalized lawn game available from Mark & Graham! Explore more of his favorite family competitions such as horseshoes, ladder toss, bocce ball and more!

28. Sleek Pickleball Paddle

Sleek pickleball paddle father's day gift for husband
Photo: Recess

Pickleball has been sweeping the nation, so if the wave has hit your house, ride the tide with this gift for your husband on Father's Day. Crafted with precision and designed for performance, this colorful paddle is ready to elevate his game to new heights. Plus, the gift comes with a canvas cover to ensure its safety when he's not on the court.

29. Eco-Friendly Sneakers

Eco-friendly sneakers father's day gift for husband
Photo: Allbirds

Parents are always on their feet, whether it's chasing the kids around or running errands, so it's essential to ensure comfort wherever possible. Insert: Allbids Tree Runners. With their lightweight, breathable material and cushioned sole, they provide all-day support while keeping him stylish. Best of all, they're eco-friendly!

30. An Ōura Ring

Ōura ring father's day gift for husband
Photo: Oura

Show your husband you care about his health and well-being with the gift of an Oura Ring. Combining sleek design with cutting-edge technology, the Oura Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a comprehensive health tracker. With features like sleep tracking, activity monitoring, and readiness insights, this ring empowers him to take control of his health and optimize his daily performance. Whether he's an athlete, a busy professional, or simply striving for a healthier lifestyle, the Oura Ring is a gift that keeps on giving, helping him feel his best every day.

31. Marvel Shirt for Dad

Marvel graphic T-shirt for dad, best Father's Day gifts
Photo: OldCityCherry

This is one of the best Father's Day gifts for husbands that love Marvel. The shirt defines "fathor" as "like a dad, just way mightier." It even jokes "/See also: handsome, exceptional/." So pretty much everything you and your kids would say about your partner!

32. Super Soft Sweatpants

Super-soft sweatpants, gift idea for husband for Father's Day.
Photo: Mack Weldon

Loungewear is a classic Father's Day gift for husbands because it encourages them to get comfy and relax, you've got the kids under control today. These stylish sweatpants have a contemporary, tailored fit and are made from ultra-soft French terry cloth. They come in regular and tall sizing and 15 colorways. He'll be living in them from now on.

33. R2-D2 LEGO Building Kit

R2-D2 lego kit father's day gift for husband
Photo: LEGO

If he's a kid at heart, he'll be thrilled to receive a challenging LEGO set for Father's Day. This droid-building experience is sure to awaken his inner Jedi as he pieces together this iconic astromech companion. With authentic details and intricate features, the R2-D2 model is not only a tribute to the beloved Star Wars saga but also a rewarding challenge for any hobbyist builder. We're willing to bet he won't want the kids too close to his model. Fortunately, it comes with a mini R2-D2 and Darth Malak figurine they can play with while he works.

34. Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Stand

Hydroponic indoor gardening stand father's day gift for husband
Photo: Lettuce Grow

Think big and go green with a farmstand from Lettuce Grow. It's not just a gift—it's a gateway to a greener lifestyle and a more sustainable future. This innovative hydroponic planter enables your husband to grow an abundant array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs without needing a green thumb. Whether in your home or backyard, he can cultivate a thriving harvest in just three weeks, bringing farm-to-table goodness straight to your family's plates. With Lettuce Grow, even the kids will delight in the homegrown flavors he serves up.

35. Loops Earplugs

Loops earplugs, gift idea for father's day
Photo: Loops

Kids, especially newborns, are loud—which makes earplugs a good Father's Day gift for first-timers. They'll really help him get his "zzzs" on when it's not his turn to feed or change diapers. They filter up to 18 dB of noise, are designed to stay put no matter how much he tosses and turns in his sleep and come with four interchangeable ear tip sizes for the perfect fit. Plus they're reusable for years. So once your child decides they want to play the drums, he's got them on hand. Of course, they're not just a clever gift for new dads; if your husband loves concerts, or even is in a band, likes riding motorcycles or simply needs help focusing sometimes, these earplugs will come in handy.

36. Our First Father's Day Book

Our First Father's Day book gift for husband
Photo: Wonderbly

One of his best skill sets as a dad is his storytelling. Now, put him in the books he reads your young one at night with Wonderbly. They'll use his and your childs names and physical likeness to write a book as if from baby to Daddy that'll make his heart melt. It's just the personalized keepsake for celebrating his first year as a parent.

37. Monogrammed Journal

Monogrammed father's day gift for husband
Photo: Papier

A personalized notebook is more than just a gift—it's a timeless keepsake where memories of fatherhood can be cherished forever. As time flies by, it's important to capture those precious moments, and this elegantly designed notebook provides the perfect space to jot down thoughts, milestones and reflections. With its metallic embossed monogram and high-quality paper, it's a thoughtful reminder of your love and appreciation for all he does as a husband and father.

38. Wrinkle-Resistant Dress Shirt

Wrinkle-resistant dress shirt father's day gift for husband
Photo: Mizzen + Main

Believe us when we say, a dress shirt—especially this one—is anything but a boring gift. It'll give him the confidence of a DILF. Crafted with performance fabrics that stretch and breathe, this shirt effortlessly blends style with functionality. Whether he's in the boardroom or enjoying date night out with you, the shirt's moisture-wicking technology ensures he stays cool, dry and comfortable. Its tailored fit and timeless design make it a wardrobe staple, enhanced by its wrinkle-resistant fabric. You'll enjoy looking at him as much as he enjoys wearing it.

39. Romantic Cuff Links

Romantic cufflinks, gift idea for dads.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Jewelry that isn't just stylish, but also meaningful, is the best. These cuff links look like mail and actually open to reveal a letter that says, "I love you." If you want something even more personal, the maker will customize the "letters" with a unique message or image. A drawing by your child for instance would make for an extra sentimental Father's Day gift for your husband.

40. Reel Viewer

Uncommon Goods reel viewer father's day gift for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Here's a unique Father's Day gift for your husband that'll bring you both to tears. Fill this retro reel viewer with a series of photos of your kid(s) growing up so it serves as an ascending time capsule. Aww!

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