The Freshest 2024 Wedding Decor Trends You're About to See Absolutely Everywhere

Make your day stand out with the latest and greatest decor trends.
collage of 2024 wedding decor trends
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Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
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Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
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Updated Nov 29, 2023

Wedding decor trends are always changing. While this creates an onslaught fresh and creative ideas to consider for your wedding, it can be hard to know what's hot and what's not. Want to learn about the latest and greatest wedding decor concepts for 2024 that'll make your wedding an out-of-this-world wonder? You've come to the right place. We spoke with 14 expert wedding pros about new 2024 wedding decor trends that are sure to make you swoon.

A commonality between all the freshest, hottest wedding decoration trends of 2024 is that they're all about customization and enhancing the experience. Your wedding day is yours to plan and while these trends are popular with many couples, they all challenge to-be-weds to think outside the box and embrace personalization. Don't believe us? Peruse the wedding decor trends 2024 has to offer below to see what's buzzy right now. Whether you're having a destination wedding or staying local, keep the guest list small or going big, no matter what you're planning—there's a way to bring these 2024 wedding decor trends to life for your nuptials.

Well, what is trending in wedding decor in 2024? Our pros agree–these are the fresh ideas of the here and now. Check out the trending wedding decor of 2024:

1. Bold, Yet Refined Use of Color

2024 wedding color trends
Left: Chellise Michael Photography, Modern Kicks, Ailish Floral,Middle: Janey Pakpahan Photography, Brooke Nicole Events, Noonan's Wine Country Designs, Lovelyfest,Right: Emily Loeppke Photography, Array Creative Design, Coco Rose Design

We're starting off strong with bold colors as a wedding decor trend for 2024. "I'd be remiss not to coin 2024 as the 'Year of Color,'" says Stefanie Skelley of Reverie Social. Alyssa Pettinato of Alinato Events agrees: "We are definitely diving back into color in 2024." Over the last few years, we've seen weddings move away from simple white-and-green palettes to bold kaleidoscopes of color. And while the move toward punchier hues isn't going away, we are seeing more thoughtfulness and refinement with the use of color.

Skelley goes on to add that color palettes are evolving to "strike the perfect balance– enough color to add visual intrigue, but subtle enough to remain elevated and sophisticated." Couples are no longer including "color just for the sake of color," explains Josh Spiegel of Birch Event Design. Spiegel explains that his clients are pushing the boundaries with color, "but in a much more intentional way."

2. Hanging Wedding Decor

2024 hanging decor wedding trends
Left: Clary Pfieffer Photography, Ann Travis Events, Katie Wachowiak,Middle: Rene Zadori Photography, Andrea Eppolito Events, Javier Valentine Floral,Right: Binita Patel Photography, K. Kerkorian Events, Reverie Social

If you want to know what is on-trend for wedding decor in 2024, you need to look up. Unique hanging installations are one of the latest trends with wedding reception decorations. Emily Coyne of Emily Coyne Events says that the couples who hire her company are loving dramatic ceiling installations, especially over the dance floor. "They invoke an incredible wow favor and create a big impact."

The pro goes on to note that this 2024 wedding decor trend is translating into "increased requests for lush hanging florals paired with beautiful lighting fixtures." Wedding decor doesn't have to be limited to tabletops—take your imagination to new heights and bringing guests' gaze upward.

3. Utilization of Non-Floral Elements

non-floral 2024 wedding decor trend
Left: Flora + Fauna, Moana Belle Events, Mei Day,Middle: Calen Rose, Le Petit Privé, Arizmendi Events,Right: Stetten Wilson, Amorology, Native Poppy

    Did you know that your decorative arrangements and centerpieces aren't limited to flowers alone? According to the latest trends in wedding decor, non-floral elements, like fruit, is the popular way to go. According to XO Moreau's Alex Moreau, "Couples are favoring more creative floral arrangements, diverse greenery, and other unique elements to inject their celebrations with an individual and lively flair."

    When asked about this 2024 wedding decor idea, Xin Huang of Le Petit Privé shared that they are experiencing more requests for "abstract structural floral pieces that look like works of art. Lots of interest in using fruits and veggies to add dimension and texture." One reason Huang is such a fan of this trending wedding decor is because it allows "for our minds to open up about what decor items are."

    Likewise, Melissa Andre of MAD Co. likes the creative freedom that using non-floral elements provide. "When you're using a natural element like flowers, you are limited by the varieties by seasonality, geography and what Mother Nature has to offer. [This trend] gives us a whole new range of potential designs." Andre notes, lightheartedly, that the only thing stopping couples is that they might just need to broaden their decor vendor search to hire a painter or a carpenter.

    4. Residential- and Restaurant-Inspired Wedding Design

    Residential and restaurant inspired wedding decor, 2024 wedding decor trends
    Left: Emily Loeppke Photography, Array Creative Design, Theoni Collection,Middle: Sposto Photography, Amorology, Folklore, Layered Vintage,Right: Ledia Tashi Photography, John Campbell Events and Design, Swag Decor

      When it comes to wedding decor ideas 2024 has in store, Laura Ritchie of Grit & Grace is "really excited about residential and restaurant touches." Diana Lin of Cóllectives by Diana is also excited about residential and restaurant vibes to infiltrate wedding decoration trends in 2024.

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      So what exactly does this wedding trend for 2024 decor involve? Ritchie notes that it's characterized by "intimate and thoughtful details you might see at a high end restaurant like table lamps, luxurious menus and unique chairs." For Lin, who works both as an interior designer and a wedding planner, she shares how she's "always blurred the lines between the two. It's about creating an environment that's comfortable and welcoming yet beautiful. You want to create an intimate space to gather. As such, it's not surprising that people are leaning into residential wedding decor."

      While Ritchie and Lin are seeing this trend with weddings on the East Coast (they're based in VA and NY, respectively), it's also permeated 2024 wedding decor trends on the West Coast. California-based Heather Balliet of Amorology Weddings is leaning into creating outdoor "pop-up restaurant" vibes with "lots of cozy lounges, warm lighting and structures that give definition to the space."

      Renee Patrone Rhinehart of Events by Renee likes to refer to this trend as "dinner party weddings" because of the intimacy and personality this new wedding decor trend brings to events. It's all about "incorporating residential touches can give a feeling of entertaining like you would at home. It's personal and makes a wedding feel more intimate," says Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events.

      Paying extra attention to tablescapes is a key part of brining this latest wedding decor trend to life. Gainey suggests couples focus on carefully selected dishware, chargers, glassware and menu cards. The pro goes on to explain that, in the past, couples may have treated these kinds of details as an afterthought. However, paying special attention to them can take a wedding from "standard to designer." Balliet is also keen on leaning into creative linens to bring this new wedding decor idea to life in 2024. "Pattern play and color with both linens and napkins is always a fun touch," she says.

      5. Trendy Lighting Wedding Decor

      2024 trendy lighting wedding decor
      Left: Ledia Tashi Photography, John Campbell Events and Design, Kaleidoscope Floral,Middle: Perry Vaile Photography, Grit & Grace, Em Creative Floral, Curated Events, EventWorks,Right: Calen Rose, Le Petit Privé, Arizmendi Events

        Lighting is certainly part of nailing the residential 2024 wedding decor trend. But beyond that, lighting is a fresh wedding decoration trend on its own. Pettinato notes that she is seeing couples embracing heavy usage of candles for mood lighting.

        "People are leaning into more unique lighting," she says. The pro even had a bride who imported special candles from Oaxaca for a unique finishing touch. "We're going to see more focus on little details like this," she says.

        Rhinehart likes when couples focus on lighting because it is a "great way to incorporate your unique style to your wedding design."

        6. Embracing Curvature in Wedding Decor

        curvature 2024 wedding decor trends
        Left: Benny Barrett for MAD Co.,Middle: Janey Pakpahan Photography, Brooke Nicole Events, Noonan's Wine Country Designs, Lovelyfest,Right: Chellise Michael Photography, Modern Kicks, Ailish Floral

          Things are getting a little wiggly with the latest trends in wedding decor for 2024. From squiggly signage to curved ceremony aisles, couples are thinking outside the box, literally, and grooving with curvature.

          Spiegel shares that "asymmetrical and non-traditional aisles" are a major new wedding decor trend for 2024. He sees an increase in couples playing with shape, color, and pathways. Additionally, Coyne loves the shift toward embracing a mix of table shapes because it "creates a lot of visual interest in the reception space."

          7. Flower-Packed Ceremony Decor

          Floral 2024 wedding decor trend
          Left: Dee Myers Photography, Engaged With Nora LLC, Merkels Floral Studio,Middle: Rene Zadori Photography, Andrea Eppolito Events, Javier Valentine Floral,Right: Mir Anwar Studios, Tropical Occasions & Mountain Occasions, Prashe Decor

            "The use of an abundant amount of florals" is one of the notable wedding decor trends 2024 has to offer according to Kristen Gosselin of KG Events. Pettinato concurs that unique ceremony flowers are having their moment with 2024 wedding decor. The pro shares that couples are thinking outside of the box and are moving away from traditional wedding arches. "We are going a little bit more grand with the aisle decor," she says.

            Gosselin is a fan of flower-packed ceremonies because of the way that "blossoms can control your guest's focal point. In an outdoor ceremony setting, there can be a myriad of things that catch your guest's gaze. However, incorporating large floral displays can draw your guest's attention back to where you want their focal point to be."

            And one of the best parts about this latest trend in wedding decor? It can be customized in countless ways. Coyne is seeing increased requests for potted florals. Meanwhile, Pettinato notes that it's fun when couples place florals atop pedestals at the altar. And that's not all—Huang's couples are reimaging ceremony flower arrangements by "venturing into full floor installations including large bushes." In yet another interpretation of the flower-packed ceremony trend, Ritchie loves "seeing a ceremony in the round with low floral to encircling the couple."

            Moral of the story? This epic trending wedding decor idea for 2024 can work for just about any couple and any ceremony.

            8. Highly Thematic Welcome Parties (to Contrast the Wedding Vibe)

            Themed wedding welcome parties, 2024 wedding decor trends
            Left: Perry Vaile Photography, Grit & Grace,Middle: Ryan Greenleaf Photography, Karson Butler Events, Skyview Los Alamos,Right: Logan Cole Photography, Details, Darling, Wildhouse Ink, Found Rentals

              How do prewedding events affect the decor trends we're seeing for 2024 weddings? Here's the thing—if couple's want to have multiple events, they're going to want each to feel unique and distinct. So that means that a couple's chosen wedding aesthetic is going to have a strong bearing on what they do or don't do ahead of the big day. Enter: highly thematic welcome parties.

              Couples are embracing exponential personalization through themed welcome parties. Maybe they're planning a more timeless, sophisticated main event. Then, in contrast, they decide to get a little quirky with a thematic kick-off. Sounds like fun to us!

              Ritchie shares that "Themed welcome receptions definitely seem to be staying the course and while initially I thought the trend would peter out, its seems to only be getting more involved. A welcome reception to kick off a wedding weekend is a great way to insert in some personality and get super thematic. Western welcomes, beachy clam bakes and rooftop disco dens will persevere." Gosselin agrees, adding that this unique wedding decor trend "offers your guests a fun, non-traditional experience to break up the wedding weekend in the best way. Ditching the traditional cocktail-style welcome party for a themed party allows your guests an interactive and engaging experience. With a themed after party, it provides a surprise element for your guests."

              9. More is More Maximalist Wedding Decor

              Maximalist 2024 wedding decor trends
              Left: Ledia Tashi Photography, John Campbell Events and Design, Swag Decor, Kaleidoscope Floral,Middle: Khaki Bedford, Hudson Valley Ceremonies, Dripped on Productions,Right: M, Hart Photography, Luna Design Studio

                When asked what reception decor trends are on the rise, Moreau answered emphatically that she is seeing a shift toward a "maximalist design approach!" Andre agrees, noting that couples are moving away from the very minimalist aesthetics characterized by lots of black accents.

                "Maximalism is characterized by an abundance of colors, prints, and styles," says Moreau. "It thrives on the principle of 'more is more,' embracing boldness, richness, and diversity in visual elements. In weddings, maximalism translates into using vibrant and varied color palettes, mixing different patterns and textures, and combining various decor styles to create a rich, layered, and visually stimulating environment. It's about breaking traditional norms and embracing a bold, expressive aesthetic that captures attention and personality."

                10. An Upscale Take on The American West

                Upscale western wedding decor, 2024 wedding decor trends
                Left: Carlie Statsky, Downey Street Events, This Humble Abode, Santa Lucia Preserve,Middle: Kami Arant, Kindred Weddings and Events,Right: Megan Robinson Photography, Michelle Leo Events, Wild Flora, Diamond Event & Tent

                  Step aside boho, there's a new look in town. Western wedding ideas are popular right now. A Western wedding isn't quite a rustic wedding and it isn't quite a country wedding. Instead, the idea centers on elevated takes on Western vibes. Think: cowhide patterns, lots of texture and modern neutral colors. A Western wedding is more likely to be hosted in a meadow under a tent with the Grand Tetons in the background rather than at a rustic barn with burlap decor.

                  "The Western aesthetic is definitely rising," says Sneh Diwan of Diwan by Design. "With fringe coming back into fashion, it's being translated into decor. We see couples creating fun experiences that fit into the Western aesthetic: themed drinks, Western music and even interactive stations (guests picking out their own cowboy hats and accessories)."

                  When it comes to Western wedding decorations, a big component is leaning into dried wedding flowers and foliage within floral arrangements and lots of mixed materials. From leather to wood to iron, you can build depth in your wedding design by rethinking which materials you utilize.

                  11. Metallic Disco Wedding Decor

                  Metallic disco wedding decor ideas, 2024 wedding decor trends
                  Left: Cloud Craft Studios, Ashley Nicole Affair, Disco Flair Rentals,Middle: LA76 Photography, Event Design by Marianna Idirin, Warehouse Rentals,Right: Ledia Tashi Photography, John Campbell Events and Design, DJ Amber Valentine, Kaleidoscope Floral

                    Ready to hit the dance floor with a disco wedding? Now is your chance. Retro and disco-themed weddings are a trend that began in the '70s and have circled back for a second time. The best way to bring this to life is through the inclusion of plenty of metallic and mirrored details.

                    Diwan loves the idea of a disco theme for a welcome party. "Disco is always a vibrant theme to keep for the welcome party or other prewedding events. With so many ways to emulate disco, such as sequins, prismatics, and bold florals, it can be freshened up by tying in unique elements that are personal to the couple."

                    12. Paying Special Attention to the Bars

                    Wedding bar ideas, 2024 wedding decor trends
                    Left: Stetten Wilson, Amorology, Backup Backdrops, Form Decor, Folklore,Middle: LA76 Photography, Event Design by Marianna Idirin, Warehouse Rentals,Right: Perry vaile Photography, KG Events

                      You heard it here first folks, custom bar fronts and highly decorated bars are the new escort card wall display.

                      Why the emphasis on bars? Spiegel notes that as "the most high-traffic area of many receptions, focal bars and custom designs are making their way to the top of the list of decor must haves."

                      Get to Know Our Wedding Decor Trends Experts

                      It's true: vendors are the backbone of weddings. They also keep us in the know about the latest and greatest trends as they've evolving. Here's a look at the knowledgeable wedding experts we tapped for wedding decor insights.

                      • Alex Moreau of XO Moreau: Alex Moreau is the owner and lead planner of Austin-based XO Moreau. The pro was also recently recongized as part of the 2023 cohort of The Knot Ones to Watch.
                      • Alyssa Pettinato of Alinato Events: Alyssa Pettinato is the owner of Alinato Events, a wedding planning company based in New York City and Miami. Her company was recognized in The Knot Best of Weddings 2023.
                      • Diana Lin of Cóllectives by Diana: Diana Lin is a New York-based wedding planner and owner of Cóllectives by Diana. With a background in real estate and interior design, she brings a keen design- and architecture-oriented eye to the events she crafts.
                      • Emily Coyne of Emily Coyne Events: Emily Coyne is a San Francisco-based wedding planner with more than a decade of experience. The CWEP-certified planner's eponymous company creates stunning weddings all along the California coast.
                      • Heather Balliet of Amorology: Heather Balliet, a wedding industry veteran with an impressive 20+ years of experience, is the owner of Amorology, a California-based event design firm. Heather and her team are known for their keen eye for design and ability to personalize events in inventive ways.
                      • Josh Speigel of Birch Event Design: Josh Spiegel is the Creative Director of Birch Event Design, a New York-based event design firm he founded more than 16 years ago. With the help of Daylen Rivera, a member of his talented team of designers, Birch has produced an impressive 3,000+ events to date.
                      • Kristen Gosselin of KG Events: Kristen Gosselin is the owner of New England-based KG Events, a luxury event planning company whose client list includes President Barack Obama, Spike Lee and Seth Meyers.
                      • Laura Ritchie of Grit & Grace: Based near Washington, DC, wedding planner Laura Ritchie has owned Grit & Grace for more than 14 years. The pro plans high-touch events all over the world and is renowned for pushing the boundaries of design and creating ingenious events.
                      • Melissa Andre of MAD Co.: Melissa Andre is a California-based celebrity event planner and owner of Melissa Andre Design Company, which she founded in 2007. The expert's notable client list includes the likes of Victoria Beckham, Shaquille O'Neal and DJ Khaled.
                      • Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events: With over 18 years of experience, Lemiga Events owner Michelle Gainey is a sought-after Atlanta-based wedding planner. In addition to planning luxury weddings for couples, the pro has worked with top-level brands ranging from Pepsi to Ulta.
                      • Renee Patrone Rhinehart of Events by Renee: In addition to opening Events by Renee in 2007, Philadelphia-based wedding expert Renee Patrone Rhinehart has owned staffing agency Party Host Helpers since 2012 and understands the importance of staffing when it comes to pulling off a flawless event. The expert regularly speaks on news shows around the US to share her event insights.
                      • Sneh Diwan of Diwan by Design: Sneh Diwan is the owner and Creative Director of Diwan by Design, a full-scale planning and design company based in New Jersey. She is renowned for the opulent productions she creates that are as expansive as they are detail-oriented.
                      • Stefanie Skelley of Reverie Social: Stefanie Skelley is the Director of Business Development for Reverie Social, a Massachusetts-based linen rental company that offers a broad range of tabletop linens for weddings and events.
                      • Xin Huang of Le Petit Privé: Xin Huang is the owner of New York-based wedding planning and design company Le Petit Privé. The expert was notably recently honored in the 2023 cohort of The Knot Ones to Watch.
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