24 Vegan Wedding Gifts That Show Just How Much You Care

One-of-a-kind gift ideas that are straight from the heart and good for the earth.
Wooden cutting board with 'Vegan AF' in black type in bottom corner
Kaitlin Stanford
by Kaitlin Stanford
Updated Sep 22, 2021
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If you've just been invited to your first vegan wedding, you might be scratching your head over what to get the happy couple. Allow us to let you in on a little secret, though: Finding the perfect wedding gift for a vegan couple is really no different than shopping for any other unique wedding gift—all it takes is a little extra thought.

For starters, it's important to remember that the soon-to-be newlyweds care about the Earth (and all its creatures) just a little bit more than the average couple. Chances are, they've already planned a fully vegan menu for their big day—which means no meat, fish or dairy—and have made great effort to ensure that every possible detail is cruelty free and responsibly made, right down to the wedding favors.

Veganism is likely a huge part of their everyday lives, too—and not just when it comes to the kind of food that they eat. Strict vegans carefully research both the materials and manufacturing processes behind almost everything that they buy, from skincare and cleaning products to clothing; so it only makes sense that your wedding gift should reflect those same values.

While we always recommend checking out a couple's wedding registry first, there's nothing wrong with looking for a thoughtful gift that reflects a couple's personal interests or beliefs. Keep scrolling for some of the best vegan wedding gifts we've come across that'll definitely leave a lasting impression.

Mark & Graham Vegan Leather Carry-On Set

Faux leather travel set in white with brown accents

Rule number one of shopping for your vegan friends? Steer clear of anything made with real leather. Luckily, there are lots of faux leather alternatives out there, which look and feel just as good as the real thing—and this chic little travel set is no exception. Both pieces are thoughtfully made with high-quality vegan leather that's durable and easy to clean, and can be personalized by adding a sleek foil monogram.

Wildly Inappropriate Vegan AF Cherry Cutting Board

Wooden cutting board with 'Vegan AF' in black type in bottom corner

Warning: This ain't your grandma's cutting board—but honestly, that's kind of why we love it. Made from beautiful cherry wood and engraved with the simple phrase, "Vegan AF," it's the perfect gift for the vegan couple who loves to cook (and also has a great sense of humor).

The Knot Shop Canvas Weekender Travel Bag

Light gray canvas with faux leather straps and blue initial

A roomy tote is a hands-down travel must-have, whether the newlyweds are heading off on a quick road trip or hopping on a flight for their honeymoon. This canvas weekender bag serves as the perfect overnight bag or carry-on and has magnetic snap and zipper closures to keep all essentials inside at all times. It's also made with canvas and faux leather to ensure that it's cruelty free, and can be personalized with either couple's initials.

Pottery Barn Easy Care Organic Sculpted Towels

Shades of gray cotton towels

There's nothing quite like wrapping yourself in the next-level softness of 100% organic cotton, especially when you've just stepped out of the shower. The good news is, these gorgeous bath towels from Pottery Barn have all the luxe softness you want out of a premium towel but are seriously made to last. Each one is specially-woven to dry extra fast and is OEKO-TEX® Certified to ensure it's free from harmful chemicals. Plus, they boast an antimicrobial finish to help prevent the growth of bacteria and keep them feeling fresh.

The Knot Shop Faux Leather Jewelry Travel Organizer

White faux leather jewelry organizer with gold zipper pockets

A jewelry travel organizer is one of those items that no one thinks they really need until they unpack their suitcase and suddenly find all their necklaces in a tangled mess. Hence, the reason why it's such a great gift idea. This beautiful pouch has plenty of compartments inside to keep items stored safely and is made of faux leather, which your vegan friends will appreciate. Plus, personalizing it with their first and last initials will make this piece feel custom and luxe.

Spoonful of Comfort Vegan Gourmet Meal

Vegan gourmet meal kit with rolls, soup and cookies

Can you think of anything better than a basket full of comfort food? (Honestly, we can't.) This thoughtful little bundle comes packed with lots of yummy homestyle favorites—all of which are healthy, hearty, completely plant-based and even gluten-free! You can pair it with other eco-friendly goodies, too, like soy candles, vegan cheeses and even some hand-written vegan recipes to pass along.

Seed + Mill Vegan Halva Trio

Dark chocolate and sea salt halva

Most vegan couples are adventurous eaters by nature, since going completely plant-based can really open a person up to trying new things. But if they haven't tried halva by now, they probably should. The traditional Middle Eastern delicacy is described as a "fudge-like" treat made with tahini, sugar, spices and nuts. (In other words: It's delicious.) This beautiful gift set, made by the New York City-based company Seed + Mill, happens to be 100% vegan, gluten-free and kosher certified, which health-conscious foodies will love.

The Knot Shop Faux Leather Luggage Tag

Light gray vegan leather luggage tag with gold monogram

If the newlyweds love to travel, then having a luggage tag to clearly mark their bags is an absolute must. And, now that they're married, they deserve a matching pair! This sleek set is made from vegan leather and can be monogrammed with their updated initials.

Mark & Graham Monogrammed Wood and Marble Cheese Board

White marble charcuterie board with wooden strip through center and monogram

A cheese board is one of those must-have kitchen items that can make you feel like you've officially entered adulthood. It's great for creating epic charcuterie displays—compelete with yummy vegan cheeses and fruit—for small gatherings, large holidays or even just a date night at home. Made from solid marble with an acacia wood inlay, this beautiful cheese board can even be monogrammed with the newlyweds' initials to make it an heirloom-worthy keepsake.

Boll & Branch Organic Cable Knit Blanket Throw

Light gray cable knit throw blanket

This beautiful cable-knit throw is the perfect staple for any couple's new home. But it's not just pretty to look at. Customers say it feels "silky soft" to the touch, thanks to its 100% organic cotton knit, and love that it's the perfect size for curling up in on the couch. (Plus, because it comes from Boll & Branch, you know it's the good stuff.)

The Little Market Wine Gift Set

Customizable wine bundle with set of recycled wine glasses

When in doubt, choose wine! At The Little Market, you can literally build your own wine gift set to create a thoughtful bundle of eco-friendly gifts that any couple will love. Your gift box will include a bottle of wine of your choosing, along with a pair of recycled wine glasses, a heart-shaped bottle stopper and a coconut-soy wax candle made with essential oils and lovingly crafted by female artisans from underserved communities.

The Knot Shop Vegan Leather Jewelry Box

Vegan leather jewelry box with blue velvet inside and black outside

This vegan leather jewelry box has a minimalist design that's perfect for storing jewelry and other small trinkets inside for safekeeping. Can you change to: There are also plenty of sizes and two-tone color combos to choose from and it can be personalized with the bride or groom's first name or initials.

Our Place Always Pan

Nonstick ceramic cream pan

High-quality cookware is important to any home chef, but for vegan foodies, it's an absolute must. Enter, the Always Pan, which has been called a "cult classic" for a while now (with good reason). Eco-conscious couples will appreciate its non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating and the fact that it's designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware. With each pan, you'll get a nesting beechwood spatula with an integrated spoon rest, a custom stainless steel steamer basket, a modular lid that lets off steam whenever needed and even a pour spout.

Net Zero Co. Zero Waste Baker's Bundle

Nonstick eco-friendly bakeware set in light green and blue colors

If your vegan friends have a sweet tooth, this no-waste bakeware set might be right up their alley. It comes with plenty of nonstick, BPA-free and non-toxic baking tools that are eco-friendly and dishwasher safe, and arrives in waste-free packaging. Just think of all the yummy vegan chocolate and dairy-free ice cream they can whip up with this sweet little bundle. (Is your mouth watering yet?)

Mugsy Mugz Avocado Couple Mug Set

White coffee mugs with avocado graphics and 'And they lived' 'Happily ever after' in black type

Looking for an add-on gift that's a little bit cheeky? This adorable matching mug set is practical yet thoughtful and will definitely give the newlyweds a chuckle whenever they pour their morning coffee.

Cozy Earth Organic Bamboo Sheets

White bamboo bedding set

If you thought organic cotton bedding was soft and luxurious, wait until you feel the supreme coziness of bamboo. This high-quality set from Cozy Earth prides itself on being "the world's softest sheet," which sounds pretty amazing if you ask us. It's made from premium, 100% Viscose from bamboo fabric, is free from all harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic for those with allergy sensitivities. The material is also naturally temperature regulating, which is perfect if either partner runs hot (or cold) in the night.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix blender

A good blender is a kitchen staple for anyone going plant-based since most vegan recipes involve blending various ingredients to make dairy-free alternatives (e.g. using blended cashews to make vegan cheese). When it comes choosing a premium blender, the Vitamix is in a class all its own. While it may not come cheap, this puppy packs a lot of horsepower into its small frame and customers agree it's worth every penny.

The Knot Shop Wood and Faux Leather Keepsake Box with Glass Lid

Wooden and light gray faux vegan box with initial

This modest keepsake box offers gift-givers a great way to turn a simple present into something much more meaningful. Each one can be monogrammed with the bride or groom's initials and filled with various items to add a personal touch.

Cuisinart Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker

Silver metallic Cuisinart ice cream maker

If you've ever had homemade ice cream, then you know that it's next-level good. This all-in-one ice cream maker will let the newlyweds recreate their favorite flavors at home—dairy-free, of course—all with the push of a button. (Pro Tip: Throw in a vegan ice cream recipe book as a companion gift, to help get them started.)

The Homemade Vegan Pantry By Miyoko Schinner

'The Homemade Vegan Pantry' cookbook

This in-depth cookbook will teach vegan home chefs how to go beyond just veggie bowls and green smoothies. Now, they'll be able to whip up delicious pantry staples of their own—like vegan yogurt, bread, cheese and even "bacon"—using vegan recipe substitutes. It's the perfect gift for foodies who want to expand their kitchen skills.

Mark & Graham Herringbone Bordered Linen Napkins

Linen napkins with colored stripes on borders and initial or monogram

These chic linen napkins deserve all the heart eyes and not just because they're totally gorgeous. If your vegan friends are all about the zero-waste lifestyle, then reusable napkin sets are the way to go. These kick it up a notch since they're made from super soft, 100% woven linen and can be embroidered with the newlyweds' new family initials.

Vegancuts Snack Favorites Box

Vegancuts snack box

For the vegan couple that's always on the go, gifting them a box full of quick, vegan-friendly snacks will definitely get two thumbs up. This customizable box comes filled with "fan favorites, high-demand snacks, and some delightful surprises," based on the preferences you put in when ordering.

Bamboo Kitchen Compost Bin

Black and white sleek compost boxes

Composting offers loads of great benefits for the environment, which is why so many vegans make it a priority. According to the EPA, whenever organic food waste builds up in landfills among other garbage, it produces large amounts of methane gas (a highly potent greenhouse gas). But by collecting excess food scraps at home in one of these handy compost bins, it can be turned into reusable soil—thereby cutting down on methane gas emissions. (Pretty cool, huh?)

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