Wedding Details: Weekday Weddings?


We chose our wedding date -- which falls on a Wednesday -- because it's the anniversary of the day we met. Problem is, our families are grumbling about a midweek wedding. The wedding date we want won't fall on the weekend for three years, and we can't wait that long!


While "off day" weddings are becoming more common, if a couple has chosen to forego the usual Saturday, they're mostly opting to marry on a Friday or Sunday. Why? Unless it's a very small-scale affair, it may be difficult for guests to travel for a wedding that's in the middle of the week (unless it is a destination wedding, which is already a several-day trip), and even those who are close by may not be able to easily get off of work for the day. Think about how important it truly is to you to have your wedding on this specific date -- is it worth having a special friend or relative be potentially unable to attend? In the end it is your call, but be aware that you may wind up with a few holes in your guest list. And remember, you're creating a new meaningful date to celebrate with your wedding anniversary -- is having two days to toast your relationship really so bad?

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