The Best Second Wedding Gift Ideas

Because "I do" number two isn't any less special.
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Updated Feb 16, 2018
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Your friend just announced she's getting married—again. Now, the tricky part: What should you do about the wedding gift? Serving platters, place settings and kitchen appliances don't seem as useful when it's the second time around.

Even if it's the number-two "I do" for one of them, or both, a second-time couple probably doesn't need many of the traditional registry items. In fact, the issue is more likely to be too much stuff rather than a lack of basic household gear (and many couples don't even fill out registries for their second weddings). Even if there's no formal registry, though, of course you want to celebrate their day with some kind of gift—because their nuptials are just as special. Our advice? Ditch your old ideas about wedding presents and go for something that truly reflects the couple's unique style and interests. Find fun ideas to get started, below.

An Activity Starter

If the couple has enough stuff, give them something that allows them to spend time together. Consider a gift certificate for dancing or cooking lessons, museum memberships, a day out on a sailboat or dinner at a fancy restaurant. (Maybe you'll help them find a new passion.)

Hot Tickets

Look for single-performance or season tickets. Maybe there's an upcoming concert or opera the couple will love. Tickets to a play, musical or ballet will thrill culture seekers. For a sportier pair, check out upcoming professional, minor league or college athletic events in your area.

An Ultra-Modern Appliance

Even if the couple's kitchen is already fully stocked, they may be missing an espresso machine, indoor grill or martini shaker set. Since they already have the basics, you can have fun buying them cool new gadgets and appliances.

Something Family Oriented

If there are children from a previous marriage, look for a gift the whole family can enjoy together. A dinner cruise, tickets to a sporting event, an evening at the theater or day lift tickets for a nearby ski resort are all great options.

A Weekend Away

Since some couples may skip a honeymoon with their second spouse, surprise the pair with a weekend at a nearby resort or bed-and-breakfast. Day spas are also an excellent way to spend a few hours relaxing together after the hectic months of wedding planning.

A Charitable Gift

For the couple who really has everything, the best gift is one that lets them do the giving. Make a donation to their favorite cause in their name, or give a gift certificate to Global Giving and let them pick the charity. If you'd like something more specific, try a site like Changing the Present, where you can choose to give clean well water to a community in a developing country, sponsor half an hour of breast cancer research and hundreds of other small projects in honor of the couple.

Some New-Home Help

If the couple will be living together for the first time after the wedding, get them something that celebrates their new home. Sure, they've got basic dishware and furniture, but do they have a hammock built for two? Or if they're renovating to accommodate their new life together, try a gift certificate to a home supply store.

Personalized Presents

Honor the couple's new life together with a one-of-a-kind customized gift. Whether it's something useful (new address labels or a doormat with both their names) or just for fun (a puzzle with their photo on it or a customized game of Monopoly), the couple will love the thoughtful celebration of their new partnership.

A Monthly Membership

Give the newlyweds something they can enjoy together for an entire year with some sort of monthly club. Who wouldn't love a new type of chocolate, wine or fruit delivered to their door every four weeks? If the couple isn't the foodie type, consider a fresh flower club. Or, for a pair who loves to read, invest in subscriptions to a few of their favorite magazines or Book of the Month Club.

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