Meaningful 35th Anniversary Gifts to Give Your Husband, Wife or the Couple

Worried about finding the perfect gift for your spouse, parents or someone else on their 35th wedding anniversary? Celebrate in style with any of these options.
by Maddy Sims & Francesca Conlin
35th Anniversary gifts

Whether you've been married to your better half for 35 years or know a couple celebrating the impressive anniversary, congratulations are in order. But at this point, the marriage has been commemorated many times over, so figuring out what to get your husband, wife or the duo for a 35th anniversary gift can be a bit tricky. If you're feeling a lot of pressure to get the perfect present (or even just not repeat the same gift), fear not. Each year of wedded bliss is assigned traditional and modern themes, which makes it easier for you to find a 35-year anniversary gift for your spouse, parents or another favorite couple. Still, there are a lot of options to choose from, so we’ve made it even easier by rounding up thoughtful gift picks that’ll delight anyone if your life.

What Are the Modern and Traditional 35th Anniversary Gifts?

Traditional: Coral

Coral (like that at the bottom of the sea) is the traditional 35th wedding anniversary symbol. It takes a long time to form, just like how long your union has been developing over these three-plus decades. It's also associated with a red-pink color as vibrant as the marriage you’re celebrating. Not only does anything coral-colored or coral-inspired make a beautiful 35-year anniversary gift, but it's also a symbol of protection. It's believed to heal and defend against harm, just like the love couples have for each other does—making it a fitting gift for this relationship milestone.

Modern: Jade

Jade, the modern 35th wedding anniversary symbol, is known for both its distinct green color and its beauty. It also represents good fortune, wisdom and love. It's been a prized material for many years all over the world. In turn, it makes sense that it's the material for the 35th wedding anniversary, since you've both valued each other for many years as well. A gift made of jade or in the same hue will also be cared for and loved for the next 35 years—just like your relationship.

FYI: This milestone's anniversary themes don’t stop there. Each year is also linked to a shade as well as a special gemstone. In this case, the 35th wedding anniversary color is the same as its traditional symbol: coral. Meanwhile, the 35th anniversary stone, emerald, is green just like jade. Now you have even more inspiration to guide you.

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35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Who says you have to stick to a theme? Think of it more like a suggested guideline if you want to make your gift specific to your anniversary year (or if you're out of ideas). But if coral doesn't quite align with your partner's taste, we've got you covered with these five picks that are still just as significant.

  1. Black spinner carry-on suitcase

    If you've got a jet-setting husband on your hands or you both love getting away together, this sleek carry-on bag will withstand the wear and tear of traveling with its durable hard shell and integrated TSA lock. It's a great investment piece he'll use for years to come.

    Calpak Ambeur 22-inch rolling spinner carry-on, $165,

  2. Create your own reel viewer

    After 35 years, your spouse may be feeling nostalgic. Personalize this unique old-school reel viewer so he can enjoy all of the great pictures you've taken together over the years.

    UncommonGoods Create Your Own reel viewer, $30,

  3. Amazon Echo Dot

    During your 35 years of marriage, he's probably looked to you to answer all of his questions (like how to fold a fitted sheet, for example). But now he can just ask Alexa, the Amazon Echo's voice assistant. This mini version of the smart assistant takes up virtually no space in your home, so it's not an eyesore either. From teaching him how to make a cocktail to setting timers, Alexa does it all, which really means more time back in your day.

    Amazon Echo Dot, $50,

  4. Tortoise shell sunglases with blue lenses

    Sure, he probably has his one favorite pair of sport sunglasses. But if he needs a more, er, stylish option, these ones are the perfect 35th anniversary gift for your husband. The blue lenses are fashion-forward and unique—plus they're scratch-resistant and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Added bonus: You can order them with his eye prescription too.

    Warby Parker Durand wide in Whiskey Tortoise with Classic Blue Lenses, from $95,

  5. Apple Watch with black wristband

    Maybe he can never keep track of his phone or he's a fitness fanatic or he's always late. Whatever the case may be, this smart Apple Watch can help. It's a thoughtful and generous gift that he'll love using every single day. (By the way, it comes in both a coral-ish and jade-like color.)

    Apple Apple Watch silver aluminum case with sport band, from $399,

    35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

    If your wife isn't really into coral- or jade-themed gifts, no need to worry about what to get her. These other thoughtful ideas are sure to make her smile.

  6. Large black nylon Longchamp tote with leather straps

    Help her ditch her heavy leather bag in favor of this lightweight nylon one. It'll carry her from the week to the weekend with its roomy interior and timeless design. It's not just practical (did we mention it’s waterproof?), it's also super chic. She'll thank you for getting her something she'll actually use on more than one occasion.

    Longchamp large Le Pilage tote, $145,

  7. Gold bracelet with initial on disc

    Jewelry is a classic anniversary gift because it's just so darn beautiful (much like your spouse). This delicate bracelet is a simple and gorgeous piece she'll love wearing everyday. Plus, it comes with the initial of your choice, which makes it even more personal.

    Nashelle 14k-gold fill initial disc bracelet, $52,

  8. Silk pillowcase

    Take your partner's beauty sleep to a whole new level with this luxe pillowcase. The silk fabric will protect her skin and hair while she rests. It's the kind of splurge she'd never get for herself, so treat her to it this year.

    Slip silk pillowcase in Standard/Queen, $85,

  9. Small ring with emerald stone and mini diamonds

    Give her something that sparkles just as much as she does. This gorgeous ring features the 35th anniversary stone (emerald) set in between diamonds. It's a smaller size, so she'll feel comfortable wearing it every day.

    Blue Nile petite emerald stacking diamond ring, $390,

  10. Gift set with champagne and Sugarfina candy

    If your wife loves champagne, there's no better time to gift her a bottle of bubbly than your 35th anniversary. This adorable set comes with the ever-popular Sugarfina candy as well, so your celebration can be as sweet as your spouse.

    Winc A Bubbly Celebration, $50,

    35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

    Whether you're shopping for a 35th anniversary gift for your parents or another set of lovebirds you love, you don't want to get them just anything. Instead, give them one of these creative picks, which they’ll be able to use for the decades to come. Your present will show them just how much they mean to you.

  11. Red reto style espresso coffee machine

    35 years into marriage, it's easy to settle into a routine. If they're still using the same finicky coffee maker from years ago, replace it with this unique espresso maker. It will whip up delicious drinks for them in the mornings—and it's a stylish addition to their kitchen.

    Smeg '50s retro style espresso coffee machine, $460,

  12. Personalized wood and marble cheese board with knife

    Does the couple love to host parties? No aperitivo or charcuterie spread is complete without a sophisticated wooden cheese board. They'll love to bring this personalized board out whenever they have company over. 

    CDS Hardwoods cheese board, from $49,

  13. Wine club membership

    A change from all the bills, junk ads and catalogs that flood their mailbox, a Winc wine package is something they'll actually like receiving—especially if they're hard-core vino lovers. Give the couple a giftcard to the wine delivery service so they can toast to their relationship milestone.

    Winc gift card,

  14. Gallery wall frames set

    Gifting them this gallery wall package will help them hang up any special photos, love poems or other momentos they haven’t gotten around to displaying yet. The set comes with frames in various finishes, which will freshen up their walls. 

    Framebridge The Organic gallery wall frames set, $350,

  15. Fleece photo blanket

    Every time they wrap themselves in this cozy personalized blanket during a romantic evening together, they'll have you to thank for commemorating their love in a special (and practical) way. Add photos of them and their family or just their names and anniversary date. It's a modern departure from the traditional wedding quilt.

    Shutterfly Happy Home fleece photo blanket, $70,

    Coral Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

    If you think your husband will enjoy a coral gift for the 35th anniversary but aren’t sure what to give him, you've come to the right place. These options span multiple categories but all have a coral color in common.

  16. Coral fabric cufflinks

    He may have lots of cufflinks already, but we doubt he has any in this fun, bright color. They're especially perfect for your partner if he has a preppy sense of style.

    Marang Studios coral fabric cufflinks, from $18,

  17. Coral grenafaux tie

    This tie brings the beauty of coral reefs up from under the sea to his neck with its texture and hue. Every time he wears it, he'll remember this special and important moment in your marriage. (Psst, it also comes in two shades of green that resemble emerald and jade.)

    The Tie Bar, Grenafaux tie in Coral, $19,

  18. Coral 20 oz. insulaed tumbler

    If your husband loves the great outdoors or is always drinking his beverage of choice on-the-go, this 20-ounce tumbler will protect his drink against all odds and keep it hot or cold for hours on end.

    Yeti Rambler 20 oz stainless steel tumbler in Coral, $30,

  19. Coral suspenders

    Suspenders are back in style, but rather than having your husband reach in the back of his closet to retrieve his old ones, gift him these updated, stylish ones instead. They're slim and comfortable while offering maximum flexibility—ideal for the modern man.

    The Tie Bar Linen Row suspender in Coral, $25,

  20. Coral bluetooth speaker

    He can groove to his tunes hands- and wire-free with this Bluetooth speaker that's also water-resistant (perfect for days spent by the pool or at the beach). It provides the superior listening experience Bose is known for and lasts up to eight hours per charge for uninterrupted music.

    Bose Soundlink® color bluetooth speaker II in Coral Red, $129,

    Coral Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

    After thinking of so many wonderful anniversary gift ideas, it can be hard to outdo yourself yet again. That's why this anniversary is a great opportunity to choose something related to the year's theme. It's easiest to stick with coral-colored items since finding something made of actual coral that she'll be able to use (and not just look at) is a little harder to come by.

  21. Coral suitcase

    No more struggling to find her suitcase in a sea of other black bags. This bright, coral-colored luggage will stand out in baggage claim—making it a practical coral-themed gift.

    Herschel Supply Co. Trade large suitcase in Vermillion Orange, $230,

  22. Coral pebbled leather wallet

    Maybe it’s been years since she’s bought a new wallet (it’s probably not something that ranks high on her to-do list). Give her an upgrade with this pebbled leather clutch. It’s simple, chic and useful—making it a great 35th anniversary gift.

    Kate Spade Margaux leather continental wallet in Peachy, $158,

  23. Coral lipstick kit

    Yes, she probably has a million lipsticks already. But we love this kit because it comes with everything she needs for a full makeup look: lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. The fact that it's a gorgeous coral color makes it a thoughtful gift for this relationship milestone.

    Charlotte Tilbury The Perfect Pink Kiss in Coachella Coral, $72,

  24. Coral drop earrings

    If your spouse loves to stand out from the crowd, she'll love these statement earrings. What's more, these particular ones are handcrafted by African women from hoops of carved horn and brass.

    Akola Meriah statement drop earrings in Coral, $88,

  25. Pearlescent coral vase

    Looking for something that looks more like real coral? Consider this gorgeous vase, which is designed to mimic coral and has a beautiful pearlescent glaze. It will make a gorgeous addition to any room she puts it in.

    Apt2B coral vase pearlescent orange in Small, $178,

    Coral Anniversary Gifts for Couples 

    These picks are perfect for any couple’s home and they even cover multiple rooms—from the kitchen to the living area. Additionally, some not only take inspiration from coral in color, but also in appearance. Shopping for a traditional 35th anniversary gift for parents, family or friends? Order straight from this list.

  26. Coral stoneware covered baker

    If they love to cook together, gift them the best of the best where cookware is concerned. This baker is good for everything from whipping up sweets to making savory meals (casserole, anyone?). The best part, though, is that it’s pretty enough to be used as a serving piece, so there’s less to wash.

    Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware shallow square covered baker in Coral, $60,

  27. Coral tile photo frame

    They can keep an original wedding photo (or even one from their 35th year together) in this unique, coral-colored tile frame.

    One Kings Lane Moroccan tile frame in Coral, $19,

  28. 4-pack of cloth napkins with coral accent

    If anyone knows about a happy, long-lasting marriage, it's Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper. These simple cloth napkins designed by the duo will bring good vibes into your favorite couple’s home. Check out the subtle coral stitching!

    Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 4pk cloth napkin in Black/Orange, $10,

  29. Coral and cream striped throw blanket

    Make their movie nights more cozy with this super-soft coral-colored throw blanket. It's a snuggly gift sure to help them keep the romance alive. 

    Lands Downunder Sydney Herringbone stripe throw blanket in Coral, $128,

  30. Coral and jade illustration

    We love this custom illustration because it combines both the traditional and modern themes (coral and jade) into one 35th anniversary gift. The pretty drawing is a piece of décor they'll cherish for its sentimentality.

    Ant Design 35th anniversary gift, from $24,

    Jade Anniversary Gifts

    If coral doesn't suit your significant other or the couple you know (or you want to get them both a traditional and modern present), these jade items are foolproof options for a 35th anniversary gift.

  31. Jade drop earrings

    In search of a piece of jewelry that matches the theme and that she'll actually want to wear? Look no further. These gorgeous jade drop earrings are set beneath mother-of-pearl beads for a stunning look.

    Beck Jewels jade shoulder duster earrings, $220,

  32. Jade glass panel pitcher

    Even just a glass of water tastes fancier when poured from this jade pitcher. It's also stunning enough to serve as a unique piece of décor when the couple isn't using it. 

    Mosser Glassware jadeite pitcher, $51,

  33. Jade plant in green vase

    This jade plant will make a great windowsill decoration for the couple with a green thumb. And if they don't have a green thumb? Good news—it doesn't require much maintenance. All they have to do is water it once a week and keep it out of direct sunlight.

    The Sill jade pothos in Medium Delores Planter, $53,

  34. Jade facial roller

    Gift her this jade roller so that she can have a spa day every day. It delivers a facial-like experience with its cooling sensation. It supports lymphatic drainage too, which reduces puffiness. 

    Herbivore jade facial roller, $30,

  35. Outdoors jade throw pillow

    Does the couple throw legendary backyard barbecues? Then they'll love this jade-colored throw pillow. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and can be used outdoors, making it the perfect addition to any lawn chair or patio set they have.

    World Market jade woven triangle indoor outdoor throw pillow, $35,

  36. Jade letter opener

    Add a touch of class to their home office or work desk with this jade letter opener that's every bit as pretty as it is practical. 

    Jade Mine curved letter opener, $78,

  37. Jade-colored hydro flask water bottle

    Is your partner always planning the next adventure? They'll appreciate this heavy-duty water bottle then. It has a leak-proof seal and temperature control, so they can stay hydrated no matter where they are or what they're doing.

    Hydro Flask 32-ounce wide mouth bottle with flex cap in Jade, $40,

  38. Wooden ring with jade center

    Jewelry isn't just a good gift for her—it's also a great gift for him. This simple wooden ring has a jade accent, making it a perfect 35th anniversary gift for the fashion-forward man in your life.

    Ridgewood Rings wood ring, $155,

  39. Jade golf tee box set with ball

    Are they at the golf course whenever they have a spare moment? Amp up their game with this ultra-sophisticated set that comes with two jade tees and a golf ball. When they're not using them, they can still show them off with the wooden display box.

    Jade Mine golf tee box set with ball, $160,

  40. Jade-colored glass pedestal stand

    If the couple always has fresh baked goods out whenever you're over, they'll appreciate this jade-colored glass cake and pastry stand. Gift them multiple for a pro-level setup.

    Mosser Glassware Mosser jadeite cake stand, $180,

  41. Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year

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