Meaningful 35 Year Anniversary Gifts to Give Him, Her or Them

Worried about finding the perfect gift for your husband, wife or the happy couple for the 35th anniversary? Celebrate in style with these options.
by Francesca Conlin
35th Anniversary gifts

If you’ve been married to your better half for 35 years, or know a couple who's celebrating that anniversary, congratulations are in order. Although, being by each other’s side for so many years means you’ve memorialized your marriage many times over, so figuring out what to get your husband, wife or the duo during this important milestone can be a bit of a headache. There’s a lot of pressure to do it right and not repeat the same gift. However, there’s light at the end of this long tunnel since each year of wedded bliss is assigned a “theme” with a traditional and modern gift idea that makes it easier to tie into the 35th anniversary, which we’ve conveniently outlined for you here (thank us later). Beyond that, we’ve made it even easier with additional thoughtful gift picks that’ll delight your lucky spouse or the couple.

What Is the 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional: Coral

Coral (like that at the bottom of the sea) has represented the 35th year traditionally. It actually takes a long time to form, much like how long your union has been developing over these three-plus decades. When it’s polished, it shows a vibrant red-pink color. Not only does anything coral-colored or -inspired make a beautiful gift,, but it’s also been given as an anniversary gift as a symbol of protection too. It’s believed to heal and defend against harm, which the love you have for each other also does, making it a fitting gift for this year.

Modern: Jade

Also known for its beauty, jade, the modern gift, has a very distinct green color. More than that, it represents good fortune, wisdom and love too. It’s been prized for many years in countries all over the world, so it only makes sense that it’s the material for the 35th wedding anniversary since you've both valued each other for so many years as well. A gift made of jade or in the same hue will also be cared for and loved for the next 35.

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35 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Who says you have to stick to the theme? It’s more like a suggested (but not required) guideline if you want to make your gift specific to your anniversary year. But so you’re not at a total loss for what to get your wife, we’ve got you covered with these five picks that are still just as significant.

  1. Straw bag

    Help her ditch her heavy leather bag in favor of this lightweight but still sturdy straw one. It’ll carry her from the week to the weekend with its roomy interior and timeless design. It’s not just practical but also super chic, so she’ll thank you for getting her something she’ll actually be able to use on more than one occasion.

    Pamela Munson Isla Bahia bag, $325,

  2. Personalized heart gift box

    Way better and more personal than a card or flowers (after all, this is the 35th anniversary we're talking about), Greetabl lets you pick out a box design and then customize the details on the inside to suit her personality. You can write a love note, upload photos to be printed (which can also tear off to be framed) and choose a little gift like delectable chocolates, beauty products or candles to complete it.

    Greetabl personalized gift box, starting at $9,

  3. multicolored pouch

    This fashion-forward and multi-purpose pouch works as an iPad sleeve, a laptop holder, a bag organizer and a pretty date-night clutch, so it can keep up with her busy lifestyle and even make it easier with its adaptable shape.

    MZ Wallace metro pouch, $55,

  4. Tuscany candle

    Take her on a trip to Italy without the same price tag. This candle, inspired by travel and the beautiful hills of Tuscany, will fill any room with a lovely, fresh scent. The sleek glass holder is a decor piece in and of itself, so it’s almost like two gifts in one.

    TOCCA Tuscany candela, $42,

  5. Rosé champagne

    If your wife is a rosé drinker, treat her to an extra-elevated bottle that’s many steps above the standard one she probably drinks on the reg. It actually combines everyone’s favorite pink wine with everyone’s favorite toasting drink—champagne (cheers to 35 years!). Fine, fresh, fruity and bubbly, it makes for the perfect aperitif during your anniversary dinner.

    Barons de Rothschild rosé champagne, $130,

    35 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

    If your husband isn’t really into coral- or jade-themed gifts either, no need to worry about what to get him. These more general (but never boring) ideas are sure to please too.

  6. Canvas and leather weekender bag

    If you’ve got a jet-setting husband on your hands or you both love getting away together, this weekender bag will stand the test of time and wear and tear of traveling with its canvas body and leather trim, making it a great investment piece. It’ll also fold up and store away easier than a suitcase.

    Mark and Graham canvas and leather weekender bag, $199,

  7. Minipresso NS coffeemaker

    If he loves his coffee but he’s always on the go, this portable machine makes espresso using Nespresso capsules regardless of where he might be—no electricity required. If he’s at the beach or even just on his way to work, he’ll always be able to get his caffeine fix.

    Wacaco Company MPNS100 minipresso NS maker, $50,

  8. Amazon Echo Dot

    After 35 years, he’s probably looked to you to help him answer even the most mundane questions, but now he can just ask Alexa, the Amazon Echo’s voice assistant. This mini version takes up virtually no space in your home, so it’s not an eyesore either. From how to make a cocktail to setting timers, Alexa will answer and do it all for him, which really means more time back in your day.

    Amazon Echo Dot, $50,

  9. Spectacles by Snapchat sunglasses

    Does he love capturing every moment or occasion with his camera or phone? These hi-tech sunglasses take photos and videos (in amazing quality) from his perspective and wirelessly sync to his Snapchat app, where he can then share through other mediums—no hands required (well just to press the record button, of course). Plus, they’re water-resistant, so underwater adventures are always welcome, and they look like just like any stylish pair of specs, so he’ll probably want to wear them even when he’s not planning on snapping away.

    Spectacles by Snapchat sunglasses, $150,

  10. Men’s skincare set

    If he’s been using the same soap since you first got married, upgrade his grooming routine with this set. It’s got everything he needs (think: a face exfoliator, clay mask and moisturizer) to clean up nicely for your celebration and many other occasions too.

    Rugged and Dapper All-In-One Essential Men’s skincare set, $65,

    35 Year Anniversary Gifts For Them

    Know a couple who’s about to celebrate their 35th anniversary? You can’t get them just anything (they’ve probably accrued many useless items over the years). They’re sure to use these gifts for decades to come, and your gift will showcase just how much they mean to you.

  11. Cream storage chair

    Sure, this storage chair (practical and comfortable) will fit great in any den or guest room of theirs beautifully. But really, think of it as a gift for both you and them since you’ll have something plush and posh to lounge on when you visit.

    Kvell Nordik storage chair in peaceful cream, $300,

  12. Wood cheese board

    No aperitivo or charcuterie spread is complete without a sophisticated wooden cheese board. They’ll certainly throw more soirees with this in their kitchen, so just make sure you also secure an invite to the next one when you present them with this classic and classy gift.

    Treasure & Bond Acacia wood cheese board, $49,

  13. Wine club membership

    A change from all the bills, junk ads and letters that flood their mailbox, a Winc monthly wine membership is something they’ll actually like getting delivered, especially if they’re hard-core vino lovers. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving long after they’ve finished celebrating their anniversary.

    Winc wine club membership,

  14. Gallery wall frames set

    Whether it’s a special photo, a love poem or momento that they’ve been meaning to hang up but still haven’t gotten around to, gifting them this gallery wall package of frames in various finishes will make it easier. Now they’ll have no excuse not to.

    Framebridge The Organic Gallery Wall frames set, $350,

  15. Fleece photo blanket

    Every time they wrap themselves in this cozy and personalized blanket during movie night or a romantic evening together, they’ll have you to thank for commemorating their love in a special way. Add photos of them and the family or just their name and anniversary date. It’s a big step up and modern departure from the traditional wedding quilt.

    Shutterfly Happy Home fleece photo blanket, $70,

    Coral Anniversary Gifts For Her

    After 35 years of marriage, it can be hard to think of what to get your wife for this milestone—you’ve probably gifted her everything under the sun already. So this is a great opportunity to choose something related to the anniversary theme. It’s easiest to stick with coral-colored items since finding something made of actual coral that she’ll be able to enjoy and love (and not just look at) is a little harder to come by.

  16. Coral silk scarf

    The perfect finishing touch to any of her fashionable looks, this patterned scarf can be worn draped over her shoulders, wrapped around her neck or even tied—the options are endless and so are the outfit combinations.

    J. McLaughlin Giselle silk scarf in cornwall, $88,

  17. Coral travel journal

    If she’s filled with wanderlust for lands far, far away, she can write down her bucket list of places and even memories from trips past you’ve taken together in this journal. What’s more, there’s even helpful pages like international conversions for the next time you travel.

    Kate Spade coral travel journal, $20,

  18. Coral lipstick

    A swipe of lipstick has the power to instantly transform any look. Help her feel and look her best with this creamy one in a gorgeous coral hue that she’ll want to wear through any season and for any occasion, especially on your actual anniversary date.

    Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Lipstick in Pinch Me (Bright Coral Matte), $21,

  19. Pink coral studs

    “I have too much jewelry,” said no woman ever. Brighten up her jewelry box and her ears with these gemstone earrings. Set in a gold bezel, they’re subtle but still eye catching enough that others will be asking where she got them.

    Gorjana Power Gemstone pink coral studs, $38,

  20. Bulgari Omnia Coral eau de toilette spray

    She might have had a wedding day perfume all those years ago, but an anniversary as important as the 35th warrants a fresh, new scent she’ll be spritzing bottle after bottle of from now until your 70th. Inspired by coral in more ways than one, this floral and fruity fragrance called Omnia Coral not only smells intoxicating (you won’t be able to get enough of her when she wears it), but it also makes for a great decor piece on her vanity with its intricate design.

    Bulgari Omnia Coral eau de toilette spray, $84,

    Coral Anniversary Gifts For Him

    If you think your husband will enjoy a coral anniversary gift, you’ve come to the right place. These gift options span multiple categories but all have a coral color in common (one even features a coral reef print, too, for a double whammy).

  21. Coral polo

    Whether or not you consider him a style guy, any husband’s wardrobe deserves a new piece every now and then. The classic polo silhouette is made modern with this rendition’s contrasting collar and placket in an appropriate hue, but still doesn’t stray too far from what he already knows.

    Billy Reid Grant polo in coral, $95,

  22. Coral tie

    This tie brings the beauty of coral reefs up from under the sea to his neck with its playful print and hue. Every time he wears it, he’ll remember this special and important moment in your marriage.

    Vineyard Vines coral tie, $85,

  23. Coral 20 oz. tumbler

    If your husband loves the great outdoors or is always drinking his beverage of choice while on the move, this 20-ounce tumbler will protect his drinks against all odds and keep them hot or cold for hours on end.

    Yeti Rambler 20 oz. tumbler in coral, $30,

  24. Coral suspenders

    Suspenders have made a return in fashion, but rather than having your husband reach in the back of his closet to retrieve a pair of outdated ones, gift him these instead. They’re slim and comfortable while offering maximum flexibility—ideal for the modern man.

    The Tie Bar Linen Row suspenders in coral, $25,

  25. Coral bluetooth speaker

    He can groove to his tunes hands- and wire-free with this Bluetooth speaker that’s also water-resistant for days spent by the pool or at the beach. It provides the superior listening experience Bose is known for and lasts for up to eight hours per charge for uninterrupted music.

    Bose Soundlink® color bluetooth speaker II in coral red, $130,

    Coral Anniversary Gifts For Them

    These lifestyle picks are perfect for any couple’s home and they even cover multiple rooms—from the kitchen to the living area. Additionally, some not only take inspiration from coral in color, but also in appearance.

  26. Coral stoneware covered baker

    If they love to cook, gift them the best of the best in cookware. This baker is good for everything from making sweets to whipping up more savory meals like casseroles. The best part? It’s an equally pretty serving piece, so there’s less for whoever is the dishwasher in the relationship to clean up.

    Le Creuset Shallow Square covered baker in coral, $50,

  27. Coral tile photo frame

    They can keep an original wedding photo or even one from their 35th year together in this tile frame that blends in seamlessly with any couple’s décor style.

    One Kings Lane Moroccan tile frame in coral, $19,

  28. Stoneware pitcher in coral stripe

    If anyone knows about a happy, long-lasting marriage, it’s Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper. So, this versatile pitcher (good for flowers and serving drinks) designed by duo will only bring good vibes into their home.

    Hearth & Hand with Magnolia stoneware pitcher in coral stripe, $13,

  29. Grapefruit and apple blossom candle

    This coral-inspired candle will fill the atmosphere with fresh grapefruit and apple blossom, which is guaranteed to delight and uplift any mood.

    Skylar coral candle, $38,

  30. Coral bowl white

    Taking on the shape and appearance of actual coral, this decorative bowl will make for a conversation piece at their next gathering. It’s especially fitting if the happy couple is also fond of the beach and ocean.

    Houzz coral bowl white, $126,

    Jade Anniversary Gifts

    If coral doesn’t suit your significant other or the couple you know (or you’re looking to get them both a traditional and modern gift), these jade items (some made of actual jade, others have the same color) hit the nail on the head.

  31. Green jadeite beaded necklace,

    It’s never a bad idea to get the most important woman in your life some beautiful bijoux. Go all out—it has been 35 years after all—with this necklace made of jade beads strung on an 18-karat gold chain. She won’t have to question just how much you care.

    David C.A. Lin graduated green jadeite beaded necklace, $10,250.

  32. Jade glass panel pitcher

    Even a glass of water tastes fancier when poured from this jade pitcher. They’ll definitely want to keep it out even when not in use.

    Mosser Glass flint glass panel pitcher in jadeite, $39,

  33. ​Mini jade plant

    If they have a green thumb, this miniature jade plant will make a great windowsill decoration. And if they don’t have a green thumb? Good news—it’s a succulent, so it doesn’t need to be watered as often, meaning there’s less of a chance that it’ll die under their watch.

    Walmart mini jade plant 4” pot, $10,

  34. Jade facial roller

    Rather than sending your wife to the spa, this jade roller delivers a facial-like effect with its cooling sensation. It stimulates blood circulation and reduces puffiness, giving her a youthful radiance she’ll love.

    Herbivore jade facial roller, $30,

  35. Jade love birds carving

    A cute and symbolic gift for the love birds you know celebrating 35 years of blissful marriage together? A jade sculpture of a pair of love birds, of course.

    JadeMineCanada Canadian Nephrite jade love birds carving, $31,

  36. 8.0mm light green jade stud earrings

    Help her make a colorful statement with these earrings that’ll instantly brighten up her entire look. They’re also a nice departure from the studs or hoops she probably wears regularly for an instant outfit change.

    Zales 8.0mm light green jade stud earrings in 10K gold, $49,

  37. Jade letter opener

    Add a touch of class to their home office or work desk with this jade letter opener that’s every bit as pretty as it is practical. They may hope for bills to grace their mailbox just to get a chance to use it.

    The Jade Mine straight jade letter opener, $46,

  38. Jade golf tee box set with ball

    Is he at the golf course whenever he has a spare moment? Amp up his game with this ultra-sophisticated set that comes equipped with two jade tees and a golf ball. When not in use, he can still show them off with the included wooden box.

    Jade Mine golf tee box set with ball, $158,

  39. Jade table vase

    Flowers have never looked better than when they’re housed in this elegant jade vase that’s more intricate than your standard glass one. Although, its natural green color and unique shape make it a great statement piece on its own even without any blooms.

    Bloomsbury Market McKelvey jade table vase, $163,

  40. jade color glass pedestal stand

    If they always have fresh-baked goods out whenever you’re over, help spruce up their display with this jade-colored glass cake and pastry stand. Gift them multiple for a pro-level setup, which will also force them to make more desserts to fill them up—it’s a win-win.

    World Market jade color glass pedestal stand, $20,

    For more of the best anniversary gift ideas for all the major milestones, check out our comprehensive guide to anniversary gifts by year.

  41. Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year

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