21 Epic Groom's Cakes

There's nothing wrong with choosing a traditional chocolate groom's cake -- it's just not as funny as any of these.
Rustic fishing groom's cake
Photo by SMS Photography
  1. Beer Cooler Groom's Cake

    Photo by Cunningham Photo Artists / The Knot

    What's the next best thing to tailgating before a football game? A cake made to look like a beer cooler filled to the brim with sugar ice and edible beer bottles. (This one by Wow Factor Cakes in Charlotte, NC.)

  2. Camping Groom's Cake

    Photo by Courtesy of The Happy Cake / The Knot

    The attention to detail is what makes these cakes so remarkable, and this camping site cake complete with edible evergreen trees and roasting marshmallows, is no different.

  3. A Dog Lover's Groom's Cake

    Photo by Simone & Martin Photography / The Knot

    We're not sure why one would want their groom's cake to look like dog food, but either way, the cake baker pulled it off flawlessly.

  4. Hand Surgery Groom's Cake

    Photo by Courtesy of Kakes By Karen / The Knot

    For all you surgeons out there, you might want to leave your work at the hospital and not bring it to the wedding. We have to hand it to this couple (we had to!) for their originality -- the last thing guests will expect on your wedding day is a bloody cake.

  5. Deer Head Groom's Cake

    Photo by Klose Photography / The Knot

    This deer head groom's cake would make any hunter proud.

  6. Blue Monster Groom's Cake

    Photo by Nate Henderson/Open Light Studio / The Knot

    We're not sure what compelled the groom to ask for a blue dragon-like monster cake with glow-in-the-dark green nails, but we like it.

    Cake: Kerry O'Connor, Savannah, GA

  7. Clif Bar Groom's Cake

    Photo by Angela Stott Photography / The Knot

    This dessert may look like a healthy Clif Bar, but don't be fooled -- there's cake in there!

  8. Fish Groom's Cake

    Photo by SMS Photography / The Knot

    The best part about this groom's cake is that it's made of sugar and cake (read: not raw fish).

  9. Boxing Gloves Groom's Cake

    Photo by Courtesy of Sweet and Saucy / The Knot

    It's the attention to detail here, like the thumbnail indentation peeking through the glove, that gets us.

  10. Hulk Groom's Cake

    Standing Hulk groom's cake
    Photo by Courtesy of Cake Lava / The Knot

    This Incredible Hulk cake has some serious muscles, which makes it perfect for a big comic book fan or a weight lifting pro.

  11. Beer Pong Groom's Cake

    Photo by Millie Holloman / The Knot

    A beer pong table cake complete with regulation red Solo cups and ping pong balls might get guests in the mood to play the classic college game.

  12. Baseball Stadium Groom's Cake

    Photo by Serendipity Photography / The Knot

    Does the wedding day conflict with a big game? Bring the stadium to you with a recreation of your home team's field.

  13. Jabba the Hutt Groom's Cake

    Photo by Eclectic Images Photography / The Knot

    We're not sure how appetizing this cake is, but if you're fiance is a huge Star Wars fan, this could be the perfect groom's cake. But, maybe a loveable Ewok or life-like Yoda would work better for a wedding?

  14. A Crossword Puzzle Groom's Cake

    Photo by Courtesy of Tipsy Cake / The Knot

    Nerds unite! This crossword puzzle groom's cake, complete with an edible pencil and coffee mug, is a must for any logophile.

  15. Nilla Wafers Groom's Cake

    Photo by Graceology Photography / The Knot

    Cookie monsters, don't you worry: Even if you order a cake like this, you can still ask your cake baker to stuff it full of the real deal.

  16. Tackle Box Groom's Cake

    Photo by Michelle Walker Photography / The Knot

    Gorgeous wedding decorations? Check. Groom's cake made into a tackle box filled with lures, chips, and beer? Check!

  17. Tobasco Groom's Cake

    Photo by Lace Hanky Photography / The Knot

    Judging from this photo, this groom probably would have been just as pleased with a bottle of hot sauce for dessert.

  18. Sushi Groom's Cake

    Photo by Serendipity Photography / The Knot

    This sushi-themed groom's cake might have guests searching for some real wasabi!

  19. Dog Groom's Cake

    Photo by Steve Depino Photography / The Knot

    Asking your cake baker to replicate your favorite dog may seem a little out there, but we're sure that if Mr. Droopy could talk, he'd approve.

  20. Canon Camera Groom's Cake

    Photo by Apertura Photography / The Knot

    Let's just hope the photographers doesn't get confused between this Canon camera cake and the real deal!

  21. Surfboard Groom's Cake

    Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography / The Knot

    In most cases, an over-the-top groom's cake has a personal story behind its creation. We just wish we knew what the story was behind this bear and a fox on a surfboard. One thing is for sure: This wedding was probably amazing.

    Planner: Julie Pryor of Pryor Events, Los Angeles, CA

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