26 Disney Wedding Cake Toppers for a Magical Touch to Your Special Day

Whether your favorite character is Mickey Mouse or Cinderella, there's a cake topper for you.
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Updated Sep 26, 2023
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If you're planning a Walt Disney World wedding or one with a Disney-inspired wedding theme, a Disney wedding cake topper can help. From cut outs of favorite characters to magical phrases from classic Disney films, we've got options for you.

Once you've found the perfect wedding cake topper, the next step is to find a cake baker who can help you make your cake vision a reality. The Knot Vendor Marketplace is a great resource for finding recommended vendors in your area or in the area where you'll be hosting your wedding. Read on for some of the best Disney cake toppers you can add to your cart–and let the dessert planning begin.

Disney Wedding Cake Toppers to Shop Now:

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Disney Castle Wedding Cake Toppers

There are few things more magical than a Disney castle. With that being said, here are some Disney castle wedding cake toppers that can be added to your wedding cake for some extra pixie dust.

Porcelain Fantasyland Castle Disney Cake Topper for a Classic Fairytale Wedding

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings Fantasyland Castle Cake Topper
Photo: Shop Disney

Top your wedding cake with this porcelain Fantasyland castle cake topper. You'll notice that Mickey icons decorate the bottom of the fully sculpted piece for an extra touch of magic.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Kissing in the Castle Cake Topper for the Best of Both Worlds

Mickey and Minnie and Cinderella's Castle Disney Wedding Cake Topper with couple's last name and date
Photo: RusticWDArt

If you're looking for a cake topper that has both Mickey Mouse and the Disney castle at the forefront, this acrylic topper is for you. You can customize this cake topper by choosing the size and color that best fits your needs. And, you can personalize the last name and date you'd like carved in addition to you and your partner's preferred titles.

Sweet and Simple Laser Cut Disney Castle Cake Topper

Black Disney Castle Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: JBCookieCutters

For a simply chic wedding, this simple yet sweet laser-cut Disney castle cake topper is the perfect piece. And, it's available in an array of solid and glitter colors from black to silver glitter to match your wedding color palette.

Disney Fairytale Wedding Cake Toppers

Your wedding day should feel like a fairytale regardless of how you celebrate. These Disney princess wedding cake toppers will help radiate that positive energy you need during your celebration and can be kept as a memento–if you decide to keep it in a memory box.

Charming Cinderella Wedding Cake Topper

Cinderella and Prince Charming Castle Laser cut Disney Wedding Cake Topper with Couple's Last Name and Date
Photo: RusticWDArt

If Cinderella is your favorite Disney princess and you want her to be part of your wedding day, this Cinderella Castle cake topper may be just what you seek. Prince Charming also makes an appearance in this topper which adds to its charm. Whether you want a purple or white topper or one that's on the larger side, you can customize its width and add your titles and surname which is pretty neat.

"Best Day Ever" Rapunzel Wedding Cake Topper

Rapunzel 'Best Day Ever' Black Disney Wedding Cake Topper with Wedding Date
Photo: RusticWDArt

Since your wedding is going to be the best day ever, it's best to top your wedding cake with those very words alongside two acrylic cutouts of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. To make this topper your own, you can select your preferred width and color (there are more than 15 to choose from) when checking out and can leave a note for the store owner with your wedding date that can be cut into the heart.

Belle and Beast Dancing Cake Topper

Belle and the Beast black disney wedding cake topper
Photo: Amazon

Beauty and The Beast lovers will appreciate this acrylic cake topper featuring Belle and Beast positioned as though they are dancing–you won't regret having this topper "be a guest" at your wedding.

Disney Little Mermaid Wedding Cake Toppers

Ariel and Eric Nautical Personalized Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: OwlTopThat

Allow this Ariel and Eric cake topper to be part of your wedding world. We love its inclusion of a ship wheel–which is especially fitting for nautical-themed weddings. You can add your surname name for an extra personal touch and customize its color and size to what best fits your cake.

Spooky Disney Wedding Cake Toppers

A Halloween wedding or one with some spooky elements could benefit from a spooky Disney wedding cake topper. From those featuring beloved characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Haunted Mansion attraction, here are some of our favorite spooky Disney wedding cake toppers.

Your Wedding Cake is "Meant to Be" With This Jack and Sally Wedding Cake Topper

'Simply Meant to be' Jack and Sally Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

If a Halloween wedding is in your future, or you're looking for a Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake topper, we've found just the one for you. This "Simply Meant To Be" cake topper pays homage to this beloved spooky movie and features lead characters Jack Skellington and Sally.

Romantic Jack and Sally Wedding Cake Topper

Romantic Jack and Sally Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: AcrylicDesignForYou

For a Jack and Sally wedding cake topper where the main focus is on these two characters, this is it. Although we like the black color, you can choose another from the 16 options which include royal blue and glitter silver to name a few.

A Hitchhiking Ghosts Wedding Cake Topper for Some "Haunted Mansion" Fun

Hitchhiking Ghosts Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: LaserWorxSigns

If you and your partner are fellow Foolish Mortals, consider this Hitchhiking Ghosts wedding cake topper. Although not all of your guests may not know who these three characters are before your wedding, they will after seeing your cake.

Disney Wording Wedding Cake Toppers

In addition to its beloved characters, Disney is known for its magical phrases and sayings that promote hope, love and courage. These simple yet effective wedding cake toppers contain sayings and phrases that will not only enhance your cake, but your day as well.

Magical "Mr & Mrs Disney" Wedding Cake Topper

Mickey and Minnie inspired gold Disney Wedding Cake Topper with Couple's Name

Have your new surname placed on top of your wedding cake along with some mouse ear decor. Although this wedding cake topper isn't over the top, it'll do its job to show your guests that you're a Disney couple (if they don't already know). You can choose your favorite color from more than 10 options along with the size that best fits your wedding cake.

Elegant "Happily Ever After" Disney Wedding Cake Topper

'Happily ever after' mickey and minni gold disney wedding cake topper
Photo: ThePinkOwlDesigns

Ready to start your happily ever after? Add this "Happily Ever After" Disney cake topper to your wedding cake. Although the focal point of this piece is the text, the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse emblems cannot be missed. And, you can customize its size and color.

"Best Day Ever" Disney Wedding Cake Topper

Best Day Ever Silver Glitter Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Michaels

Although we already have another pick that contains the words "best day ever," this silver glitter one differs since it highlights the words and doesn't contain characters. You can leave your guests to interpret these words whichever way they see fit, or decorate your cake with pink and purple accents to make it apparent that the Tangled film served as inspiration for your wedding cake.

Toy Story-Inspired "To Infinity And Beyond" Disney Cake Topper

To Infinity And Beyond Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: WeddingPros

A Toy Story-loving couple will love this cake topper paying tribute to one of the franchise's beloved characters. Although you can select a width and natural color, we'd recommend selecting purple or green when shopping to most closely resemble Buzz Lightyear.

Beauty & The Beast-Inspired "Tale As Old As Time" Wedding Cake Topper

Tale as old as time disney wedding cake topper
Photo: WoodenYouLikeIt

Start your next chapter with a "Tale As Old As Time" wedding cake topper inspired by the beloved classic Disney film Beauty and The Beast. Whether you decide to go sparkly or keep the acrylic piece a solid color, this is the perfect piece to top a Disney lover's wedding cake.

Customizable Sleeping Beauty Wedding Cake Topper

Sleeping Beauty Custom Disney Cake Topper
Photo: AcrylicDesignForYou

This Disney-wording wedding cake topper is different from the rest as you can customize what words you'd like to appear next to a cutout of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip. Whether you decide to have your full name carved or your favorite romantic quote from the film, this personalized Disney fairytale wedding cake topper will make your wedding day even more magical.

Classic Disney Wedding Cake Toppers

If you're looking for a Disney cake topper for your wedding cake featuring those classic characters you grew up with such as Mickey Mouse or one reminiscent of the Disney Parks when they first opened, read on for some of our favorite picks.

Romantic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

Mickey And Minnie Kissing Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: SpecialDesignForYou

It's hard to go wrong placing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on top of your wedding cake. This simply sweet cake topper will fill your wedding with even more love and positivity. For a cute photo, you can stand next to the cake with your partner to take a photo mimicking their hand heart before digging in.

"Sensational Six" Boho Wedding Cake Toppers

Disney Characters Boho Wood Wedding Cake Toppers
Photo: SemperFiDesignShop

What's better than one Disney wedding cake topper? How about Six Disney wedding cake toppers? Although you can purchase one of these six classic characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Pluto, we'd recommend purchasing the "Sensational Six" set and placing them on various spots on top of the tiers for an all-over look.

Vintage Disneyland Wedding Cake Topper

Pastel Vintage Disneyland Last Name Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: JollyHolidayBannerCo

Disney-ify your vintage wedding with this vintage Disneyland wedding cake topper. Although this can be used as a birthday cake topper, it can also make for a great wedding cake topper–we suggest leaving a note of your surname (and indicating the number of letters in the name) for the shop owner to customize your topper.

"Practically Perfect In Every Way" Disney Wedding Cake Topper

Practically Perfect In Every Way with date Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: OwlTopThat

For a classic Disney wedding cake topper, this one inspired by the Mary Poppins classic film is a great choice. Since your wedding day will be "practically perfect in every way," it's only fitting that your wedding cake topper will be, too. If you want your topper to display on sticks, you can select that option. Or, you can opt for it to be placed on a display stand.

"Our Greatest Adventure" Wedding Cake Topper

Our Greatest Adventure Mickey Mouse Balloons House Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: PrettyLittleLaser

A wedding is about celebrating one of your greatest adventures that you're about to embark on which is why a Disney Up cake topper is a perfect fit. You can add the date of your wedding for an extra touch and then keep your topper as a memento for years to come. Since it is a handmade wooden topper, you can select the finish you like best as well as choose whether you'd like regular balloons or Mickey Mouse-shaped ones.

Editor's Picks: Disney Wedding Cake Toppers

While doing our research, we came across some additional Disney wedding cake toppers we'd like to share with you which didn't exactly fit into the categories above but think are worth considering.

Colorful Up House Wedding Cake Topper

Disney's UP House with Balloons Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: OneEnchantedEmporium

Looking forward to your next adventure as a couple? This colorful "Up" House wedding cake topper will add a pop of color to a traditional white wedding cake. It's available in two sizes (small and large), so you can pick whichever one will best fit on top of your cake.

Feel the Love With This Mickey Mouse Wedding Cake Topper

Mickey Mouse 'Love' Gold Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: ThePinkOwlDesigns

Your wedding day promotes love and your cake topper should do the same. This Mickey Mouse-inspired one is the perfect way to do that as the "o" is shaped like a Mickey Mouse icon. You can choose a five-inch, six-inch or seven-inch topper. And, whether you opt for the material to be made from wood or acrylic–it will look beautiful either way.

Star Wars-Inspired "May The Force Be With Us" Wedding Cake Topper

Star Wars Inspired  "May The Force Be With Us" Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

If you and your partner are big Star Wars fans, we think you'll like this Star Wars-inspired cake topper. With a fun twist on the popular "may the force be with you" line, this "may the force be with us" wedding cake topper will be sure to stir up some smiles.

Star Wars-Inspired "Until The Very End" Wedding Cake Topper

Jedi and Mage Until The Very End Disney Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: OwlTopThat

Marriage is about being with your best friend until the end and this Star Wars-inspired cake topper can serve as a physical manifestation of that. Whether you'd like to display this topper on sticks or a stand, there are options for you. And, you can select a color that best fits your wedding's aesthetic.

Disneyland Desserts Cake Toppers

Disneyland desserts wedding cake topper
Photo: JBCookieCutters

If you and your partner are Disney foodies, it's only right to add some of them to your wedding cake. With cut-outs including a Mickey premium ice cream bar and a Dole Whip, this cake topper will leave you and your guests ready to dig in.

Where to Buy Disney Wedding Cake Toppers

Although there are many places where you can buy Disney wedding cake toppers, here are a couple of our favorite retailers you can peruse when searching for the best cake topper for your big day.

  • Etsy: Etsy is a great place to buy Disney cake toppers as many of them are handmade and come from small shops–many of which offer customization when it comes to color, size and type.
  • Amazon: Amazon is home to many Disney cake toppers that can be put on your wedding cake. What's great about Amazon picks is that they tend to vary in price so you can select those which are best in line with your budget. And, Amazon offers Prime delivery on some if you're in need of a cake topper within a short time frame.
  • JB Cookie Cutters: JB Cookie Cutters sells an array of themed cookie cutters (hence its name) but also sells some Disney-themed wedding cake toppers that you can make part of your special day. Plus, most of these cake toppers are available in both solid and glitter colors so it's unlikely you won't find one that matches your wedding aesthetic.
  • Michaels: Although Michaels is well known for its wide variety of crafting supplies, it also offers a selection of cake toppers, some of which are Disney-inspired.
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