8 Premarital Counseling Options in Chicago, Illinois

Strengthen your bond before tying the knot.
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Updated Jun 06, 2024

When caught up in wedding planning stress, you don't want to let your relationship fall to the wayside. Using one of the many premarital counseling services in Chicago can help prevent that. Booking a few sessions isn't a sign that your impending marriage is in trouble; in fact, it's a positive step toward making sure you have a strong foundation for a healthy marriage—one of the most important parts of getting to the altar.

While there aren't any premarital counseling requirements to get married in Illinois, you'll likely benefit from the skills and awareness that it can bring to your relationship. To find the right fit for you, browse a premarital counseling app or visit The Knot Vendor Marketplace. Narrow down Officiants and Premarital Counseling by filtering "Wedding Events" and selecting "Premarital Counseling." Then you can find your match based on experience, religion and any other preferences. Here are eight options to get you started.

Rev. Dave Angle of The Wedding Rev in Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Dave Angle and The Wedding Rev team have been marrying couples, from Jewish to Christian backgrounds, and offering pre-marriage counseling in Chicago for over 20 years. If there's one consensus on Angle, it's that he's fun and funny. If you're looking to add humor to your wedding experience, he may be the guy for you, helping to ease any reservations you may have about premarital counseling. "His optional premarital classes are laid back, enjoyable, informative and so helpful in ensuring couples are right for each other and have proper expectations of what is to follow after the 'I do' day," one reviewer wrote.

Fab Weddings in Des Plaines, Illinois

Pastor Jane of Fab Weddings prides herself on building a wedding ceremony and a relationship that will endure. With years of coaching and counseling under her belt, she offers premarital counseling in Chicago, IL, for all cultures and interfaith couples. She's also bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. "Jane provided a supportive environment for productive discussions and reassurances as we entered our marriage," one bride wrote, adding that Jane is "thoughtful, kind, intelligent, supportive, well-spoken and fun."

Celebrate Your Love Weddings in Chicago, Illinois

If you're looking for Chicago premarital counseling, Rev. Tom Maluga of Celebrate Your Love Weddings has got you covered. While he works with faiths of all types, he also offers premarital counseling for secular and non-religious backgrounds; one bride felt he never pushed religion on them, insisting their marriage and wedding was about love. Another commented that he had a "warm personality, patience and understanding."

Weddings by Rev. Bill Epperly, PhD in Chicago, Illinois

For Christian premarital counseling in Chicago, try Rev. Bill Epperly, who prioritizes taking the time to really get to know a couple so that he can bring their love story to life and help them connect. He offers several packages, and the platinum "Happily Ever After" package includes five goal-setting couples coaching sessions. As he puts it, a few rough areas doesn't mean you're not the right match—it just means you're human. He recommends the Prepare/Enrich program for some couples, which helps you identify your strengths and challenges as a couple. He enjoys working with couples of all religious backgrounds, from Protestant and Quaker to spiritual and secular.

Love is Love in Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Steven Reid of Love is Love is ordained and served as a chaplain and as a pastor to five congregations. His priority is to help calm your nerves leading up to your wedding day. That includes premarital counseling for couples, including LGBTQIA+ couples. "His soothing voice and calming demeanor along with his intelligent sense of humor were greatly appreciated by a nervous bride and groom," wrote one reviewer. "He cares deeply and you can feel it. Rev. Reid has an amazing way of making everyone he meets feel special and welcome.

Rev. Beth Weddings in Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Bethany Flood of Rev. Beth Weddings considers herself a people person. It's why she received a Masters in Divinity and became an ordained minister, working with couples from many different faiths and backgrounds, from Buddhist to Protestant to Hindu. She uses the Prepare and Enrich model for premarital counseling, helping couples increase awareness about themselves and one another to talk about what really matters in their relationship and to build the skills necessary for a strong foundation.

Ceremonies by Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart

As a professional certified life coach with a PhD in Theology, Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart has a strong background for officiating and premarital counseling, regardless of your religion. Her mission is to help couples examine the gap between where they are today and where they dream of being tomorrow. She works with them to identify areas of strength and areas of disappointment and frustration, and to help set goals to bridge the gaps. She assists couples in developing healthy strategies for getting along with the in-laws, negotiating what can't and can be tolerated and dealing with negative patterns of behavior.

Love Story Weddings in Chicago, Illinois

Love Story Weddings serves several cities across the U.S., including Chicago. It offers officiating services and up to three premarital counseling sessions to help solidify your marriage before it even begins. "It provided us that time to step back and talk through things to get our marriage off on the right foot," according to one reviewer. "Reverend Brad was a great facilitator and provided equal opportunity for us to talk through things together."

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