Love Thanksgiving Food? Serve These Dishes at Your Wedding

Thanksgiving Foods At Your Wedding // Featured: The Knot

Here's an idea: Use Thanksgiving favorites as inspiration for your reception menu. You can serve an entire holiday meal in new and delicious ways. (Think cranberry cocktails, turkey sliders and mini-apple pie favors.) Find your favorite Thanksgiving dish below and see how to adapt it to fit your wedding menu!

If You Love Green Bean Casserole…

Photo: Antonis Achilleos // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Antonis Achilleos

Serve crispy fried green beans during your cocktail hour.

If You Love Sweet Potatoes…

Photo: Cly Creation // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Cly Creation

Give out sweet potato fries in paper cones at your reception! You could also create a sweet potato bar where guests fill a martini glass with mashed sweet potatoes and top them with marshmallows and cinnamon. From the album: A Classic Fall Wedding in Middletown, CT

If You Love Cranberry Sauce…

Photo: Pixelated Crumb // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Pixelated Crumb

Have a cranberry fizz cocktail with vodka, ginger beer and fresh cranberries as your signature drink. (Recipe here.)

If You Love Mashed Potatoes…

Photo: Elevate Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Elevate Photography

If you can't decide between chunky and smooth mashed potatoes, serve homemade potato chip bites topped with cheese and chives. From the album: A Rustic Mountainside Wedding in Avon, CO

If You Love Butternut Squash…

Photo: Lily Glass Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Lily Glass Photography

If you feel like the butternut squash soup starter could be your entree, try a savory (and healthy!) quinoa and squash side dish instead. From the album: A Lovely Vintage Wedding in Granville, OH

If You Love Turkey…

Photo: Jose Villa // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Jose Villa

Serve mini-turkey sliders during the cocktail hour!

If You Love Apple Pie (Seriously Who Doesn't?)…

Photo: Lark Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Lark Photography

If you can't wait for the plates to be cleared and the dessert to be served, give your guests mini-pie favors baked in small mason jars! From the album: A Rustic Chic Wedding in Kansas City, MO

If You Love Pecan Pie…

Photo: Inner Circle Photography // Featured: The Knot Blog

Photo: Inner Circle Photography

At your reception, dish out pecan pie — it's just too good not to! From the album: A Vintage Casual Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

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