20 Thoughtful Groomswoman Gifts for Her Unique Role in Your Wedding

Say "thanks" to your crew's leading lady.
Four groomswoman gifts: best woman pin, earrings, best woman mug, groomswoman card
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Updated Feb 07, 2024
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Never mind traditional wedding rules. These days, groomswomen, bridesmen and best people are becoming common roles on both sides of the aisle. Regardless of who's in your wedding party and what their title is, everyone deserves a gift of appreciation. Shopping for groomswoman gifts is just like shopping for groomsmen gifts: You want to find something that's thoughtful and perhaps practical—and some personalization never hurts. These carefully selected groomswoman and best woman gifts ensure she'll feel like a cherished member of your crew throughout the entire celebration. Picture her unwinding after the party with a soothing scented candle or crafting her own signature cocktails using a golf club-shaped jigger. And for those buying traditional cuff links for their groomsmen, fear not—we've picked out pretty baubles for your girl best friend or sister to complete her own formal ensemble. Discover more gift ideas below that offer the perfect way to say both "Will you be my groomswoman?" and "Thank you!"

1. "Will You Be My Groomswoman?" Card

"Will you be my groomswoman?" card
Photo: eFowCreations

Choosing your wedding party is a special moment, and when it comes to inviting a groomswoman to stand by your side, a personalized touch goes a long way. This "Will you be my groomswoman?" card has a minimalist design and blank interior, so you can fill it with your own words about why you want her to be a part of your special day. You can give it by itself or as the finishing touch to a proposal gift box.

2. Can't Say "I Do" Without You Gift Box

Knack groomswoman gift box
Photo: Knack

Stumped on what to get as a groomswoman or best-woman proposal gift? Let Knack help you out. They have dozens of premade gift boxes, including this charming one for wedding party members. It comes with three bath bombs labeled "I couldn't say 'I do' without you," a prosecco and rose petal scented candle, and a vial of matches. You can add even more knick-knacks (or replace ones already in the box) to personalize this gift for the recipient.

3. Custom-Etched Wine Bottle

Custom-etched wine bottle groomswoman gift
Photo: Mano's Wine

This California cabernet sauvignon lets you etch a custom message into the bottle. With three lines, each up to 30 characters, think: "Will you be my best woman?" or "Thanks for joining my wedding party!" Whatever you write will be bordered by a charming floral frame. The result is not just a delightful drink, but a lasting keepsake. Even after savoring the last drop, she'll want to hold onto this special memento of your celebration.

4. Personalized Corkscrew

Personalized corkscrew groomswoman gift
Photo: Zazzle

For a small token of your appreciation that tells them "thanks" for always being there to talk over a bottle of wine or six-pack, gift them an all-in-one corkscrew and bottle opener. This one has a Gatsby aesthetic, thanks to the gold and black lettering that can be customized with your wedding date and you and your fiancé's initials. We recommend pairing it with their drink of choice.

5. Symbolic Handblown Stemless Glass

Symbolic handblown glass groomswoman gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Express gratitude to your sister for stepping up as a groomswoman or best woman with this meaningful wine glass. The artist uses different colors of glass, each with a symbolic meaning—pink for kindness and femininity, red for love and passion, and violet for wisdom and creativity—to create these stunning and whimsical tulip-shaped glasses. Each glass is dedicated to the extraordinary roles women play in our lives, such as as a sister. Accompanied by an eloquent card articulating sentiments you may find challenging to put into words yourself, this gift is a heartfelt token of appreciation for her significant role in your life and, now, your wedding.

6. Groomswoman Charm Bracelet

Groomswoman charm bracelet gift
Photo: SAjolie

Jewelry is a classic wedding party gift, whether you're shopping for a bridesmaid or groomswoman. This bangle features three charms to make it a truly special piece—one is engraved with "groomswoman," another declares "I can't say 'I do' without you" along with your wedding date and a third showcases her first initial. It's even finished with a crystal that matches her birth month.

7. Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized best woman coffee mug
Photo: BellaAndOakGifts

Whether you call her "best woman" or "java junkie," this super-cute mug is the perfect proposal or thank-you gift. You can choose between a classic coffee mug in either an 11- or 15-ounce capacity or a metal camp mug. The front has a groovy, colorful design featuring her wedding role and wildflowers. Add a gift card to her favorite coffee shop so she knows where her caffeine fix is coming from while wedding planning.

8. Groom's Crew Sweatshirt

Groom's crew sweatshirt groomswoman gift
Photo: DaisyDesignSelection

Inject a dose of laid-back charm into your wedding party with this "Grooms Crew" sweatshirt—a perfect gift for everyone supporting you through your engagement and on the big day. Elevate the sweet factor by adding a personal touch with your wedding year and don't forget to snag a matching "Groom" sweatshirt for yourself. Picture the squad making a stylish entrance at prewedding events, effortlessly showcasing unity in these cool and coordinated shirts.

9. Personalized Groomswoman Socks

Personalized groomswoman socks gift
Photo: Zazzle

If your groomswoman is getting cold feet about her important role in your wedding, help her kick off the jitters with these cute socks. Naturally, they're personalized with her name, wedding role and the date of your nuptials. These socks are a small, but thoughtful gesture that'll help her recover after a long night on the dance floor.

10. Personalized Wooden Clothes Hanger

Personalized wooden clothes hanger groomswoman gift
Photo: The Knot Shop

Whether she dons a suit or a dress on the big day, this hanger will keep her wedding outfit safe and sound as she gets ready. Personalized with her initials and a delightful floral graphic, it adds a touch of elegance to the prewedding preparations. Not only does it come in this lovely design, but there are also a few other options to explore. With the variety available, you can select a special hanger for each wedding party member, making every outfit hanging in anticipation look unique and personalized.

11. Bow Barrette

Bow barette groomswoman gift
Photo: Nordstrom

Swap out a bow tie for a hair bow for your groomswoman or best woman. The barrette's shimmery tulle makes it perfect for a formal occasion. It'll not only help her stand out amongst the wedding party, but also to embrace her distinctive role with flair.

12. Versatile Earrings

Crystal earrings groomswoman gift
Photo: Olive & Piper

You don't need to be a jewelry expert to appreciate these simple baubles that seamlessly complement any formal look. The two glass crystals are set in either 14K-gold-plated or silver-tone-plated steel and can be worn as dangles, ear jackets (with the bottom drop behind her lobe) or as studs to fit her style each and every day. They're the ideal finishing touch for the wedding, ensuring she sparkles in style from the ceremony to the dance floor.

13. Best Woman Lapel Pin

Best woman lapel pin gift
Photo: Roammercantile

A lapel pin can add personality to both a groomsman's and groomswoman's ensemble. For the "best woman" in your lineup, grab this enamel pin that boasts her wedding title. It's a small but meaningful token of appreciation that'll make sure everyone knows she's an MVP.

14. Small Travel Jewelry Case

Pink travel jewelry case groomswoman gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

Who doesn't need a touch of organization, especially amidst wedding chaos? Crafted from vibrant pebbled vegan leather with playful pipe detailing, this small travel jewelry case offers both style and functionality. The soft linen lining provides a delicate cushion for rings and the case boasts multiple compartments to keep earrings or necklaces in order. The built-in mirror adds an especially practical touch for getting ready. Make your groomswoman or best woman feel pampered with this thoughtful and chic accessory that can even be monogrammed for an extra cost.

15. Personalized Pastel Flask

Custom pastel flask groomswoman gift
Photo: ImprintandImpress

Fancy-looking flasks are one of those tried-and-true groomsmen gifts that your gal friends want just as much. This Etsy seller offers an assortment of pastel-colored flasks (complete with funnels) that are laser-engraved with your groomswoman or best woman's name. You can even have it gift-wrapped for a few extra dollars so it's ready for delivery.

16. Flavored Espresso Martini Gift Set

Uncommon Goods espresso martini gift set
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend clearly never had an espresso martini! Help your groomswoman or best woman whip up her very own caffeinated cocktail with this infusion kit. She'll get four spice blends that each yield 12 ounces of espresso martini goodness; she'll just need to combine them with vodka and water. It's the perfect way to ensure your crew is hyped to toast to unforgettable moments.

17. Golf Club Cocktail Set

Even if she isn't par-tee-ing with you at the golf-themed bachelor party, she can still have her own brand of fun with this stylish set. Complete with a pink golf bag-inspired mug that's personalized with her initials, it holds stainless steel cocktail tools shaped like golf clubs. Cheers to a swingin' good time!

18. Wedding Party Ball Cap

Wedding party baseball caps gift
Photo: SuzyDreams

Hats off to your wedding party! Baseball caps for your crew are the perfect blend of practicality and camaraderie. Each of these vintage cotton hats can read "[groom's name]'s wedding" on the front with everyone's wedding role—be it groomsman or groomswoman—on the back.

19. Lavender-Mint Candle

Lavender-mint candle groomswoman gift
Photo: Ash & Rose

For the groomswoman who deserves a bit of relaxation after her stellar performance in the wedding ensemble, a soothing scented calendar—like this lavender-mint soy candle—is the ultimate gesture. Because, let's face it, wrangling a wedding party that's probably a little buzzed and definitely overly excited is not easy. This candle not only has a calming aroma, but is also beautifully topped with crushed mint leaves, lavender buds and violet salt that'll really sparkle in the flame's flicker. It's the perfect way to say, "You've earned this moment of tranquility."

20. Lip Balm Gift Set

Lip balm gift set groomswoman gift
Photo: Poppy & Pout

For the groomswoman who's "mint to be" a part of your wedding crew, this delightful lip balm bundle from Poppy & Pout is the perfect token of appreciation. It comes with three hydrating balms in Sweet Mint, Cinnamint and Blood Orange Mint flavors. Add them as the finishing touch to the personalized toiletry bag that every wedding party member will get on the big day to ensure they're looking their best.

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