The 43 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Husband, No Matter What He's Into

Add the finishing touches to his gifts with one of these small but sweet options.
The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Husband
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Updated Nov 08, 2023
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While shopping for a great Christmas gift for your husband tends to take up the most time during the holiday season, there's one more thing you need to think about—stocking fillers. Coming up with stocking stuffers for your husband can be a challenge, especially if you've already exhausted your creative abilities on the rest of your holiday shopping. But never fear—here's exactly what to put in your husband's stocking for the perfect Christmas morning treat.

When it comes to gifts for your husband, it's always a good idea to make your picks feel personal—and this is just as important for stocking stuffers as it is for big-ticket items. Think about his various interests and what he would actually use, as well as the size of the gifts. After all, stockings usually aren't very big, and half the fun is how creative small gifts can be. Finally—while it's up to you to set your own budget—keep in mind you'll likely be picking up more than one present to fill his stocking, which can start to add up. We're sharing our top stocking stuffer ideas for every type of husband below, with most picks coming in at $30 or below.

Ready to get started? One scroll through our selection of the best stocking stuffers for your husband and you'll finally be able to cross him off your holiday shopping list.

1. Something for the Beer Lover

Frothing beer stones beer stocking stuffer idea for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If your husband loves the taste of beer straight from the tap, these stones will give his bottled or canned brew a bubbly boost. And, unlike a bulky keg, they'll fit in his stocking! The soapstone nucleators do more than enhance the beer's flavor, though. He can also store them in the freezer and use them as ice cubes to keep his pint cold to the last drop.

2. Something for His Underwear Drawer

A sexy pair of underpants for his Christmas gift
Photo: Lovehoney

Let him know that he's the greatest present of all with these novelty boxers. They'll add a fun (and spicy) twist to your holiday celebrations—just wait until you're home from the family gathering to gift your husband this cheeky stocking stuffer.

3. Something to Challenge His Brain

Brain teaser wooden game stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you need a stocking stuffer idea for the man who has everything (aka your husband, since he has you), you'll have to think outside the box. Thankfully, we've got a great idea for you. This handheld wooden puzzle challenges him to move a ball through a complex maze until it "escapes" and is guaranteed to keep him entertained for ages. Be warned, though: Once you give him this interactive gift, he probably won't be able to put it down.

4. Something for the Chef

Spices from Burlap & Barrel for his Christmas stocking
Photo: Burlap & Barrel

Your husband will want to show off his skills in the kitchen right away when he opens this spicy stocking stuffer. Dubbed the "Weeknight Collection," these versatile spices will add a flavorful kick to a range of dishes, from steak to fish and veggies. The pack of three includes sundried tomato powder, purple stripe garlic and cured sumac for savory seasonings he'll want to keep within reach no matter what he's whipping up.

5. Something for the Mixologist

Cocktail mixers for the perfect holiday gift
Photo: Huckberry

If he's more into mixing drinks than cooking, check out this booze-themed stocking stuffer idea. This barrel-aged mixer is designed especially for Old Fashioned cocktails and comes with the bitters, sugar and orange peel already mixed in. Just remember to stow a bottle of bourbon in his stocking, too, so he can make his favorite cocktail right away.

6. Something He Can Wear

woven belt from Nordstrom for the best holiday gift
Photo: Nordstrom

Finding a gift for husbands who don't want anything can be tricky, but we've come up with the perfect solution: A wearable present he can pair with his favorite pair of jeans is a clear winner in our book—and this trendy belt ticks all the right boxes. Available in four color combos, its woven construction features metallic hardware for a casual style he can wear every day. Roll it up and stash it inside his stocking for a sweet surprise.

7. Something for the Golfer

golf ball shaped ice cubes for the best holiday gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Combine two of your husband's favorite things with this fun stocking stuffer idea. These golf ball-shaped whiskey chillers will keep his drink nice and cold without diluting it. It'll be a thematic addition to his refreshing post-game sip after a day on the green. Bonus: They come in a handy velvet pouch, so you won't need to worry about them rolling out of his stocking.

8. Something for the Sneakerhead

Sneaker cleaning kit stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Gentlemen's Hardware

Did you get him new sneakers for Christmas? Pop this cleaning kit into his stocking so he can keep them looking fresh. It includes a bottle of tough-on-stains cleaning solution, a brush and a cloth—all presented in a retro tin box. Best of all, it's travel-sized, so he can restore his kicks no matter where he wears them.

9. Something Classic for the Holidays

Hot cocoa set for the best Hanukkah gift
Photo: Harry & David

No holiday season is complete without a steaming mug of hot chocolate! If you're searching for a classic stocking stuffer for your husband, you can't go wrong with this flavored cocoa set. Along with traditional milk chocolate, it also has Belgian white chocolate, caramel and peppermint flavored mixes—he just needs to add hot water or milk. Bonus points for the super cute holiday-themed boxes.

10. Something for the Cigar Smoker

Cigar and whiskey glass for the best holiday gift
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

If your husband's favorite way to celebrate milestones is with a full-bodied cigar and a glass of whiskey, we've found the perfect stocking stuffer for him. This handmade glass tumbler is ideal for serving bourbon on the rocks, plus it features a built-in cigar rest to hold his smokes. He'll feel just like an extra out of Mad Men when he unwraps this unusual gift.

11. Something He'll Use a Lot

Multi-tool pen stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Here's a great stocking stuffer idea for your favorite handyman: A five-in-one pen that does much more than an ordinary one. This handy tool boasts a screwdriver, spirit level, ruler and touch-screen stylus to create digital signatures. It's a practical gift that'll serve him well in a pinch, especially since he probably doesn't have his toolbox at the office.

12. Something for His Cold Feet

 Cozy green socks stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: My Face Socks

How about a pair of stockings in his stocking? If your husband is always trying to warm up his cold feet, thick socks are the kind of practical present he needs. These aren't just any pair you can pick up at the store, though—they have your face on them! If you want to be extra cheesy (in a good way), you can add his face too, as a playful nod to your relationship.

13. Something for the Kid in Him

Cool 3D puzzle bike set for the best holiday gift
Photo: Amazon

No, your husband is not too old to receive toys for Christmas, especially as a fun stocking stuffer. This model bike with a sidecar is made from wood and can be completely assembled without glue. That said, it's no easy task to put it together—it can take up to eight hours to finish! It even has a wind-up key so it can actually hit the open road (or, more likely, the living room floor).

14. Something for Your Relationship

Relationship conversations card deck for couples stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: BestSelf Co.

No matter how long you've been with your husband, there's always something more you can learn about each other. Spark new conversations and build deeper connections with this couple's card game which boasts 150 different prompts. It's a creative way to bring something new to cozy date nights in during the holidays and beyond.

15. Something for the Coffee Lover

Grounds & Hounds coffee blend stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Grounds & Hounds

If your husband can't start his morning without a cup of joe, he'll appreciate an extra bag of beans in his stocking. Grounds & Hounds has dozens of coffee flavors in light, medium or dark roasts, so you're sure to find one for your hubby no matter how he likes his brew. They also sell super delicious espresso caramels if you're feeling extra generous. Best of all, a portion of each purchase goes toward helping animals in need.

16. Something for His Daily Commute

YETI tumbler to keep his coffee warm on his commute
Photo: YETI

Shopping for a husband with a hectic commute? YETI's classic tumblers are one of the best stocking stuffers for men. Available in a variety of colors, this trendy mug is splash-resistant and double-wall vacuum insulated to keep his coffee hot for ages. Choose from three sizes for a practical gift he'll be delighted to have on cold winter mornings.

17. Something Hot and Spicy

Spicy hot sauce for the best stocking stuffer
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If your hubby believes spice makes everything better, then you can't go wrong with a set of hot sauces. This tasty trio ranges from medium to extra hot, but that's not all—each bottle has a punny cat-inspired name, like Purry-Purry Sauce and Hiss-y Fit Carolina Reaper Sauce. It's a delicious (and funny) stocking stuffer for any husband who can take the heat.

18. Something for the Music Lover

Upcycled vinyl record coasters stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Add some vintage charm to his record table with these retro coasters. They're made from labels cut from the center of actual vinyl records that are then sealed to prevent moisture from reaching the surface. Each set of six will include a variety of musical genres, making them a great stocking stuffer for music buffs. If he doesn't already know the album, he'll certainly want to look it up.

19. Something for the New Year

Fun Peanuts Charlie Brown and Snoopy calendar for the best Hanukkah gift

A calendar is an excellent stocking stuffer for your husband—and a great way to prepare him for the new year ahead. We especially love this mini wall calendar featuring the iconic Peanuts cartoon strip. Each month is marked with a different illustration and a short quote starting with "Happiness is…" for a cheerful touch. Of course, has hundreds of other options, so you can find one you know your partner will use.

20. Something to Help Him Sleep

Deep Rest sleep mask for a cozy night's sleep
Photo: Amazon

If your husband has a busy schedule, he'll love the gift of a little more sleep. This light-blocking eye mask will help him relax nearly anywhere, whether he's on a long-haul flight or having a lunchtime nap in the office. The contoured cups fit snugly over the eyes, creating the perfect amount of darkness for a restful sleep. It's a great stocking stuffer idea for anyone who works night shifts or travels a lot.

21. Something for His Personal Grooming

Grooming kit from Sephora for the best stocking stuffer
Photo: Sephora

Stocking stuffers for your husband are the perfect way to give him less romantic gifts that he still really needs, like a manicure set. This black vegan leather pouch includes two sets of nail clippers, a cuticle nipper, a nail cleaner and a metal file—basically everything he needs to keep his nails in check. Bonus: Now he won't be borrowing yours all the time.

22. Something for His Travel Kit

Personalized leather travel tags stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: SoGoodSoWood

Planning a few trips in the new year? Slip a luggage tag into your husband's stocking to help him prepare for your upcoming travels. These leather tags come in over a dozen different colors and can be personalized with his name or initials. You'll probably want to buy one for yourself too while you're at it!

23. Something for the Gamer

Gaming organizer for the best Christmas gift
Photo: Kohl's

Married to a regular gamer? If he already has enough games for his favorite console, we've got a great stocking stuffer for him. This four-in-one docking station can quickly charge up to four Nintendo Switch controllers at the same time—meaning he'll be ready for a multiplayer marathon with you and the rest of the family.

24. Something for the Avid Reader

Leather bookmarks for the best holiday gifts
Photo: WestWindCo

If your husband is more into reading than gaming, a personalized bookmark is an excellent stocking stuffer idea. This handmade gift is made from genuine leather and can be engraved with his name, initials or even his favorite literary quote. Choose from a variety of colors for the perfect accompaniment to his next must-read.

25. Something to Carry His Lunch

Convenient lunch box from Stojo for the best holiday present
Photo: Stojo

This cleverly designed lunchbox will fit perfectly in your husband's stocking thanks to its shape-shifting mechanics. It's made of flexible, food-grade silicone with a 24-ounce capacity that collapses into a small rectangle when empty. It also boasts a four-clasp lid with a spill-proof seal and is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

26. Something for the Outdoorsman

Outdoorsy flashlight and radio kit from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Does your husband spend a lot of time outdoors? Here's a practical stocking stuffer for the camping enthusiast in your life. This mini radio can be charged by three power sources—including a hand crank, a solar panel and a built-in li-on battery—making it the perfect accessory for his next adventure. It can also be used as a flashlight and a power bank to charge his phone while he's on the go.

27. Something for the Devoted Dad

Mini photo album key ring for the best stocking stuffer
Photo: TeriCraftsShop

Stocking stuffers for dads are an excellent opportunity to get a bit more sentimental with your gifting. This cool keyring is actually a mini photo album filled with up to 12 photos of your choice. Pick out your favorite family snapshots for a lovely gift he can carry with him when he's traveling for work or away at the office. Add his name or a short message to the leather cover for a thoughtful touch.

28. Something for His Sweet Tooth

Chocolate ornament from Godiva for the best Christmas gift
Photo: Godiva

If there is one thing we know makes a good stocking stuffer for your husband, it's Godiva's chocolate truffles—and these gorgeous candies come in a star-shaped box they can hang on the tree. The set includes 10 individually wrapped sweets (milk and dark chocolate) in festive packaging that's perfect for the holiday season. Trust us, once he gets his hands on these, they definitely won't last too long.

29. Something for the LEGO Fan

Fast & Furious LEGO set for the best holiday gift
Photo: Amazon

LEGO isn't just for kids, you know. If your husband still loves building things with these colorful blocks, this cool set will bring him right back to his childhood. The kit includes over 300 pieces required to make a miniature of the Nissan Skyline GT-R racing car—one of the motors featured in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie. It'll make a fun and surprising addition to his Christmas stocking.

30. Something to Help Him Find Stuff

Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker for keys stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Amazon

Is your S.O. always losing their keys (or their phone or wallet)? Here's a stocking stuffer idea your husband will definitely appreciate. The Tile Mate tracker hooks onto his keys so he can quickly find them the next time they're misplaced. All he has to do is use the corresponding app on his phone for easy locating within a 250-foot range. But that's not all—it also works the opposite way. If he can't find his phone, he can use his Tile Mate on his keys to force it to ring. (Yep, even if it's on silent.)

31. Something for His Beard

Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil from Nordstrom
Photo: Nordstrom

One of our favorite go-to husband stocking stuffers: Grooming essentials. If his morning routine centers around his beard, he'll love this nourishing oil from Kiehl's. It's infused with fresh sandalwood, cedar and eucalyptus essential oils that soften and smooth facial hair. Whether he has slight stubble or a full-grown beard, this oil will help him start the new year feeling extra fresh.

32. Something for the Runner

Fanny pack for the best holiday gifts for runners
Photo: REI

Whether he's a regular on the marathon circuit or a run-around-the-block kind of guy, he'll appreciate this useful stocking stuffer. This adjustable running belt has a main zip compartment with three internal pockets to store his keys, phone, energy gels and whatever else he needs for his morning jog.

33. Something for the Gardener

Seed packets for the gardener in your life
Photo: Terrain

If your husband loves gardening, this stocking stuffer will give him something to look forward to once spring arrives. This three-pack of wildflower seeds will transform your backyard into a magical meadow, providing food and habitats for pollinators like bees and butterflies. It's a thoughtful gift any nature lover will be happy to receive.

34. Something from the Heart

What I Love About You fill-in-the-blanks book stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Knock Knock

A romantic stocking stuffer for your husband is a surefire way onto his nice list. This fill-in-the-blank book is your chance to let him know all the little things you cherish most about him. Just complete each prompt with what you love about him, like his great taste in music or his sweet smile. It can be as sentimental or funny as you want, but either way, it makes a personal keepsake he'll hold onto forever.

35. Something Fun and Festive

Fun novelty tie for the perfect stocking stuffer
Photo: Zazzle

Appeal to his goofy side with this festive novelty tie. It features a cute pattern of dogs wearing sweaters and hats and will make a playful addition to his holiday outfits. Whether he wears it for Christmas dinner or visiting family, it's a fun stocking stuffer your husband can wear this holiday season and beyond.

36. Something He Won't Expect

A piece of coal from Santa Claus for the best Christmas gag gift
Photo: NaughtyListCoalCo

Feel like playing a prank on your husband? Slip a lump of coal into his stocking for a gift he definitely won't expect. This funny stocking stuffer is actually a real piece of coal mined from Pennsylvania and comes in a small canvas bag tied with a candy cane string. It's guaranteed to get a reaction from the joker in your life.

37. Something for the Organizer

planner stocking stuffer for husband
Photo: Papier

If your husband gets a kick out of planning ahead and thinking about the future, he'll love this yearly planner. The hardbound, leather notebook is designed to make planning a breeze. Have the cover personalized with his initials to inspire him to seize the day.

38. Something to Warm His Hands

Gloves from L.L. Bean for the best holiday gift
Photo: L.L. Bean

If you two are hitting the slopes the day after Christmas, he'll get immediate use out of this unique stocking stuffer idea. These warm and cozy liner gloves can be worn alone or under heavier gloves to add extra warmth while he's out skiing. Stretchy and breathable, they're available in three colors: sea green, blue quartz and classic black.

39. Something That Smells Nice

Natural coffee-scented soap from Swanky Badger
Photo: Swanky Badger

When it comes to stocking stuffer ideas for men, we had to include something that smells nice. This pack of natural soaps includes four delicious scents—including Morning Brew, Northern Pine, Citrus IPA and Lumber Scrub—he can incorporate into his daily grooming routine. One of the soaps even features natural pumice that's made for exfoliating, so he can look after his skin and smell amazing at the same time.

40. Something for the Sports Fan

Sports trivia games for the best stocking stuffers
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Your husband may consider himself an expert on his favorite sports franchise, but does he know everything about them? Test his knowledge with this fun trivia set. Each deck of cards has more than 500 questions and little-known facts about sports in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia and beyond. Choose his favorite city for a fun stocking stuffer to entertain him for hours.

41. Something Festive for His Coffee

Customized coffee mug for the best holiday gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

Still wondering what to put in your husband's stocking? This plaid-patterned mug is made for the festive season. Available in red, green or mixed-colored tartan, it can even be personalized with his monogram for a thoughtful touch. It'll add just the right amount of holiday charm to his cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

42. Something for the Serial Snacker

Snacking set for the best stocking stuffer
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Snacks are always great stocking stuffers for guys, especially if you and your hubby have loads of movies lined up for the holidays. This gourmet popcorn set is ideal for a spouse who likes to mix things up and try something new. Instead of butter and salt, he can make two caramel and strawberry-flavored glazes to top his favorite snack. Yum!

43. Something He Can Wear Outside

Knitted beanie from Huckberry for the best holiday gift
Photo: Huckberry

Beanie hats make good stocking stuffers for husbands and will appeal to stylish and practical men alike. This knitted cap is made from a blend of wool, acrylic and nylon and features the Huckberry tag on the brim. Choose from a wide array of colors, including charcoal, navy, rust and bottle green to suit your S.O.'s personal style.

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