25 Rehearsal Dinner Favors to Treat Your Favorite People

Make the party before the party even better with these gifts.
Rehearsal dinner favor ideas including custom coffee bags and playing cards
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Updated Oct 24, 2023
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Calling all to-be-weds! We know your attention may be focused on the main event right now, but we're here to encourage you not to lose sight of all the other fun occasions on your docket, like the wedding rehearsal dinner—and those rehearsal dinner favors. This prewedding festivity, which is typically more intimate and low-key than your big day bash, is a great opportunity to go a bit extra in both your decor and how you spoil your guests, offering a chance at personalization and bespoke gifting that you may not get when hosting a party for 150 the next day. That said, rehearsal dinner party favors are totally optional and not something you're required to partake in by any means (more on that below). If the idea of adding one more thing to your wedding to-do list stresses you out, feel free to skip buying favors for the rehearsal dinner.

However, if gifting is your love language and the idea of unique rehearsal dinner favors thrills you, we're here to help you make it happen. Below, we're rounding up some genius rehearsal dinner favor ideas ranging from edible treats to thoughtful accessories your loved ones will use way beyond the wedding weekend. We've made sure to pick presents that fall within a variety of price points, so you can splurge on your close crew or stay within budget when gifting to a bigger group. Best of all, many of these favors for rehearsal dinner guests are suitable to a range of styles and seasons, so whether you're tying the knot on a snowy mountain in Vail or saying "I do" on the sand in Palm Beach, we have the best rehearsal dinner favors for you.

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Rehearsal Dinner Favor Etiquette

We know what you're asking yourself—do I really need to give out favors at my rehearsal dinner? And here's the thing: Rehearsal dinner etiquette may dictate a lot of things (like the fact that you should invite your officiant to participate), but it does not require you to hand out favors for your guests. If it's not in the budget or just sounds like a lot of extra work to you, there's no reason why you should feel obligated to include rehearsal dinner favors in your big day plans. However, this intimate event can be a great opportunity to show an extra bit of appreciation to those closest to you, since the rehearsal dinner crew likely consists of the folks who've helped and supported you and your spouse-to-be in numerous ways big in small throughout your journey to the altar.

Thoughtful and useful rehearsal dinner favors are always appreciated by guests, but the items we've picked below aren't your only options when it comes to table gifts. If you'd rather, you and your spouse can dream up a special experience to treat your rehearsal dinner guests to, like live mozzarella pulling, a sketch artist or an especially unique venue (did someone say chartered sailboat?). Trust us, an experiential "favor" will be just as memorable–and just as appreciated—as a tangible one.

Our Favorite Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Below, you'll find rehearsal dinner favor inspiration for every budget and every type of event. From charming bookmarks and personalized lip balms to coffee beans that may just increase their party stamina, these ideas will go a long way toward showing your guests just how appreciated they are. Still need to plan out your wedding favors? We have a guide to the best wedding favors of the year, too.

1. Personalized Playing Cards Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Unique Custom Playing Card Rehearsal Dinner Favors
Photo: The Knot Shop

Encourage guests to partake in a little friendly competition (or a game of solitaire) by gifting them a personalized deck of cards at the end of your rehearsal dinner. This charming set from The Knot Shop is emblazoned with a playful saying ("Two of a kind") along with your names, so guests will remember your wedding weekend any time they sit down for a game of poker. Best of all, this rehearsal dinner favor is bitsy, so it can even be part of a larger welcome bag, if you want.

2. BBQ Sauce Rehearsal Dinner Favors

BBQ Sauce mason jar rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: Pink Apple Parties

Hosting a BBQ before you say your "I do"s? Send your rehearsal dinner guests home with a smokey, spicy bottle of the good stuff so they can recreate the magic of your wedding weekend any time they want. These personalized rehearsal dinner favor tags feature your names and the message: "Thanks for celebrating our I do BBQ." All you'll need to do is attach them to little bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce before handing them off to your friends and family. Wet wipes and disposable bibs are optional (but encouraged).

3. Fun Bottle Opener Rehearsal Dinner Favor

Gold Hashtag Bottle Opener Rehearsal Dinner Favor
Photo: The Knot Shop

If you've spent the past few months planning out exactly how your big day will go down on social media, this is the perfect rehearsal dinner favor to nod to your 21st-century passion. Upon first glance, this is just a metal trinket shaped like a hashtag, but—surprise!—it's actually a handy bottle opener. Place 'em in a bowl by the bar at your rehearsal dinner for each guest to take or pair it with beer from your favorite brewery for a sudsy wedding weekend welcome.

4. Boho Keychain Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Macrame Keychain rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: sparks of dreams

It's always fun to send guests home with something you know they'll find useful, and few things are more functional than a great keychain. This macrame style from Etsy is colorful, affordable and handmade, making it a great option for anyone throwing a boho bash. Order a collection of colors that play into your wedding palette (there are over 50 to choose from) or opt for a rainbow of hues so guests can choose the rehearsal dinner favor that best suits their tastes.

5. Cute Cocktail Kit Rehearsal Dinner Favors

DIY Craft Cocktail Kit rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: W&P

Nothing says, "Let's get the party started" quite like a personalized cocktail kit. If you're hoping to clue your guests into the epic weekend you have planned for them, consider doling out these craft cocktail kits at the rehearsal dinner to get the drinks flowing. Each petite tin is packed with all the ingredients necessary to make a single-serve cocktail of your choice, from a classic Old Fashioned to a refreshing Italian spritz. Just a note, this pick is a bit pricier, so it's better reserved for smaller groups (or a great pick if you're looking to splurge).

6. Memorable Matchbook Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Custom matchbox rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: White Confetti Box

You set each other's hearts aflame—so matches are an obvious favor choice for a love that burns as bright as yours. For Your Party allows you to customize your own matchbook from dozens of stylish predesigned options or make your own from scratch. You can even choose from a variety of different matchbook styles, from the classic vertical box to a retro-inspired barrel matchbox. It's a small rehearsal dinner favor that'll make a big impact on your guests.

7. Stylish Shawl Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Neutral colored shawl rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: Party Art Forever

Nighttime events can get chilly, especially if you're hosting your rehearsal dinner and wedding in the fall or winter. To ensure your guests stay comfortable all evening long, consider handing out cozy pashminas as rehearsal dinner favors. Not only will they warm your guests' arms and shoulders, but this thoughtful gesture will warm their hearts with how much you thought of them ahead of time. This Etsy shop allows you to choose from dozens of different hues and rolls each into a tidy bundle with a custom label for the perfect presentation.

Cookie cube rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: Tate's Bake Shop

Our hot take: There's no better way to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth craving than with a chocolate chip cookie. These clever cubes from legendary Southampton bakery Tate's will allow you to indulge your guests' midnight munchies with several of their crispy, chocolatey cookies. Each cube boasts seven cookies, so you can feel free to designate a box per couple to save a bit, while still spoiling your guests (and their stomachs) silly.

9. Custom Candle Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Custom rehearsal dinner favor candles
Photo: Bow And Arrow Candle Co

When it comes to great rehearsal dinner favor ideas, you can't go wrong with a classic candle. It's a gift everyone will use eventually and one that can easily be personalized to reflect your event in both style and scent. This Etsy shop allows for near-endless customizations, from the color of the lid and label to the choice between a satin or jute ribbon. Choose from over 20 different scent options, including classic picks like Vanilla and more unusual options like Tobacco and Bourbon or Raspberry Sangria.

10. Tea Sachet Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Tea sachet rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: For Your Party

We get it—you want your guests to have fun at your rehearsal dinner, but not so much fun that they don't have the energy to party with you on your wedding day. The solution: Gift them individual tea sachets as a rehearsal dinner favor to encourage a little R&R before the big day. With For Your Party, you can customize a tea favor with the design and color of your choice. Bonus: This is an especially great gift option for cultural celebrations that often center around the ritual of tea, such as Indian or Chinese weddings.

11. Haute Honey Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Honey jar rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: Brandons Beez

When in doubt, it's always a good idea to try to theme your rehearsal dinner favors (and wedding favors!) to the season in which you're holding your celebration. Guests celebrating at a summer or fall wedding will be abuzz with excitement to find one of these personalized honey jars at their rehearsal dinner seat. Each two-ounce container is filled with pure wildflower honey, customized with a unique label and tied with jute twine. These edible rehearsal dinner favors even come with wood honey dippers for an extra-charming touch.

12. Stunning Shot Glass Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Mexican Talavera Shot Glasses Rehearsal Dinner Favor

If guests are traveling for your celebration, it makes sense that you'd want to gift them a memento reminiscent of your chosen locale. Anyone celebrating their nuptials in a sandy beach venue (Mexico, perhaps?) will fall in love with these stunning hand-painted talavera pottery shot glasses. Put one at each place setting at your rehearsal dinner and have them prefilled with tequila or bundle together mini bottles of mezcal and the shot glasses for guests to grab as they exit your prewedding party.

13. Darling Jam Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Mini jam jar rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: Amazon

Is your wedding day more like a wedding weekend? Hosting guests for several days is no small feat and you'll be responsible for their comfort and contentment the entire time. To show that you've thought of literally everything, consider gifting your rehearsal dinner guests with something sweet to enjoy the following morning before they start getting ready for your celebration. These mini Bonne Maman strawberry preserves would be the perfect rehearsal dinner favor to hint at an early morning biscuit delivery, especially if you're all staying at the same hotel for the weekend.

14. Sweet Sapling Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Pine seedling rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: Dearly Beeloved LLC

The best rehearsal dinner favors are ones that nod to your love story as a couple or tell a tale about the hobbies and activities you like to do together. If you and your fiancé love to spend your weekends hiking or hanging in the wilderness, these baby saplings could be a charming way to spoil your closest friends and family ahead of your big day. Each one of these pine seedlings can be planted year-round (in most areas) and comes packaged in a test tube-like vessel complete with a custom label. The best part? You can spend your 10-year anniversary traveling to visit friends and family and see how much your little saplings have grown!

15. Clever Cocoa Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Hot Chocolate on a Stick rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Warm the hearts—and bellies—of your loved ones with a sweet cup of cocoa that guests of all ages will appreciate. These clever hot chocolate stirrers from Uncommon Goods can be individually wrapped and need just a glass of hot milk to transform into a steaming sweet cup of cocoa. Each set of eight comes with several delicious flavor varieties, from Peanut Butter Cup, to Peppermint, to Salted Caramel, to French Truffle, so your loved ones are sure to find a flavor that suits their tastes.

16. Bookish Charm Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Custom first chapter rehearsal dinner bookmark favor
Photo: For Your Party

If you're a pair of bookworms that love cozying up on the couch with some good reads, these charming bookmarks are just the gift idea for you. Available in two styles (one with a ribbon and one with a cutout that slides over a page to stay in place), they can be customized down to the color and phrasing, so you can easily use them to tie into the palette of your prewedding celebration or big day bash. Our advice? Emblazon them with a sweet saying, like: "Thanks for being a part of our first chapter" for a sentiment that'll make them smile each time they turn the page.

17. Bite-Sized Surprise Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Mini cupcake rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: Baked by Melissa

You probably already have dessert planned for the rehearsal dinner menu, but a few extra sweet treats never hurt anyone. To make sure guests get their sugary fill, dole out these mini Baked by Melissa treats as a rehearsal dinner favor. Each box of three comes filled with the brand's signature petite treats, ranging in flavor from Cookie Dough to Red Velvet. While there aren't any options for personalization available, we're pretty sure your guests will be too busy chowing down to notice.

18. Wilderness-Approved Mug Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Personalized camp mug rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: Sweet Prince Gifts

Hosting your wedding weekend at a campground? You'll need camp mugs, of course! These personalized stainless steel and enamel mugs are as charming as they are practical, making them the ideal rehearsal dinner favor your guests will actually use. Choose from over 10 predesigned logos all themed to the outdoors—your pick will be etched permanently into the mug for a piece that'll remain beautiful for years (and cups and cups and cups of coffee) to come.

19. Luxe Luggage Tag Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Personalized Shadow Monogram Vegan Leather Luggage Bag Tag rehearsal dinner favor
Photo: The Native Bride

Nothing brings a group together quite like a destination wedding. Because these types of events tend to be more intimate, you may be able to splurge a bit on your rehearsal dinner favors to really wow your guests. These shadow monogram vegan luggage tags are a great way to nod to your travels and ensure your loved ones have the most stylish suitcase at baggage claim. Choose from eight different tag colors and a slew of beautiful text colors for a luggage tag that's bound to become their signature travel accessory.

20. Iconic Chapstick Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Custom chapstick rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: Burt's Bees

Sometimes the best rehearsal dinner favors are also the simplest. These tiny tubes of Burt's Bees chapstick can be personalized with your choice of text and flavor for a thoughtful little takeaway that's also endlessly useful. This is an especially apt gift choice if you're swapping vows in the colder months, where the risk of chapped lips is at an all-time high.

21. Bag of Beans Rehearsal Dinner Favors

CustomThe Perfect Blend Coffee Rehearsal Dinner Favors
Photo: Pure Valent Event

If a morning cup of coffee with your love is your happy place, you can bag that same feeling (literally) and share it with your guests for your rehearsal dinner favor. This charming customized bag boasts enough room for your favorite blend, either in bean or ground form. A transparent window at the front lets guests know exactly what's inside—and will help get them excited for their next caffeine fix.

22. Relaxing Incense Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Palo Santo with Lavender incense rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: The Rainbow Soul

Good vibes only! That's the motto for your wedding weekend (duh) and the right rehearsal dinner favor will ensure you kick the festivities off right. These palo santo and lavender incense sticks are a beautiful way to invite your guests to bring all their celebratory energy to your bash. Pro tip: Include a hang tag on each piece that teaches your loved ones how to properly smudge their homes.

23. Snapshot Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Disposable cameras rehearsal dinner favors
Photo: Strap Photo Club

Chances are, the crew invited to your rehearsal dinner includes your most loved (and most trusted) friends and family—therefore it's okay to saddle them with a bit of responsibility (the fun kind!). This pack of disposable cameras is part rehearsal dinner favor, part wedding gift for you. Each box includes 10 high-quality reusable cameras you can pass out to loved ones to capture your rehearsal dinner and big day. Collect them at the end of the weekend and ship them back for development (which is included in your purchase). Best of all, digital scans of the photos will also be sent to your phone, so you can dole them out to your rehearsal dinner guests for a fun and festive flashback. Warning: This idea is pricey, but worth it if you're hosting a small crowd—it's basically like hiring a bonus photographer (or actually, several) to capture your big day.

24. Seed Sachet Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Bird Seed Heart Shaped Rehearsal Dinner Favor
Photo: Vintage Blooming

For a pair of nature lovers, there's no better rehearsal dinner favor than something that pours love back into your guests and Mother Nature. These heart-shaped birdseed favors are made with edible glue and tied with your choice of twine. This customized take is as charming as you two lovebirds.

25. Lucky Ticket Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Lotto ticket rehearsal dinner favor bag
Photo: Ivory and Sage Co

Imagine one of your pals leaves your prewedding celebration $500 richer—how's that for a rehearsal dinner favor? These custom bags offer the perfect place to stash a few lottery tickets for each guest, giving them the opportunity to win at least a few bucks (if not more). Best of all, you can choose from a slew of cheeky phrases for the exterior of the bag, from "Whole Lotto Love" to "For Richer or Poorer." Just a note, lotto tickets are not included in this purchase—you'll need to snag those on your own.

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