Geeked-Out Weddings

Most couples douse their weddings in romantic flowers and cutesy motifs like butterflies and lovebirds. These are not those couples. The Star Wars fans, the sports nuts, the gamers -- here are our five favorite weddings with serious fanhood.
by Anja Winikka
  1. A Star Wars Wedding

    photo by Mod4 Photographic / The Knot

    With a stormtrooper-accompanied wedding reception entrance and a tauntaun wedding cake, we're surprised the bride didn't go with a Princess Leia hairstyle.

  2. A Clue Wedding

    photo by Mille Holloman Photography / The Knot

    Because they both work in the legal field, this couple themed all of their wedding details around the game of Clue, with "Evidence" escort cards and tables named after rooms on the board (The Study and The Ballroom).

  3. A Baseball Wedding

    photo by Schnack Studios / The Knot

    For starters, two wooden baseball bat "guest books" set on top of a box full of peanuts greeted guests at the reception. Also on the menu for the day? Cracker Jack snacks and other baseball nibbles.

  4. A Science Wedding

    photo by Gideon Photography / The Knot

    These chemistry geeks went for test tube escort cards that coincided with elaborate periodic table element table name cards displayed in glass beakers.

  5. A Robot Wedding

    photo by Amelia Tarbet Photography / The Knot

    A quirky robot theme threaded together all of the wedding details -- from the programs and invites decked out with hand-holding robots and spaceship logos to the groom's ultra-chic silver robot cuff links.

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