How to Plan a Ski Wedding With Elegant Alpine Vibes

Say "I do" on the slopes.
Sarah Title - Bridal Fashion & Shopping Expert.
Sarah Title
Sarah Title - Bridal Fashion & Shopping Expert.
Sarah Title
Bridal Fashion & Shopping Expert
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Updated Mar 19, 2024

Beaches and warm weather are great and all, but what about all the snow bunnies out there who love to ski? Then a ski wedding is the perfect option for you. There are plenty of options for you to share your passion for winter adventures with your loved ones. In fact, some of the most stunning wedding pictures are ski wedding photos. Pulling off a ski wedding isn't the most logistically easy thing, but luckily The Knot Vendor Marketplace is full of pros who are ready and willing to help you every step of the way. We also tapped a few experts to cover all the things you should consider if you're thinking of having a ski mountain wedding.

What Is a Ski Wedding?

A ski wedding is a wedding that takes place at a ski resort or mountain. Whether you love the great outdoors or skiing is something special you and your partner do together, a ski mountain is a breathtaking place to say "I do".

Ski Wedding Venue Considerations

Since a lot of things can potentially go wrong at a ski mountain wedding, you'll want to find a venue that you can trust to handle whatever comes your way. From coordinating the mountaintop vows to managing guests and dealing with unexpected weather, knowing you have a reliable team to handle it all is incredibly important. Not sure where to start? Head to The Knot Vendor Marketplace to find your dream ski wedding venue.

How Much Does a Ski Wedding Cost?

While the average cost of a wedding right now is around $35,000, the cost of a wedding depends on your guest count, so the more people you invite, the more it'll cost. However, when it comes to a ski wedding there are factors like weather that come into play. "The price range is so wide from DIY venues to all inclusive hotels just like anywhere, but oftentimes there are added costs to mountain weddings due to logistics and special requirements, even weather," explains Caroline Adeux-Diamond, owner and lead planner at La Vie Adeux Events in Vail, Colorado.

Find your kind of venue

From barns to ballrooms, discover reception venues that feel like you.

When It Comes to Decor, Consider the Weather

While things like arches and candles are classic wedding decor items, they may not work as well for a ski mountain wedding. "I personally don't encourage full arches as our mountains are beautiful as they are," recommends Adeux-Diamond. "But the wind can be a serious challenge for these structures. Candles are another area of consideration as so many couples love al fresco weddings but candles usually do not stay lit outside."

When it comes to choosing your wedding colors, don't be afraid to go bold. While white and icy silver are commonly featured at ski weddings, rich jewel tones will pop against the fallen snow.

Figure Out Transportation

Another important consideration of ski resort weddings is transportation. "People are used to Ubers and taxis (or even being able to drive to the venue if they're not drinking)," says Adeux-Diamond. "But in the mountains these services are hardly ever reliable so unless everyone and everything is in the same place, it is typically recommended to offer transportation from central locations. Guests don't always realize they cannot drive up a mountain to park."

Expect the Unexpected (Weather)

Weather is a major concern for any outdoor wedding, but dealing with a snowy ski mountain makes things particularly challenging. "Mother Nature does what she wants," says Adeux-Diamond. "The most important is to have a backup plan you are actually ok with using if needed, making sure guests are dressed appropriately and having clear umbrellas never hurts!" If you're having a winter wedding the temps are likely going to be very low. Be sure to put information on your website about the dress code and recommend layers, hats, gloves, etc. if that's the case.

Be Strategic About Wedding Photos

One of the perks of having a ski mountain wedding? Super unique ski wedding photos. Let your photographer know early on if you want action shots of the two of you shredding on your wedding day. There are a lot of considerations that go into capturing these photos, but the payoff will definitely be worth it (and think of all the captions you can use when posting your ski wedding pics!).

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