27 Simple Wedding Cakes That Prove Less Really Can Be More

Minimalists, these sweet treats are for you.
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sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Aug 21, 2020

With wedding cakes, less is, on occasion, more. If you're not in love with oversized confections covered in mounds of frosting and fresh flowers, simple wedding cakes are likely better fit to your taste. You don't need an extravagant dessert to make a statement—even a minimal, one-tier cake can stand out on your sweets table. Work with your caterer or pastry chef to design a cake that speaks to you and fits the vibe of your wedding day. They're the experts, after all, so they can produce cake that's pleasing to your eyes and your taste buds.

If a simple wedding cake is what you dream of, there's no shortage of inspiration. To help you narrow down your dessert vision, we've rounded up 27 simple wedding cakes that are seriously stunning. From multi-tier creations to small cutting layers, these simple wedding cake ideas are sure to give you plenty of inspo for your big day. (They might make your mouth water too—don't say we didn't warn you.) Below, browse our favorite simple wedding cakes that prove less is more.

Make your bohemian dreams come to life by adding earthy accents (like pampas grass) to your wedding cake. Fresh fruit on the top layer adds natural color to an otherwise subdued palette.

If you're not totally sold on the naked cake trend, go for semi-naked icing instead. Sheer layers barely reveal the cake underneath and act as a design on its own, so you don't need too many other accents. Sparse flower clusters or leaves can help breathe life to the minimal tiers.

Spice up your tiers by adding garlands of thin greenery on each level. We love how this couple opted for smooth icing around each layer. But, if you look closely, you'll see their initials stamped into the center of the second tier for a subtle, personal touch.

Succulents, anyone? If you have a green thumb, add your favorite houseplants to your cake. In addition to fresh greenery, textured icing (as seen here) can add a small amount of drama to your simple wedding cake.

Of all the simple wedding cakes we've seen, this is among our favorites. A hand-painted brush stroke adds the only pop of color to this crisp (and savory!) white confection.

Yep, you can have a wedding cake that subtly references your favorite movie. This Harry Potter-inspired wedding cake has a cake topper and four accent pieces that channel the beloved franches.

If you prefer real blooms over icing flowers, surround your simple wedding cake with fresh stems. This dessert's only accent is a small cluster of flowers under the top tier.

Two-tier simple wedding cakes are anything but boring. Consider a single tier to include a bold pop of color. We love how this couple tied in the palette by adding a darker pink flower at the base of the cake.

This creation is a breath of fresh air in cake form. Elegant white flowers adorn this crisp white confection, while delicate green leaves add just enough color to make this cake stand out.

If you're planning on having a dessert spread, a simple one-tier cutting cake will give you something to slice during the special reception moment. We love the casual white icing on this treat, which has a bright yellow flower placed on top for fun.

We can't help but obsess over this rustic creation. This simple two-tier wedding cake has a grassy cluster of autumnal flowers and leaves that embody fall.

A splatter of blue color brings an artsy feel to this simple wedding cake. A ribbon of textured white icing adds dimension across the tiers.

Your wedding cake doesn't have to be round. Square tiers feel effortlessly modern and chic—and with a soft marble pattern, this cake is as elegant as can be.

Simple wedding cake with rainbow interior
Stephanie Yonce Photography
Sara Ayyash at The Jefferson Hotel

Surprise! No one said minimalistic wedding cakes also have to be simple on the inside. A small cut reveals this cake's rainbow interior, which will surprise (and delight) guests. After all, who can resist a colorful slice of cake?

Pressed flowers are a romantic way to accent a simple wedding cake. We love how this couple decorated their one-tier cutting cake. With a variety of colors and shapes, these delicate petals are almost too pretty to eat.

Sprinkles, anyone? Consider accenting your simple white wedding cake with this nostalgic topping for a memorable dessert.

Textured icing will enhance your simple wedding cake without taking it over the top. The alternating tiers have a modern look, while a small sprig of yellow flowers adds just enough color to make this cake look like a work of art.

Simple wedding cakes don't have to be white—take this one for proof. Even with a dark color, this three-tier dessert doesn't feel overpowering. Minimal design elements on each tier add just enough drama to this moody creation.

You don't have to conceptualize a simple wedding cake design when you have a funfetti interior. The sprinkles baked into this treat can serve as accents on their own. In forgoing icing on the outside, this naked cake is a playful idea for couples who want a fun dessert.

Small flecks of gold adorn the outside of this single-tier cutting cake, and they match the corresponding gold cake topper too. If you're dreaming of a simple wedding cake that has glam accents, this design is for you.

If you choose to have a simple, elegant wedding cake with few accents, let the surrounding decor bring the excitement. This couple opted for two small sprigs of greenery that matched hanging flowers on the wall behind their cake.

Metallic accents are a trendy way to make your cake stand out. Copper flecks stand out against the cake's textured icing, while a small cluster of dark blooms provides a small pop of contrasting color.

Small squares can still have a big presence. Simple, small wedding cakes are perfect for those who want other desserts too, and this confection is just big enough for the newlyweds to share.

Another way to make small wedding cakes stand out is with a memorable cake stand. This chic marble option has a gold half-circle bottom, which matches the gold flecks throughout the cake.

Your simple wedding cake doesn't have to be small. If you're dreaming of a towering treat that's not too overpowering, keep the rest of the design simple. Small floral clusters and an elegant cake topper add just enough color to this minimal confection.

Simple floral wedding cake
Jen Huang Photo
Paper Cake Events

This cherry blossom-inspired wedding cake is as romantic as can be. We love how the bottom tier has an ombré pink finish, while a string of cherry blossoms pokes out from below the top tier.

Fresh fruit is always a crowd-pleaser. This naked wedding cake has a dusting of powdered sugar and rings of berries, which give it a mouth-watering finish.

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