These Nontraditional Wedding Bouquets Are a Breath of Fresh Air

You can carry rescue puppies down the aisle (just FYI).
by Maggie Seaver

You and your wedding party don’t have to carry a ribbon-wrapped arrangement of flowers down the aisle. There—we said it. At the end of the day, a classic bundle of blooms might not be your style. If that’s the case, you’re welcome to nix the idea altogether, but you can also swap traditional florals for a handful of something equally meaningful and pretty that perfectly matches your wedding style. Stumped on ideas? Take a look at these 15 unique wedding bouquet alternatives that range from minimal to whimsical to help spark some inspiration.

  1. 1. Rustic or metallic wreaths wrapped in asymmetrical vines are about as Pinterest worthy as it gets.

  2. 2. Foodies shouldn’t shy away from carrying something edible down the aisle, whether it’s a bundle of herbs, doughnuts (yes, doughnuts) or a single, geometric artichoke.

  3. 3. Single-stem bouquets are the chic and minimal answer to overgrown arrangements.

  4. 4. For a whimsical DIY wedding, an oversize paper flower makes a colorful statement.

  5. 5. Rustic flower boxes bursting with fresh blooms are the perfect way to shake things up without getting rid of flowers altogether.

  6. 6. Nothing says “celebrate” like a cloud of bright balloons.

  7. 7. Showcase your crafty side with an architectural bouquet of pom-poms.

  8. 8. Think of pomanders as the sweet, sculptural cousin to bouquets—perfect for flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

  9. 9. A cluster of intricate origami flowers is an eye-catching nod to Japanese culture.

  10. 10. You don’t need to hold anything—a stunning corsage keeps your hands free while including your favorite flowers.

  11. 11. You can never have too much bling, especially on your wedding day.

  12. 12. Shells make a beautiful and unexpected accessory for couples saying “I do” by the sea.

  13. 13. One (or a few) of your favorite magazines, books or musical scores is the perfect personal touch.

  14. 14. Your wedding party can light the way with vintage lanterns (imagine how gorgeous they’d look at a nighttime ceremony).

  15. 15. The trendiest bouquet swap right now? Living, breathing, adorable rescue puppies.

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