The Most Expensive and Cheapest Places for a Wedding

Think your wedding was expensive? Here's how it stacks up.
by Justine Lorelle Blanchard
Modern outdoor black and white wedding ceremony
photo by Jana Williams

We asked over 20,000 brides in the U.S. who were married last year to let us in on their wedding budgets. Here's what we learned.

Most Expensive Places to Get Married *
New York City, NY - $46,703
Long Island, NY - $46,628
North/Central New Jersey - $41,636
Hudson Valley, NY - $39,710
Rhode Island - $33,370
Philadelphia, PA - $31,348
Boston, MA - $31,298
Chicago, IL - $30,731
Los Angeles, CA - $30,724
South New Jersey - $29,573

Cheapest States to Get Married *
Arkansas - $11,028
Idaho - $11,556
Utah - $11,765
Kansas - $13,605
Oklahoma - $13,929
Iowa - $14,221
Alaska - $14,387
New Mexico - $15,349
Oregon - $15,370
Kentucky - $15,439

* Average wedding cost, not including the engagement ring or honeymoon.

Respondents were recruited via email invitation from The Knot Wedding Network membership, which represents nearly 80 percent of brides nationwide. Survey respondents represent a variety of ethnic, education, and income levels, and are geographically dispersed.

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