8 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas that Will Get You So Excited for Eating

Hello, food coma.
by Bridget Clegg
Thanksgiving foods at your wedding
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Here's an idea: Use Thanksgiving as inspiration for your reception menu. After all when's the last time you heard someone say, "Aw man, not Thanksgiving again...mashed potatoes and pie are the worst." You could even get creative with the presentation and put a modern spin on classic favorites. Think: cranberry cocktails, turkey sliders and mini-apple pie favors. 

Or, just look at the delicious food that's about to follow. Either one is fine.

If You Love Green Bean Casserole…

Fried green beans wedding hors d'oeuvres
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Serve crispy fried green beans during your cocktail hour. You could even go a little further with fried edamame or pickles for something totally unexpected. 

If You Love Sweet Potatoes…

Sweet potato fries wedding catering
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Sweet potato fries in paper cones are an easy grab-and-go appetizer, and if they're served by attendants that are walking around then your guests will be mixing and mingling instead of waiting in line.

From A Classic Fall Wedding in Middletown, CT

If You Love Cranberry Sauce…

Cranberry signature drink at wedding

Have a cranberry fizz cocktail with vodka, ginger beer and fresh cranberries as your signature drink. (Don't forget a creative name like Cran-Married or Blushing Bride.)

If You Love Mashed Potatoes…

Potato chip hors d'oeuvre at wedding reception
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Homemade potato chip bites topped with cheese and chives? So much yes. Or have a baked potato bar with toppings like bacon, herbs or veggies. 

From A Rustic Mountainside Wedding in Avon, CO

If You Love Butternut Squash…

Bacon-wrapped scallop wedding catering
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If you feel like the butternut squash soup starter could be your entree, try a savory (and healthy!) quinoa and squash side dish instead.

From A Lovely Vintage Wedding in Granville, OH

If You Love Turkey…

Slider hors d'oeuvres at wedding reception
Joanne Leung Photography

Serve mini-turkey sliders during the cocktail hour, and for vegetarian guests get some black bean burgers in the mix too. 

If You Love Pie…

Boxed pie wedding favors
Heather Waraksa

If you can't wait for the plates to be cleared and the dessert to be served, give your guests mini-pie favors that are boxed and ready to go.

From An Elegant, Bohemian Wedding at a Private Residence in Greenwich, CT

If You REALLY Love Pie…

Pecan pie wedding dessert with vintage topper
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If you're not cake people, ditch it for a dessert table filled with your favorite pies—your wedding, your rules.

From A Vintage Casual Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

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