The 2023 Wedding Party Gift Trends That'll Make Your Shopping Easier

From proposal gifts to thank-you presents, here's what to buy for your squad.
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Updated Dec 21, 2022
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Congratulations, you're getting married! Let the wedding gifts start flooding in, amirite? Of course, while you think about what you want to receive from your registry, you should also start planning what you want to give. Gifts for your wedding party—whether they be for the proposal or as a thank-you (or both)—are a great way to show your appreciation. Being a bridesmaid or groomsman is no small responsibility, so a present—big or small—lets them know you value their love, support and commitment. But what do you buy to express such an important message?

Across all aspects of wedding planning, there has been a recent shift in thinking. Dani Blasena, Owner and Creative Director of the planning and design studio HauteFêtes Fine Weddings, notes, "One of the silver linings of COVID is the emphasis it put on personalizing weddings and adding sentimental touches and details to enhance the guest experience." And this couldn't be more true for wedding party gift trends. While ever-popular gifts like alcohol-related presents will never go out of style, couples are spending more time brainstorming meaningful ideas that'll be cherished long after the big day. As such, the major gifting themes of 2023: customized and reusable. Keep reading to learn more about this year's top wedding party gifts to show your nearest and dearest a little love.

1. Something Just for Them

If there's one wedding party gift trend that can't be emphasized enough, it's personalized presents. According to The Knot's wedding party gifts research from the summer of 2022, 62% of respondents purchased personalized gifts for their crew. This number is only expected to rise in 2023. It's not just adding wedding roles to T-shirts anymore though. Couples are tailoring items to each individual and monogrammed gifts are one of the easiest ways to do this.

Jamie Kutchman Wynne, Founder and CEO of gifting service Marigold & Grey, stresses: "Adding the bridesmaids' and groomsmen's names to the gifts is huge! So, whether it be adding it to a wine tumbler for the group to enjoy while getting ready on the morning of the wedding or personalizing the gift tags and note cards that accompany the gift boxes themselves, having the recipients' names on the gifts has become a must!"

But names aren't the only way to personalize gifts. Some couples choose a thank-you gift "theme" then customize the theme to each person. That might mean going the sports route and buying gifts related to everybody's favorite teams. You could also shop for horoscope candles or gemstone accessories tailored to your loved ones' birthdays.

Lastly, you don't have to get everybody the same thing anymore (though you should still try to budget the same amount for everyone). Think of gifts that reflect each individual's personality and interests or even your unique friendship. No matter what you choose, personalized gifts are a standout idea to make every member of your wedding party feel extra special and seen.

2. Practical Presents They'll Really Reuse

One of the biggest trends we're seeing for gifts and favors is that couples and their wedding party want things that can actually be reused. While couples tend to give out multiple presents, they're also adopting the concept that less is more. They're choosing products for their quality and longevity, even if that means buying fewer items. For instance, "We do see a slight shift towards jewelry that can be worn not just on the wedding weekend but pieces that stand the test of time long after the wedding is over. So, think really nice watches and classic, higher-priced bracelets that have widespread appeal," says Wynne. Blasena echoes this sentiment, stating, "There's a trend towards purchasing something that individuals can use even after the vows are read. Personally, I love the idea of buying one sentimental, lasting gift." When shopping for groomsmen and bridesmaids, think of each gift's shelf life. Will they and can they use it in their everyday life?

3. Cute and Cozy Loungewear

Getting-ready outfits are another wedding party gift idea that'll never go out of fashion. Of the couples surveyed by The Knot who purchased clothes for their wedding party, 29% chose robes and another 22% chose pajamas. However, the style of these garments is changing. Wynne predicts pajamas that read "bridesmaid" and "maid of honor" on the back are out, and "really classic, timeless pajama sets that will be worn for years to come" are in! Think simple silk sleepwear or matching sweat sets. And if you want them personalized, as previously mentioned, add each of their names instead of their wedding titles.

4. Unique Sweets and Sips

According to The Knot's survey, alcohol and candy are couples' top edible gift ideas for their wedding party—and this trend is expected to keep going in 2023. (We certainly don't know anyone who would turn down a bottle of wine or gourmet chocolate!) Of course, like with other gift trends on our list, to-be-weds are adding an extra-personal touch. Custom liquor bottles are rising in popularity. Think label stickers edited with names, dates, locations and even short messages. Or, as Blasena recounts, "One bride gifted her bridesmaids bottles of champagne that were hand-painted with designs that matched her wedding stationery." Sweets can be specially ordered for the occasion as well. Sugarfina, for instance, has a candy bento box filled with Champagne Bears, Champagne Bubbles and Pink Diamonds; the box asks recipients to join your wedding party. Alternatively, you can choose a unique assortment of gummies and chocolates for each group member. Bonus points if you pair a drink and sweet treat together!

5. Self-Care for Everyone

Another emerging trend we can partially thank the pandemic for: the priority of mental and emotional wellness. While the couple themselves are often spoiled with self-care gifts, Wynne suggests that there's a movement for the entire wedding party to get a little R&R too. We're seeing "a shift towards gifts that offer luxury self-care items and/or focus on mindfulness and calm. Like spa boxes or meditation boxes," she says. Beauty-related gifts like lotions and bath salts are a popular choice among females, according to The Knot's research. Our opinion? Personal care items make an especially great thank-you gift for your wedding party since they can use them to relax after all the festivities are over.

6. Double-Duty Packaging

This 2023 wedding party gift trend encourages you to think about the box. According to The Knot's recent survey, 43% of males and 63% of females give their wedding party multiple gifts together in a box or bag—and now they're making the container an integral part of the present. Wooden boxes, canvas totes or Dopp kits are all great packaging ideas that won't be thrown away. Wynne's suggestion? A bandbox. "Custom linen-covered hat boxes are a popular vessel choice for custom bridal party gifts since there's a very high likelihood that the bridesmaids will use them as a beautiful storage option in their homes after the wedding has come and gone," she explains. How fancy?

7. The Gift of Covered Costs

It's no secret that being a bridesmaid or groomsman can be expensive. Between all the prewedding shenanigans, day-of clothes and accessories, and any travel bills and stay accommodations, weddings can add up. And while your loved ones are certainly happy to serve, they'll be even happier if some of those costs are covered. For instance, treat your squad to a meal and drinks at the bach party, pay for your bridal party's beauty services before the wedding, or buy each person one of their day-of fashion accessories. If you're looking for something to wrap and hand over, let them know exactly which cost they don't have to worry about in a thoughtful card.

8. Wedding Party Proposal Celebrations

Bridesmaids and groomsmen cheering at a dinner party
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Experience gifts aren't just for the to-be-weds, wedding parties love quality time too! "In addition to giving a gift or token of appreciation, now we're also seeing our brides and grooms create special moments and celebrations for their wedding party—such as putting on a fun dinner party or organizing a spa day—in order to pop the question," Blasena says. In-person asks are preferred by females and males according to The Knot's wedding party gift survey. A proposal party lets them check off the to-do in a particularly unique and fun manner that'll make their nearest and dearest feel even more appreciated. Plus, their wedding party will get some exclusive time to get to know each other if they don't already—which is important before they start working together on planning tasks!

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