17 Epic Groom's Cake Ideas

Go for something totally out of the box.
anja winikka the knot wedding industry expert
Anja Winikka
anja winikka the knot wedding industry expert
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Updated Apr 28, 2020

When it comes to the groom's cake, there are no rules. Traditionally speaking, the groom's cake is meant to be a very decadent, luxe flavor that supplements the wedding cake. Use it as an opportunity to splurge on a smaller version of your favorite flavor cake, or ask your baker to craft a design that's totally unique.

But before we dive in and reveal some of our favorite groom's cake ideas, we've answered some of your most frequently asked questions around the topic. Check out our answers and then feast your eyes on the most creative groom's cakes we've ever seen!

What is a groom's cake?

Traditionally, the groom's cake is a gift from the bride to the groom. In fact, it is a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era, when brides would surprise their husbands with a special cake alongside their main cake. The bride usually chooses a theme for the cake that reflects the groom's personality, hobbies or interests. For example, a cake may revolve around the groom's favorite sports team, or it could be designed to focus on their love of hiking or fishing.

Is a groom's cake necessary?

It's your wedding and you get to call the shots. Certainly no one expects a groom's cake, but it can be a nice, delicious touch to your day. Some couples like to offer a groom's cake in a flavor that is different from their main wedding cake to give their guests more options. Trust us, no one will complain about extra dessert.

When do you serve a groom's wedding cake?

Again, it is entirely up to you where and when you serve the cake. Some couples prefer to serve their cake at their rehearsal dinner, while others set it on the dessert table next to their main wedding cake.

Is the groom's wedding cake a surprise?

On the one hand, some couples like to keep the groom's cake a surprise as it adds a little extra magic to the day. As we mentioned before, there are no set rules around presenting the groom's wedding cake, so if you want to surprise the groom with his cake, go on and do so. But on the other hand, you may want to ask for the groom's advice or input to ensure cake suits all his preferences.

Now that you have a better idea around the groom's wedding cake concept, take a bite out of these impressive concoctions.

'Harry Potter' Groom's Cake

Harry Potter groom's cake idea
Amanda Summerlin Photography

From: An Organic, Natural Wedding at Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas

Yeti Cooler Groom's Cake

Yeti cooler groom's cake idea
Mark Eric Weddings

From: A Traditional Wedding at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, Louisiana

'Saved by the Bell' Groom's Cake

'Saved by the Bell' themed groom's cake idea
Amanda Pomilla Photography

From: A Glamorous Spring Wedding at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, Texas

College Football Helmet Groom's Cake

Tennessee Volunteers football helmet groom's cake
Ivory Door Studio

From: A Rustic Wedding at Buffalo River Farm and Studio Bed and Breakfast in Summertown, Tennessee

Chick-fil-A Groom's Cake

Chick-fil-A groom's cake idea
Eliza Morril Photography

From: A Lakeside Military Wedding at Spring Lake in Rockmart, Georgia

Mathematic Groom's Cake

Simple single-tier groom's cake with a calculator and pencils

From: An Apple Creek Country Club Wedding in Bismark, North Dakota

Florida Gators Groom's Cake

Florida Gators groom's cake idea
Set Free Photography

From: An Ivory, Blush and Navy Wedding at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa in Bonita Springs, Florida

Rustic Groom's Cake

Hunting themed groom's cake idea
Brittany Conner Photography

From: A Rustic, Vintage-Inspired Wedding at Museum of Appalachia in Norris, Tennessee

Record Player Groom's Cake

Record player groom's cake idea

From: A Vibrant Modern Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

Reese's Groom's Cake

Delicious Reese's groom's cake idea
Marvelous Things Photography

From: A Whimsical Bicycle-Themed Wedding at Charlie Palmer Steak in Washington, DC

Captain America Groom's Cake

Captain America groom's cake
Riverland Studios

From: A Vibrant Wedding at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina

UFC Groom's Cake

Creative UFC groom's cake idea
Amanda Hartfield Photography

From: A Romantic Fall Wedding at Oak Valley Vineyard in San Antonio, Texas

Outdoor Sports Groom's Cake

Outdoor sports groom's cake idea
Sarah Mattix Photography

From: A Modern, Outdoor Wedding at Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Button-Down Groom's Cake

A creaive button-down groom's cake idea
Tracy Burch Photography

From: A Pastel Wedding at Sweetwater Event Center in Evansville, Indiana

Texas Longhorns Groom's Cake

Texas Longhorns groom's cake idea

From: A Romantic Wedding in Austin, TX

Texas A&M Ring Groom's Cake

Texas A&M Aggie ring idea for a cool groom's cake
Two Pair Photography

From: A Rustic Hill Country Wedding at Bella Springs Events in Boerne, Texas

World Traveler Groom's Cake

World traveler groom's cake idea

From: A Ritz-Carlton Cancun Wedding in Cancun, Mexico

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