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10 Gorgeous Flower Walls You'll Definitely Want for Your Wedding

Does it get any prettier than this?
Sophie Ross
by Sophie Ross

We might have—dare we say it?—Kim and Kanye to thank for the proliferation in palatial flower walls at weddings within the past few years. Either way, we're as obsessed with this trend as ever—and we don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon (so, thank you, Mr. and Mrs. West). That's why we've rounded up our favorite blooming backdrops to give you all the inspiration you need for your future floral prop. (Just get ready to want to call your florist ASAP. You've been warned.)

1. A flower wall like this one makes for a perfect, colorful photo booth.

2. White florals will always make for a stunning ceremony backdrop.

3. Why choose between greenery and florals when you can have both?

4. Not into real flowers? These gigantic roses were crafted from white paper.

5. We've never seen a sweeter sweetheart backdrop.

6. A 10-by-10 floral wall filled with white hydrangeas, pink roses and quicksand roses might sound ambitious—but it's so worth it for photos like this one.

7. A ceremony floral wall that feels more "glam" than "garden."

8. Here's how you match your cake to your décor.

9. Proof that a gorgeous carnation garland backdrop will look completely perfect behind your sweetheart table.

10. This wall made of cascading peonies, ranunculus, roses and carnations was later split in half postceremony to serve double-duty at the reception.

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