17 Epic Groom's Cake Ideas

Go for something totally out of the box.
by Anja Winikka

When it comes to the groom's cake, there are no rules. Traditionally speaking, the groom's cake is meant to be a very decadent, luxe flavor that supplements the wedding cake. Use it as an opportunity to splurge on a smaller version of your favorite flavor cake, or ask your baker to craft a design that's totally unique. Here are some of our favorite ideas to inspire you:

  1. 'Harry Potter' Groom's Cake

    Harry Potter groom's cake idea
    Amanda Summerlin Photography
  2. Yeti Cooler Groom's Cake

    Yeti cooler groom's cake idea
    Mark Eric Weddings
  3. 'Saved by the Bell' Groom's Cake

    'Saved by the Bell' themed groom's cake idea
    Amanda Pomilla Photography
  4. College Football Helmet Groom's Cake

    Tennessee Volunteers football helmet groom's cake
    Ivory Door Studio
  5. Chick-fil-A Groom's Cake

    Chick-fil-A groom's cake idea
    Eliza Morril Photography
  6. Mathematic Groom's Cake

    Simple single-tier groom's cake with a calculator and pencils
  7. Florida Gators Groom's Cake

    Florida Gators groom's cake idea
    Set Free Photography
  8. Rustic Groom's Cake

    Hunting themed groom's cake idea
    Brittany Conner Photography
  9. Record Player Groom's Cake

    Record player groom's cake idea
  10. Reese's Groom's Cake

    Delicious Reese's groom's cake idea
    Marvelous Things Photography
  11. Captain America Groom's Cake

    Captain America groom's cake
    Riverland Studios
  12. UFC Groom's Cake

    Creative UFC groom's cake idea
    Amanda Hartfield Photography
  13. Outdoor Sports Groom's Cake

    Outdoor sports groom's cake idea
    Sarah Mattix Photography
  14. Button-Down Groom's Cake

    A creaive button-down groom's cake idea
    Tracy Burch Photography
  15. Texas Longhorns Groom's Cake

    Texas Longhorns groom's cake idea
  16. Texas A&M Ring Groom's Cake

    Texas A&M Aggie ring idea for a cool groom's cake
    Two Pair Photography
  17. World Traveler Groom's Cake

    World traveler groom's cake idea
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