Save Prep Time (and Your Sanity) With These Ingenious Kitchen Gadgets

You're planing a wedding—ain't nobody got time to de-stem kale.
by Andrea Fower

Haven't cracked open those cookbooks in a while? We get it—meal prep is the worst. Which is exactly why we went on the hunt to find the best gadgets that cut prep time in half. These picks even make cleanup easier too (almost all of these tools are dishwasher safe). Add a few of these handheld wizards to your registry and start filling your calendar with date nights in.

  1. Leaf Stripper

    It sounds naughty—it's not—but this gadget will blow your kale-loving mind. This little leaf-shaped tool separates the good stuff from the stems in seconds. You'll be juicing, roasting and chopping kale like a boss.

    Chef'n LooseLeaf greens stripper, $8,

  2. Avocado Slicer

    Avocado slicing tool with fan lade and pit remover

    If your idea of "green food" is avocado, this is the tool for you. This incredibly useful three-in-one gadget allows you to whip up game-day guac during a commercial break. Cut the fruit in half with the safe plastic blade, extract the pit, and let the fan blade do the scooping and slicing for you.

    OXO avocado slicer, $10,

  3. Corn Zipper

    Corn zipper kitchen tool

    The days of running a sharp knife along an unstable ear of corn are over. Instead, the corn zipper can safely and efficiently cut multiple rows of corn kernels off the cobb at once (and the blade protector guarantees safe storage). Sauté the kernels in a little butter for an award-winning barbecue side dish.

    Kuhn Rikon corn zipper, $12,

  4. Three-Sided Grater

    Microplane 3-blade cheese grater

    The three blades in this compact cube (fine, ribbon and coarse) ensure this is the only grater you'll really ever need. Bonus: The plastic storage cube doubles as a catchall with a measuring component.

    Microplane specialty series cube grater, $20,

  5. Handheld Spiralizer

    Compact Spiralizer from Williams Sonoma

    Thinking about trying the spiral trend? If you don't make zucchini noodles enough (yet) to merit investing in a heavy-duty spiralizer, opt for a compact version that gets the job done just as well—and in perfect portions.

    Williams-Sonoma Paderno handheld 2-blade spiralizer, $15,

  6. Juicer

    Wheather you need some fresh lemon juice for your morning tea or evening cocktail, the design of this handheld tool guarantees 20 percent more juice. And it comes in three bright, summery colors. Bring on the margaritas!

    Chef'n FreshForce citrus juicer, $25,

  7. Milk Frother

    Handheld Aerolatte frother

    Anyone can become a morning person with a dependable milk frother. It transforms your first cup of coffee into a gourmet latte for a little extra encouragement to take on the day.

    Aerolatte milk frother, $20,

  8. Herb and Salad Chopper

    Easy to handle herb and salad chopper

    Yes, you can get a chopped salad at home. The soft-grip handle on this cutting tool means you can chop just about anything in a few swift motions, from romaine to onions and nuts. Our favorite feature? The retractable blade makes for uber-compact storage.

    Microplane herb and salad chopper, $14,

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