Simple Wedding Cakes That Prove Less Is More

Minimalist tiers can be just as gorgeous as sugar flowers.
by Andrea Fowler

Even if you're going for a simply decorated wedding cake, that doesn't mean it can't be unique. Simple wedding cakes comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, and even though it may not be dolled up with loads of sugar flowers or fondant appliqué, it can still represent your style as a couple. 

For the modern couple, mixing different shaped tiers together gives a trend-forward geometric vibe while not needing any additional details at all. For a minimalist couple, play with subtle hues and a few fresh blooms for a romantic accent. 

  1. 1. Pastel Ombré

    Blue pastel ombré simple wedding cake
    Theo Milo Photography

    A subtle ombré effect can be created with tiers of colored fondant that have just a shade or two of difference in their hues. 

  2. 2. Nearly Naked

    Simple two-tier nearly-naked wedding cake with berries
    Wendy Laurel

    Meet the new naked cake. Instead of totally bare tiers, a thin veil of frosting is transparent enough to see the cake underneath, and keeps it from drying out. 

  3. 3. Rose Petal Romance

    Simple Valentine's Day wedding cake with rose petals
    Justine Bursoni Photography

    If you're getting married in February and want to give a nod to Valentine's Day, but in a very minimal and tasteful way, spread rose petals around the bottom tier or add an arrow. The same can be done for any other holiday, just incorporate small additions of color or symbolic motifs. 

  4. 4. Shape Play

    Modern white wedding cake with orchids
    Emily Susan Photography

    A cake design can be both humble and eye-catching with the use of different shapes. 

  5. 5. Metallic Detailing

    Simple wedding cake with ivory fondant and gold bands
    Olivia Leigh Photography

    A smooth cover of ivory fondant and metallic accents look perfectly minimalist and incredibly chic at the same time. 

  6. 6. Bold Topper

    Simple single-tier wedding cake with calligraphed cake topper
    Michelle Lange Photography

    Go super simple with a single-tier cake (a little texture in the buttercream never hurts) and finish it off with a statement topper. 

  7. 7. Ruffled Tiers

    Simple white wedding cake with a small succulent decoration
    Hannah Hardaway Photography

    Ruffled fondant adds depth to a design—and don't worry about it looking too feminine. A stark white fondant contrasted with a black cake stand will keep the whole presentation looking very modern. 

  8. 8. Elegant Florals

    Simple four-tier buttercream wedding cake with floral topper
    Mikkel Paige Photography

    A single method of texture applied en masse looks clean and consistent. Add a few fresh blooms for a seasonal vibe or to help coordinate with the color palette. 

  9. 9. Short Stacks

    Simple white buttercream wedding cake with peonies and ranunculus
    Jess Barfield Photography

    Shorter, wider tiers create a more unique shape, lending itself well to a bohemian-themed celebration. 

  10. 10. Romantic Blooms

    Simple white buttercream wedding cake with pink and white flowers
    Ashleigh Seawell Photography

    Alternate designs between tiers, like a simple Swiss dot pattern mixed in with clean horizontal lines. A few blooms will give the cake a very romantic aesthetic. 

  11. 11. Multiple Cakes

    Small white wedding cakes with floral toppers
    Millie Holloman Photography

    A spread of single tier cakes gives you the opportunity to have a few different flavors and designs.

  12. 12. Bold Pop of Color

    Simple white wedding cake with a yellow rose decoration
    Jess Barfield Photography

    A smooth coat of buttercream looks sophisticated on its own. If you want to add a bit of personality, use your favorite bloom to adorn the top or side of the cake. 

  13. 13. Cake and Cupcakes

    Single-tier wedding cake with cupcake dessert bar
    One Love Photography

    Are you more cupcake people, but don't want to miss out on the "cutting the cake" tradition? No problem. Opt for a simple, single-tier cake and supplement it with plenty of other mini treats like cupcakes, tartes or mousses. 

  14. 14. Naked Cake

    Two-tier naked wedding cake with white floral cake topper
    Samantha James Photography

    A dusting of powdered sugar looks delicate, charming and homey all at the same time.

  15. 15. Cake Stand Coordination

    White wedding cake with flower topper
    Aaron Watson Photography

    If you need some inspiration, look to your cake stand. Ask your baker to mimic its design in the frosting or fondant for a seamless wedding cake presentation. 

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