13 Genius Places To Hang A Wedding Garland

Garland wedding decor: Steve Steinhardt / TheKnot.com
Photo by Steve Steinhardt

Garlands are a romantic and natural addition to your wedding day flower plans. The leafy green cords make a lush statement when strung across a ceremony arch, wound around an outdoor chandelier or draped across the bride and groom's chairs at the reception. Tip: For an all-green rustic look ask your florist for sturdy plants like eucalyptus, ferns or bay leave, and for a more delicate and colorful approach request floral strands of mums, Baby's Breath or roses. See the 14 genius places where you can hang a garland at your wedding below!

With Flowers As A Ceremony Backdrop

Garland wedding decor: Teale Photography / TheKnot.com

Teale Photography

From the album: A Romantic Country Wedding in Nashville, TN

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From the album: A Retro Island Wedding in Lanai, HI

Garland wedding decor: The Nichols Photography / TheKnot.com

The Nichols Photography

From the album: A Romantic Outdoor Wedding in Austin, TX

From Trees At Your Indoor Ceremony Venue

Garland wedding decor: Shire Weinberger Photography / TheKnot.com

Shire Weinberger Photography

From the album: A Glamorous Wedding in New York, NY

Down The Aisle At Your Ceremony

Garland wedding decor: Birds of a Feather Photography / TheKnot.com

Birds of a Feather Photography

In An Artful Escort Card Display

Garland wedding decor: Meg Ruth Photo / TheKnot.com

Meg Ruth Photo

Across The Mantle AtYour Cocktail Hour

Garland wedding decor: Joyeuse Photography / TheKnot.com

Joyeuse Photography

From the album: A French Countryside Wedding in Taneytown, MD

Over Your Outdoor Reception Tables

Garland wedding decor: Elizabeth Messina / TheKnot.com

Elizabeth Messina

From the album: A Romantic Outdoor Wedding in Mandeville Canyon, CA

Around An Outdoor Chandelier

Garland wedding decor: Eilas Photography / TheKnot.com

Eilas Photography

From the album: A Vintage Pastel Wedding in Franklin, TN

Around A Trellis Ceiling In Your Reception Tent

Garland wedding decor: Oggi Photo / TheKnot.com

Oggi Photo

From the album: A Country Garden Wedding in Newport, RI

Garland wedding decor:  data-verified=Elizabeth Messina / TheKnot.com" data-photo-credit="" class="xo-article-image">

Liz Banfield Photography

From the album: A Laid-Back Low-Country Chic Wedding in Charleston, SC

Across The Sweetheart Table

Garland wedding decor: Steve Steinhardt / TheKnot.com

Steve Steinhardt

On The Backs Of The Bride And Groom's Chairs

Garland wedding decor: Aaron Delesie / TheKnot.com

Aaron Delesie

From the album: An Elegant island Wedding in Maui, HI

Garland wedding decor: Holland Photo Arts / TheKnot.com

Holland Photo Arts

From the album: An Elegant Spring Wedding in Charlottesville, VA

Garland wedding decor: Samuel Lippke Studios / TheKnot.com

Samuel Lippke Studios

From the album: A Romantic Secret Garden Styled Shoot

Along the Walls Of Your Casual Outdoor Reception Venue

Garland wedding decor: Zac Wolf Photography / TheKnot.com

Zac Wolf Photography

From the album: An Intimate Green Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

Draped Across Tall Centerpieces

Garland wedding decor: Studio 306 / TheKnot.com

Studio 306

From the album: A Modern Wedding at Le Meridien in Minneapolis, MN

Around the Cake And Dessert Table

Garland wedding decor: One Love Photography / TheKnot.com

One Love Photography

Garland wedding decor: Riverland Studios / TheKnot.com

Riverland Studios

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