What to Register for, Based on Your Inner Disney Princess

Make sure your newlywed nest is fit for royalty.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Jan 28, 2019

You should register based on your style and personality—so if you're not sure how to decorate your palace home, this is a good place to start. After all, everyone has an inner Disney princess—so find out whom yours is below, and discover how you should decorate your newlywed nest so it's fit for royalty (according to interior design startup Modsy).

Moana: You love adventures—and may or may not live by the ocean.

You're a daydreamer who loves going on adventures—so you want to be able to come home to a place that feels like a cozy, chill sanctuary. You want to relax—ideally with views of the ocean—and you love color.

To capture your vibe, register for bohemian-inspired pieces (like tassels and rattan), clay pots and mixed wood. Our suggestions? Register for a tropical-inspired daybed or a room divider reminiscent of a rustic boat. Bonus points for painting your room in a bold teal shade—Moana would definitely approve.

Elsa: You're a homebody who likes cool, modern décor.

We all know Elsa loved to retreat in her ice palace—and while she took the word "homebody" to an extreme, you can still relate (as in, you'd rather curl up with a glass of wine and a Netflix show than go outside).

Bring an element of a winter wonderland indoors with a cool color palette (like rich blues, silver and bright whites) and cozy materials (like faux hides and furs). We recommend this hand-embossed bed from Anthropologie, antler pendant light (it's faux but so cabin-chic) and this cheeky "Let It Go" pillow.


Snow White: You love nature and anything inspired by the outdoors.

You're drawn to comfort, coziness and anything that feels lived in—you know, your very own enchanted forest escape. Your style—like Snow White's—would undoubtedly be described as "rustic farmhouse."

Look for pieces inspired by nature—like this amazing Anthropologie canopy bed—or anything with an engraving or natural wood grains. You probably love animals too, so anything animal-inspired—whether bold or subtle—will definitely fit in. (We know you're not afraid of mixing patterns or searching for unique, one-of-a-kind finds at the flea market.)

Belle: You're a romantic at heart—and obviously, you love to read.

Your home wouldn't be complete without surfaces covered in novels. You also love luxe, rich color palettes and textures—like a velvet sofa (that's reminiscent of Belle's iconic yellow gown). You'll also be sure to keep your favorite vases and pots stocked with fresh stems (preferably roses).

Try a dramatic chandelier combined with classic, French-countryside-inspired furniture for a look that's rustic yet romantic.

Cinderella: You're unfussy and low maintenance, but you gravitate toward regal pieces.

It's no secret Cinderella winds up with a prince, but always stays true to who she is. Like Cinderella, you may have a taste for the finer things, but deep down, you love simplicity more than anything.

Choose luxurious and elegant pieces like a brass bookcase, which feels whimsical yet practical. Also, go for rich velvet pieces (like this tufted royal blue sofa), ivory chairs and brass or gold accents that easily elevate any space.

Mulan: You're an independent minimalist (who appreciates a little androgyny).

You play by your own rules and you're fiercely independent—especially when it comes to style. You appreciate clean lines and an overall vibe that strikes the perfect balance between feminine and masculine (aka, you know what looks good and what your partner will like, no matter what).

Go for minimalist pieces and furniture, mixed with a classic color palette of reds, blues and neutrals. You'll also want a touch of traditional with elements like rugs, tapestries and artwork.

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