Wedding Reception Etiquette: Where to Seat Flower Girl and Ring Bearer at Wedding Reception?


Where do the children who are in the wedding party sit at the wedding reception? Should it be with the bridal party, or with their parents? What if one of their parents is in the wedding party?


Kids (even the flower girl and ring bearer) generally sit with their parents at the reception rather than at the head table. If just one of the child's parents is in the wedding party, then that whole family can be seated at the head table (if the plan can accommodate the extras). In many cases, however, the to-be-weds choose to seat the family elsewhere (like with their friends or other family members), even if the mother is a bridesmaid or the father is a groomsman. Basically, do whatever you think will make the kids (and their parents and you, for that matter) feel most comfortable -- and if you're not sure what that is, just ask them!

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