This Will Be the Biggest Décor Trend of 2019

According to interior design experts, it’s time to get your throw blankets ready.
by Sophie Ross

When the word “hygge” entered our vocabularies a few years ago, it sort of eluded everyone’s grasp. Although it’s a Danish word which translates to “coziness,” it’s a little more complex than that. According to, “Hygge is used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as [cozy], charming and special.”

It’s not a tangible thing, but a feeling—and according to industry experts (including Homepolish interior designers Crystal Sinclair, Ashlie Broderic and Mandy Cheng), it’s going to be the home décor trend that officially takes over in 2019.

So how do you hygge up your newlywed nest? Find out below (and get your registry ready).

Lighting is key.

No more fluorescent overhead lights. Instead, opt for lamps (bonus points for dimming settings), candles and—if you’re lucky enough—fireplaces to make your home feel cozier. (Don’t have one? You can buy a faux fireplace like this one or add it to your registry.)

Less is more.

This is useful advice for anyone, but especially for those trying to cozify their homes: It’s super important to simplify your space and rid rooms of clutter. Choosing calming neutrals (like wood tones, muted grays and whites) for your walls and color palette makes every space feel slightly more streamlined and soothing. And if your space allows, try painting your ceiling a shade darker than the rest of the room—it brings the space together and adds warmth, according to Sinclair. 

Soft furniture, throws and accessories will be your new best friends.

Think: knotted blankets, faux fur pillows and shag area rugs. There’s nothing like curling up on a comfy couch with an oversize throw—and contrasting textures, layers and little touches (like luxe-feeling curtains) will make your rooms all the more inviting and interesting to you and your guests, says Broderic.

Add meaningful antiques.

Artwork tends to pull spaces together that otherwise might feel unfinished, says Cheng—so look for pieces that are meaningful to you. And if you have family heirlooms or knickknacks that already tell a story and spark special conversations, great! If you don’t, find expressive antiques to register for that you can turn into your own family heirlooms. Pretty sweet, right?

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