22 Beautiful Spring Wedding Color Palettes for Any Style

From March to June, here are the best seasonal colors.
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Updated Jan 29, 2024

When it's time to pick your wedding color palette and decor, taking your wedding season into consideration is a great starting point. If you're getting married in March, April, May or early June, you're in luck, because the top spring wedding colors also happen to be some of the prettiest (and most versatile) hues for your special day. Whether your wedding vision board is leaning toward a classic vibe or something more unexpected, here's how to get inspired by the season when choosing your colors for a spring wedding.

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What Colors Are Good for a Spring Wedding?

Pastel color schemes are some of the best wedding colors for spring. Lighter tones like pale pink, sky blue, buttercup yellow, lavender and peach are a reflection of the colors you naturally see during the spring season when flowers start to bloom. Other good wedding colors for spring include a classic black and white palette or a combination of airy neutrals, like ivory, beige and dove gray.

While there's no rule that says you have to match your wedding colors to the season, having some seasonal overlap will make everything easier when choosing your attire, flowers, stationery and decor. For late February and March wedding colors, you can balance wintry tones (like emerald green or navy blue) with pastels for a transitional palette. Popular April wedding colors include blush, sage green and lilac inspired by the peak of the spring season. Bright yellow and coral are some of the best May wedding colors, bridging the gap between spring and summer.

Spring Wedding Colors

Whether your style is timeless and classic or fun and whimsical, we've got you covered when it comes to spring wedding color palette inspo. Check out some of our favorite combinations to start planning your spring wedding decor.

1. Mint Green and Ivory Wedding Colors

Airy and soothing, mint green is a spring wedding color that often flies under the radar. It pairs well with other pastel colors, like blue, purple and pink, for a vintage theme or shabby chic look. For an earthy-meets-elegant vibe, use mint green with dark olive or emerald green accent tones.

2. Warm Neutral Wedding Colors

The great thing about a neutral wedding color palette is that it works for any season. Soft earth tones like taupe, khaki and tan feel minimalistic and modern—but you can incorporate a few springy colors, like pale yellow or peach, to tie in the season. Finish the palette with metallic copper or gold for a bit of shimmer.

3. Baby Pink and Lilac Wedding Colors

Pink and purple are two of the most popular spring wedding colors, and they just so happen to look amazing when paired together. (Plus, you'll have plenty of spring wedding flowers to match the palette). Use this color combination for a romantic theme or garden wedding venue.

4. Coral and Teal Wedding Colors

Barely-there pastels aren't the only options when it comes to your spring wedding color palette. If you're in favor of colors that are a little more saturated and punchy, try pairing coral with teal or peacock blue. The dark jewel tone adds contrast and drama, while the whimsical coral tone feels spot-on for the spring season.

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5. Blush and Light Blue Wedding Colors

As one of the most classic spring wedding color schemes, blush and light blue are always a good option. This duo works for nearly any setting or venue, whether you're having an informal backyard ceremony or hosting a luxe ballroom reception. Use metallic silver as an accent color to complement the cool blue tones.

6. Yellow and Pink Wedding Colors

Draw inspiration from sunny spring days by adding pale yellow and blush to your color palette. These cheerful hues can be paired with a neutral like cream or ivory to keep the palette light, or you can balance them with a darker shade of pink or yellow for more color.

7. Navy Blue, White and Gold Wedding Colors

This traditional spring wedding color scheme is perfect if you're planning a black-tie event. Use navy blue as the base color instead of black—you'll get the same level of formality, but with a twist. Ivory and hints of gold round out the color palette while staying sophisticated and timeless.

8. Pastel Rainbow Wedding Colors

If there was ever a time to embrace a rainbow wedding color palette, it's the spring season. Pile on the color with pastel blue, purple, pink, yellow and orange hues for a palette that's happy and lively. This wedding color scheme for spring works well if you love the maximalist vibe—think highly detailed place settings, eye-catching floral installations and fun decor accents, like balloons or tinsel streamers.

9. Ivory and Champagne Wedding Colors

Chic and understated, these spring wedding colors are perfect if you love a minimalist aesthetic. When your color palette is mostly monochromatic, you'll need to put a little extra thought into the details to bring everything together and prevent the decor from falling flat. Mixing fabrics, flowers and paper details can add texture or dimension.

10. Blush and Navy Blue Wedding Colors

If you're getting married during the transitional period between late winter and early spring, including a darker color in your palette can help with seasonality. Blush and navy blue are a perfect example—the blush hue is refreshing and airy for spring, while the navy blue shade keeps the color palette from becoming too pastel-heavy and out of place.

11. White and Yellow Wedding Colors

Let this quintessential spring hue be the main focus of your color palette. Yellow is energetic and uplifting, and it's bold enough work without another accent color. Finish your decor with white or ivory details and fresh greenery for just the right amount of contrast.

12. Light Pink and Black Wedding Colors

We love this preppy, classic color palette for a spring garden wedding. Instead of using just one shade of pale pink, choose two or three for a little more variety and dimension against the black and white. Striped details are optional but definitely encouraged for a playful effect.

13. Peach, Lavender and Dusty Blue Wedding Colors

This spring wedding color scheme would work well for a boho-themed wedding. A warm peach accent color pops against the cool-toned lavender and dusty blue. Finish your decor by adding elements like wooden charger plates, bare wood reception tables and dried greenery.

14. Light Blue and Ivory Wedding Colors

Here's another versatile spring wedding color duo that works for almost any theme or venue type. Use the two colors as-is or include a third accent color (think fuchsia, green, purple, coral or yellow) depending on your style.

15. Blush and Green Wedding Colors

Whether you're planning a rustic spring wedding or a glamorous soirée, blush and green are always a sweet pairing. Our tip: use flowering branches (like cherry blossoms), ivy vines, leaves and other greenery to add color and play up the springtime theme.

16. Orange and Blue Wedding Colors

You already know that pale blue is a pretty spring wedding color, but you can add a dash of the unexpected by pairing it with bright orange accents. Seamlessly weave the bold color into your decor through spring flowers, like orange tulips, ranunculuses and snapdragons.

17. Fuchsia and Blush Wedding Colors

Pink is always on our list of the top wedding colors, especially for the spring months. Incorporate pops of hot pink, fuchsia and magenta to strengthen the softer pink tones.

18. Emerald Green and White Wedding Colors

This combo is a great pick for March wedding colors when you need to transition from winter to spring. Cream, ivory and blush will bring new life to the dark emerald hue, preventing it from feeling too overbearing as you ease into the new season.

19. Black and White Wedding Colors

It's hard to go wrong with this classic spring wedding color palette, because black and white are a timeless duo that never go out of style. It's up to you whether you want to add an accent color, like pale yellow or blush, or stick with the two-tone look.

20. Bright Yellow and Purple Wedding Colors

Although they might seem like an unlikely pairing, yellow and purple are actually some of the best wedding colors for spring. If we're getting technical, these two colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel, which means that there's a perfect visual balance between them. And bonus: You can easily find gorgeous spring wedding flowers in both of these hues.

21. Neon Wedding Colors

Soft pastels not cutting it? Amp up the spring colors for your wedding by choosing highlighter-inspired brights instead. Lime green, lemon yellow, turquoise and hot pink can be used in combination with each other to create a high-energy vibe for a celebration that's not to be missed.

22. Mauve, Yellow and Green Wedding Colors

The retro '70s aesthetic is trending, and it just so happens to give us one of the best wedding color themes for spring. For this palette, the warm colors (dusty rose, mauve, yellow and orange) all work in harmony together, while the pops of green add an earthy, grounding element.

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