33 Dreamy Candle Centerpieces for Your Wedding (and How to Pull Them Off)

Everything looks better bathed in candlelight—including your big day.
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Updated Feb 13, 2024
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Cue the mood lighting: How you choose to illuminate your party when designing your reception is just as important as selecting the blooms and the band. Lighting is key when it comes to transforming some dreamy decorations into a complete ethereal experience. Candle centerpieces for a wedding are the epitome of romance, though your tablescapes don't have to be all candelabras and crystal if that's not your style. With sleek pillars, low votives, textured tapers and other cool options making their way into wedding centerpieces, the options are endless, just find a decor pro on The Knot Vendor Marketplace and then ask your wedding decorator which candles best suit your vibe. "Candles are such a great addition to wedding tablescapes because they add an extra sparkle and highlight the tables," says Lola Akingbade of MasterPlan Events. "Candles give off a warm, amber tone and when you have lots of them in the room, it makes for a bigger impact." See the numerous (and luminous) wedding candle centerpiece ideas we love below, plus where to get them and everything you need to know to avoid starting a fire (literally and metaphorically speaking) in your venue.

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Wedding Candle Centerpiece Ideas

We're positively glowing over these candle centerpieces for a wedding. Whether you're drawn to shimmery brass candelabras, funky colored-glass holders or low-profile modern vessels, you'll fall in love with one of these centerpiece ideas.

1. Drippy White Tapers With Pewter Holders Wedding Candle Centerpiece

The extra-long length of these cream-colored taper candles showcases those cinematic drips of wax perfectly, while the pewter holders add silvery dimension to the candles' golden glow.

2. Peach Fuzz Candles With Pottery Holders Wedding Candle Centerpiece

These skinny tapers (in peach fuzz, Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year no less) play so well with the stemmy wildflowers running along the tables. Their short pottery, saucer-like holders bring a modern-rustic vibe and offer a practical place for wax to gather that's not the tablecloth.

3. Bundles of Bows Wedding Candle Centerpiece

These lush bow-bedecked candelabras are what coquette dreams are made of. The silky texture of the ribbons shimmers just enough in the glow of the cream and pink tapers.

4. Subtle Glass Votive Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Wedding centerpieces with candles don't all have to be tall and colorful to make a statement. Mixing short, clear-glass votives—some with a smooth exterior, others with some cut-crystal-like touches—adds just enough warmth to a table set with quirky plants and propagated fronds.

5. Quirky Disco Elegance Wedding Candle Centerpiece

The best way to deformalize the classic taper candle shape: throw some sparkling disco balls in between. We love the play between classic and funky—not to mention how the groovy table number sign brings the cheerful look together. (Plus, disco balls are a top wedding decor trend for 2024.)

6. Glass Column Floating Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Thin glass column vases like these are the perfect display vessels when it comes to floating candle wedding centerpieces. We love how their transparent silhouette plays with both the nearby pillar candles and sparkling gold orchid vases.

7. Colorful Tapers in Crystal Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Instead of limiting the taper candles to a single color, the reception tables at this event showcased a myriad of wedding colors as part of the tabletop design. Look closely—the candle holders are also in just-different hues.

8. Simple Forest Green Wedding Candle Centerpiece

These taper candles are a lesson in how simple doesn't mean boring (and how playing off the look of your venue can help you achieve a cohesive reception look). Alternating with dainty bud vases, these candles pull the rich green of the walls onto the tables with minimal effort and high impact.

9. High and Low Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Mixing different candle heights and silhouettes is a foolproof way to bring visual interest to your reception table. The simple white pillar candles add warm light to the tablescape in between the tall, statement-making antique gold taper holders.

10. Ribbon and Fruit Wedding Candle Centerpiece

This U-shaped table is the stuff of dreams when it comes to candlestick wedding centerpieces. Drippy cream tapers feel extra romantic displayed in crystal candlesticks tied with blush and lavender ribbon and separated by stout pillar candles as well as bundles of figs and grapes that feel straight out of the Dutch Golden Age of painting.

11. Something Blue Wedding Candle Centerpiece

The great thing about candles is that they're available in pretty much any color, so you can easily source a few that can be your something blue. We're loving the pastel tapers that were on display at this spring garden wedding.

12. Black and White Wedding Candle Centerpiece

You might think of the terms "elegant" and "austere" when pondering what black and white wedding colors might look like, but this whimsical display—one of our favorite wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers—proves otherwise. Black taper candles are a funky take on the classic shape, while the fluffy bouquets of anemone blooms bring a lighthearted feel.

13. Taper Runner Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Taper Runner Wedding Candle Centerpiece
Photo: Barker Evans

We love the pairing of candles and flowers as much as the next person, but suspending the blossoms from the ceiling so the candles can shine (literally) by themselves on the table is giving major enchanted greenhouse vibes. The mix of tones and heights add to the visual interest of the spectacle.

14. Vintage Curiosity Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Film buffs, take notice: Pairing taper candles in antique gold candlesticks with stacks of old books, curiosities like a coffee can filled with vintage arrows and a bunch of stemmy wildflowers achieves a collected and eclectic look that feels very Wes Anderson-goes-to-summer-camp.

15. Classic Pink-Toned Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Dusty rose-hued candles are the perfect complement to bursts of blooms in shades of pink. Because there's so much interest in this tablescape, thin candlesticks that add sparkle without being over the top are the perfect additions.

16. Twisted Taper Wedding Candle Centerpiece

We've seen these spiral taper candles across cool-girl homes everywhere the past couple of years, but incorporating them into wedding reception candle centerpieces still feels new and fresh. It's especially unexpected when paired with opulent Baroque-esque decor, like in this estate wedding.

17. Gold Candelabra Wedding Candle Centerpiece

If you're planning a vintage wedding and are on the hunt for affordable wedding decorations, this look is for you. For to-be-weds that love thrifting, turn your tabletop design into a DIY wedding centerpiece project by scouring flea markets and thrift stores for an eclectic selection of candle holders. It's also a great option if you're looking for candle wedding centerpieces on a budget, since you can mix and match.

18. Gold and Silver Mixed Wedding Candle Centerpiece

There's something so elegant and dreamy about choosing this ring of candles over a clustered centerpiece in the middle of a round table. The mix of gold and silver candlesticks and candelabras gives a collected look, like you ran around a European estate plucking whatever you could find from tables and fireplace mantles before arranging it here.

19. Bold Monochromatic Wedding Candle Centerpiece

This bold and industrial wedding chose a different hue of brightly colored taper candles to display along the center of each table. Dried flowers add a little softness and some fun shapes around the sleek gunmetal candlesticks.

20. Funky Bud Vase and Taper Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Mismatched geometric bud vases and candle holders create a vintage and eclectic look that's ideal for a retro Cali wedding like this one. The rounded shape of each vessel keeps things feeling cohesive, too.

21. Long Table With White Tapers Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Tall candles, like pillar candles or taper candles, work well with rectangular reception tables where you want a long centerpiece to run all the way down its length. The subtle, low florals help the candles stay as the focal point. (Can't you just see these tapers flickering along with guests' laughter? So romantic.)

22. Modern Fluted Wedding Candle Centerpiece

To bring their tabletop vision to life, this couple's centerpiece showcases a mix of larger pillar candle holders and smaller votive holders all made of funky fluted glass that gets extra shimmery with the flickering flames.

23. Crystal Candelabra Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Candelabra wedding centerpieces made from sparkling crystal are one of the most romantic wedding ideas you can find for an intimate wedding at an elegant estate. Add a few more lone tapers in glass holders for more light, if you wish.

24. Terracotta-Toned Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Terracotta-colored taper candles bring rustic elegance to this tablescape, which features amber glass, cacti and wildflowers. The candles' rich hue is the perfect touch for a Western backyard wedding.

25. Taupe Pillar Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Pillar candles in a modern neutral hue like taupe are the perfect addition to a modern venue, especially when displayed with pink, gray and brown florals and linens to create a natural wood-and-stone-like color palette.

26. Mixed Marsala Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Blending blush pink with deep, rich marsala red adds so much dimension to this candle-centric tablescape, since it pulls some tones from the elevated floral arrangements perched over the table. Recreate the look yourself by pulling two interesting hues from your flower arrangements and alternating the different colored candles down the table's center.

27. Rustic Winter White Wedding Candle Centerpiece

These thin, creamy beige tapers complement the smoke-colored glassware and winter white blooms perfectly. A few ribbed-glass votives scattered about bring even more light and, with the twinkling bulbs strung across the ceiling and the walls of this venue, it looks as if little drops of light are cascading down and onto the tables. (Lantern centerpieces would also fit the vibe here.)

28. Classic Crystal Candlestick Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Classic Crystal Candlestick Wedding Candle Centerpiece
Photo: The Lilac

As with all parts of wedding planning and design, it's important to keep your venue in mind when making decorating decisions. This couple was tying the knot at a romantic storied villa, so they settled on equally romantic crystal candle holders for the table.

29. Black and Gold Taper Wedding Candle Centerpiece

A romantic die-cut table number accented the moody black taper candles on this tabletop. The result was an eye-catching juxtaposition of elegance and goth.

30. Moody Textured Taper Wedding Candle Centerpiece

A textured taper candle like this feels a little edgier than their classic counterpart—perfect for a moody, sexy black, pink-and-purple tablescape.

31. Black Taper and Funky Floral Wedding Candle Centerpiece

Black taper candles paired with bright otherworldly florals like craspedia is a recipe for a truly innovative style. It's perfect for a tropical, mid-century wedding going for an aesthetic other than bright hues and banana leaves.

32. Taupe Boho Wedding Candle Centerpiece

This bohemian waterfront table design included taupe taper candles, gold taper candle holders and dried palm fronds.

33. White Orb Votive Wedding Candle Centerpiece

The candle holders used at this wedding felt reminiscent of luminary that are typically encased in paper bags. Their rounded shape also complements the ovular silhouette of the florals well.

Top Tips for Wedding Candle Centerpieces

Yes, the ambiance created by candle centerpieces for weddings is ultra-romantic, but you know what isn't? Wax stuck to your expensive table linens and accidentally setting your flowers ablaze. Keep these must-know tips and bits of expert intel in mind to avoid any pitfalls.

Consult a Pro

What do you do about candle wax? Are there flameless candles that look real? What's the difference between a taper and a pillar candle? What kind of candle goes best with my wedding style? A wedding decor vendor can help you answer all of these queries and also create a candle centerpiece that has high design, but won't jeopardize your guests or precious table decorations. Plus you'll get some tips only industry pros would know, like this one from Akingbade: "At the end of the night when blowing out candles, allow them to solidify before you move them to avoid the hot wax spilling on you or on the table."

Follow Your Venue's Safety Guidelines

"When using real candles, the biggest thing to keep in mind is safety. A number of wedding venues do not allow open-flame candles because they want to prevent a fire in case the candle tips over," advises Akingbade. If you love the appearance of candles, but your venue doesn't allow for open flames, battery-powered flameless candles are a solid alternative to traditional candles like votives, tea lights or pillars. Additionally, some venues may allow you to have candles in your reception decor as long as they're encased in glass shields or glass vases. By starting the conversation early with your vendors with regard to candles, you'll ensure you're able to safely have the tablescape you're dreaming of. And no matter how they're displayed, make sure there are no stray stems or leaves getting dangerously close to your candles. Nora Sheils, founder of Bridal Bliss and co-founder of Rock Paper Coin suggests that to-be-weds "ensure candles are enclosed and free from any greenery or floral that could quickly go up in flames if they come too close. Calling in the fire department is not the wow factor couples are striving for."

Work With the Weather

If you're celebrating alfresco (or even in a venue with some really strong air conditioning), you may want to consider shields or lanterns. A shield will keep your flames safe from strong breezes, while an enclosed vessel like a lantern will fare well if a few drops of rain are in the forecast. "I'm always team candle when it comes to tablescapes and elevating the ambiance of an event," says Ashley Lachney, owner of Alston Mayger Events. "There can never be too many, and candlelight is flattering on literally everyone. What's that saying, though? Man plans, God laughs? Two things to keep in mind with candles as a part of your design: venue policies, and wind! Maybe your venue allows candles, but you'll be outdoors. Even the tiniest breeze will snuff out a pretty flame. Ensure that your wicks are about two inches below your chimney sleeve or glass holder—you'll find yourself re-lighting less this way."

Consider the Cost

While candles are definitely not the biggest budget suck when it comes to your wedding decor, you should note a few costs that could increase your grand total. For example, if you're investing in candle shields and encasements to protect your flames from wind, that's an additional cost. If you love the look of a low-profile candle like a very short pillar or a votive, you might need to invest in a few backup candles in case the burn time is short. It's less costly in general to go for a more mismatched look, since you can scoop up candle holders from the thrift shop and even borrow ones from friends and family. And some decor rental companies even offer gently used candles available at a discount. Lastly, if you're renting linens, there is likely a cleaning fee that will be added should wax melt onto the specialty fabric. A muslin table runner that you can dispose of is a great option that works as a shield while also adding additional texture to the tablescape—it's worth a few extra dollars to save you the money and the hassle, should you encounter some rogue wax.

Where to Buy Wedding Candles for Centerpieces

Now that you've taken in some inspo for candle centerpieces for weddings, it's time to take the first step in creating your own. Below, find a handful of retailers that'll come in handy if you're bulk buying candles and wedding candle holders yourself.

  • Yummi Candles: This is your one-stop shop for all things wedding candle centerpieces. You can scoop up hand-dipped taper candles in varying heights in nearly 50 different colors, plus find candlesticks that range from slick, to simple, to ornate. You'll also have a bevy of pillars, votives and floating candle options available to you here, so you can mix and match different sizes and styles.
  • Etsy: While they have some standard bulk options available, the draw when it comes to shopping on Etsy is the curation. You'll be able to score sets of vintage candle holders that you just won't find anywhere else, plus uniquely shaped candles—like the ever-so-trendy twisted taper and even hand-painted candles—crafted by indie artisans.
  • Quick Candles: Quick Candles boasts a wide range of candle types at modest prices, if you're in the market for candle wedding centerpieces on a budget. You can buy both candles and candle holders in bulk, and even purchase them together as a set from around $3.50 per candle-holder pair, depending on your preferred style.

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