20 Geometric Wedding Invitations With Silhouettes We Love

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn't your wedding invitations follow suit?
Geometric wedding invites
Danielle Halibey
by Danielle Halibey
Updated Mar 12, 2023
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When it comes to modern weddings, minimalism is trending. And what better way to give guests a glimpse of your celebration aesthetic (or, more fittingly, your celebration angle) than with geometric wedding invitations? What we love about geometric stationery is that it has a lot of range; it can be used for weddings planned in every season and at a host of contemporary venues. It definitely does wonders to echo the sleek architecture of warehouse settings and rooftop lounges alike.

We've gathered up a few of our favorite modern geometric wedding invitations. Think: soft, allover washes of color intersected by gold foil lines, kaleidoscopic patterns overlaid with clean typeface and textured geo borders atop luxury letterpress. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite dimensional looks, including several standouts from The Knot Invitations.

1. The Knot Geometric Patterns Wedding Invitations

White geometric wedding invite

Is your wedding ceremony taking place in a church or another locale with stained-glass windows? Because we can totally see this geometric design working as your wedding day preview. Each component of the invitation suite is dynamic, but the main invitation card is certainly the pièce de résistance. Its pattern looks like brilliant shards of glass, each bordered by sparkling foil.

2. The Knot Sunlit Vows Wedding Invitations

Orange geometric wedding invites

If the backdrop of your "I do"s will be the Sonoran Desert sun (or any other boho-aesthetic whereabouts), you need an invitation that's just as iconic. This one does it by framing the details of your day within a stylish diamond-pane design. The geometric pattern is offered in three sepia-toned colorways. And you have to know that the back is our favorite part! It features your perfect wedding date, in a striking 2x3 grid pattern, for all to see.

3. Maria Alou Abstract Jewels Wedding Invitations

Abstract print wedding invite

Jewel tones and geometric patterns make a seriously stunning pair, and that's why this artful invitation really works for us. Since it's offered in eight color-rich themes, you have options for every season. Traditionally, darker tones are well-suited for fall and winter weddings, while lighter tones brighten spring and summer soirees. But in having an invitation with such a cutting-edge silhouette hanging on their refrigerators, your guests won't be expecting you to play by the rules.

4. The Knot We've Waited Wedding Invitations

Blue geometric wedding invites

If you've been counting down the days until your nuptials, try this wedding invitation that counts exactly how long you've been fiancé-ing for—from the day you said "yes" to the day you'll pledge your love for the long haul. We're all about the retro-style font. The real star, though, is the geometric Southwestern-style print on the back.

5. The Knot Minimal Geometric Wedding Invitations

Gold and white wedding invites

With the geometric trend, you don't have to go all out to make a lasting impression. Case in point: this minimalist invitation that highlights the details of your day in a classic and captivating serif font against a white or beige background. It has all the hallmarks of a simple wedding invitation—it's clean and polished, with a geometric design on the reverse side that brings intrigue. Come to think of it, those intersecting lines—creating a never-ending sprawl of diamonds—remind us of a pair of champagne flutes toasting on the big day.

6. Brown Fox Creative Modern Geometric Shapes Wedding Invitations

Bright modern wedding invites

Who else looks at this incredibly vibrant invitation and automatically imagines the level of fun awaiting at this wedding? The white typography that switches between script and simple sans letterform pops against the hot pink, teal, mustard yellow and orange canvas. The result? A youthful and modern dream. If your reception will take place in an offbeat art gallery or somewhere with a little urban flair, this punchy stationery can't be beat.

7. Morgan Kendall Bold Geometric Wedding Invitations

Geometric wedding invites

The way we see this cool blend of shapes and colors, it looks like a spotlight is shining, from the right side, on your names and wedding particulars. Pretty cool if you just so happen to be exchanging vows at a theater or concert hall, we have to say. We also can't get over the stunning colorways.

8. The Knot Geometric Impression Wedding Invitations

Black and white wedding invites

A horizontal-orientation wedding invitation is going to get noticed, because it's unexpected and chic. But the real stroke of genius here is the script-style "Join us" ascending vertically from the left side and the geometric tableau, which makes the wedding specifics in the white text box pop out, even when the palette is pale. Pure subtle sophistication.

9. The Knot Geometric Marble Wedding Invitations

Marble wedding invites

Is your wedding slated for somewhere with industrial vibes? If so, consider sending out an invitation like this one to give discreet hints about your trendy venue. The printed marble wash serves as the perfect canvas for your details, framed by the gold intersecting lines. They remind us of the exposed beams in a loft or warehouse space.

10. Creo Study Geo Frame Wedding Invitations

Geometric wedding invites

When straight lines and curves collide, the geometric fusion is hard to take your eyes off of. Your guests will get what we mean when they open this whimsical invitation that features rotating arches arranged in a border around your names, wedding date, timing and reception promise. (Merriment to follow? Yes, please!) And don't forget to select a foil color you like from eight gorgeous choices—we usually go for gold, but that glittery silver is speaking to us.

11. The Knot Geometric Elegance Wedding Invitations

Elegant geometric wedding invites

Rose gold foil looks sharp on any wedding invitation (especially paired with rich burgundy), but when it's used on a design with geometric details, the look is pure elegance. A hexagon surrounds the whos, whats, whens and wheres of your wedding event in these rose gold geometric wedding invitations—all written in a modern and refined sans-serif font. Singular lines cross at the top and bottom to create two beautiful gilded diamond reservoirs for you and your partner's initials. We're already dreaming about those wedding morning flatlays. You might even want to spring for a velvet hexagon ring box to match.

12. Carly Reed Walker Kenai Wedding Invitations

Black and white geometric wedding invites

This chic geometric wedding invitation leverages negative space for a look that's retro, vintage and modern all at once. The black and white combination has just the right level of finesse for a cocktail reception, but the bouquet palette would serve a Palm Springs brunch wedding just as well. Can they please make a wallpaper in this pretty pattern?

13. The Knot Gilded Geometric Wedding Invitations

Black, white and gold wedding invite

We know the border of these gold geometric wedding invitations is made out of cardstock, but the 3D texture and dimension is giving Art Deco mirror glamor, isn't it? The contemporary sans-serif font is chic, plus, guests will immediately be drawn to your names and the special day in bold. Your wedding day being just a bit bigger and more prominent than the month and year illustrate the point that the little things really do matter, so much.

14. Griffinbell Paper Co. Edgewater Wedding Invitations

Bright abstract wedding invites

When your friends and fam are used to seeing boring white envelopes crowding their mailbox, a creative and colorful piece of correspondence is bound to steal their attention. We're obsessed with what the designer calls "geometric fields of color" and how they blend together in a playful, prismatic way. So, whether you're getting married at a fun boutique hotel in the spring or at a swanky restaurant in the fall, you're covered with an invitation that's not only fashionable, but functional, too. Those acceptance RSVPs will be flooding your mailbox in no time.

15. The Knot Aura Love Wedding Invitations

Aura wedding invites

We can't help but love modern geometric design wedding invitations with softer, more blurred silhouettes. (There are still angles in this one, though, when you consider how the horizontal orientation of your names meets your wedding date in its 2x3 vertical grid.) All at once, ombré pastel colors and geometric forms coalesce into a look that's charismatic and ideal for any couple hoping to curate a dreamy vibe for their best day ever.

16. Papier Geometric Wedding Invitations

Pastel geometric wedding invite

Spackled with sky blue, turquoise, pink, yellow and gray triangles, this thoughtfully composed invite is a pastel dream. The pink and yellow colors feature again in your names and wedding date, with your wedding venue and reception teaser called out in between. It's the perfect blend of modern and whimsical.

17. Picture Perfect Papier Geometric Deco Wedding Invitations

Geometric deco wedding invites

These handmade geometric wedding invitations are serving serious Art Deco vibes. We love the romantic sunset color palette and the bold fonts. It's the perfect stationery for an affair at a 1920s hotel or perhaps a punchy art gallery.

18. Papier Geometric Shapes Wedding Invitations

Geometric shape wedding invites

If you're a millennial, you grew up watching Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski fall in and out of love through high school and college on "Saved by the Bell." And while this wedding invitation doesn't replicate the oh-so-'90s neon, squiggles and dot motifs we saw all throughout the series, it does throw things back to those iconic shapes. If you and your partner have a love like Z+K and are planning a low-key reception at your favorite restaurant or a loft locale with food trucks in tow, this one totally has your names on it.

19. Claudia Owen Geometric Wedding Invitations

Gold, black and white geometric wedding invites

These cool invites strike a retro-modern balance—with a slight '80s motif and modern color palette. We love how these feel more free and unstructured, with floating shapes balanced by the clean fonts relaying the details of your day. The little rectangle with you and your love's initials at the top is the perfect crowning touch.

20. Papier Chevron Wedding Invitations

Pastel chevron wedding invites

Predictable palettes are definitely one of the things we see phasing out in 2023 weddings. So, if you want to take a risk with your color story, opt for a chevron invitation that looks like this. Its bronze, petal pink, peach, robin's-egg blue and white bouquet of colors is sure to pack a punch. Even the gray typeface that notes all of the important info about your nuptials plays well with this unique color combination. All of your day-of details and decor—from your altar and your escort display to your table linens and get-home-safe goodie bags—can take cues from this geometric invitation.

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