31 Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives You Didn’t Know Were Possible

Flowers aren’t the only thing your bridesmaid can hold.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated Sep 21, 2023

Bouquets are often a major part of a wedding's floral design. They're the perfect way to accessorize a wedding attendant's look while calling attention to the role that person is playing in the day's celebration. But not everyone wants a traditional arrangement. Enter: Bridesmaid bouquet alternatives. While bouquets most traditionally are made with wedding flowers, we love to see couples reinvent traditions and personalize their big days.

There's no rule that bouquets be made of fresh flowers or structured as an arrangement of botanicals. The idea is simply to accessorize a wedding-day look with a little something special—but that item can truly be anything. Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite unique wedding bouquet alternatives and ideas so you can tap into your creative side. No matter your wedding theme, there's sure to be an unconventional wedding bouquet idea that's perfect for your nuptials.

1. Brass Knuckle Wedding Bouquet Alternative

    If you want your celebration to be edgy and your wedding party members to hold something petite, this is the perfect eclectic idea for you. Attendants at this wedding decorated black brass knuckles with vibrant blooms and foliage.

    2. Cute Bunny Non-Traditional Unique Wedding Bouquet Idea

      Bunny wearing flowers wedding bouquet alternative
      Photo: Lovely and Light

      If supporting rescue rabbits means a lot to you, consider working with a bunny rescue to see how your wedding could be a source of activism to support the shelter. While the animal shelter would likely appreciate the publicity that images of their rescues would garner, consider taking things a step further by including their organization as a charity donation option within your wedding registry.

      3. No-Bouquet Wedding Origami Pomander

        Sphere-shaped pomanders are one of the most fun wedding bouquet alternatives. This pomander was even more unique because it was made of origami paper flowers.

        4. Whimsical Paper Butterfly Bridal Bouquet Alternative

          Butterfly wedding bouquet alternative
          Photo: Nirav Patel Photography

          Every detail of this couple's wedding was butterfly-themed. This is one of the most unique non-flower bouquet ideas that you should definitely include at an enchanting garden wedding.

          5. Unconventional Bouquet Alternative With Puppies

            If you love the bunny idea, consider partnering with a local animal rescue for some puppy play time. In addition to posing with shelter pups to raise awareness, you could create a GoFundMe registry to support the charity of your choice so all your guests can join in the activism.

            6. Musical Triangles Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet

              For musically minded couples, triangles might be fun bouquet alternatives for wedding attendants to carry. Connect with your ceremony musicians about coordinating and having the wedding party members play the triangles as they process into the ceremony.

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              7. No-Bouquet Wedding Flower Crowns

                Flower crown wedding bouquet alternatives
                Photo: Rachel Marie Photographie
                Florist: Fleur De Lis Fresh Flowers

                Want wedding pictures of your bridesmaids without bouquets? Ask your florist to make small flower crowns for an ethereal look.

                8. Magazine Bridal Bouquet Alternative

                  This bride carried a unique bouquet of her favorite magazines and foliage. You can copy this idea or have your bridesmaids hold fanned-out pages from your favorite books.

                  9. Vintage Cabinet Knob Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative

                    This is definitely one of the most unconventional bouquet alternatives we've seen in a long time. An assortment of colorful cabinet knobs were carried down the aisle of this New Orleans wedding with lace and sheer fabric wrapped around the bottom.

                    10. Vibrant Lantern Bridal Bouquet Alternative

                      Floral lantern wedding bouquet alternatives
                      Photo: Athena Pelton

                      If you love thrifting and are looking for an easy DIY wedding project, this is made for you. Visit vintage stores to find lanterns that work as alternatives to bridesmaid bouquets at your wedding.

                      11. Giant Balloon Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet

                        Talk about making a statement. Oversized balloons are a playful option for couples who want a big, bold accessory.

                        12. Corsage Wedding Bouquet Alternative

                          Corsage wedding bouquet alternatives
                          Photo: Lauren Fair Photography

                          Corsages aren't only for high school prom. Offer your bridesmaid wedding corsages as hands-free bridal bouquet alternatives.

                          13. Vegetable Non-Traditional Wedding Bouquet

                            Flowers aren't the only plants that can be arranged into creative designs. Vegetables, like cabbage and kale, are a zesty alternative, especially if you're tying the knot somewhere like a farm or greenhouse.

                            14. Glam White Brooch Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative

                              Make your bouquet serve as your "something old." Create a handheld design comprised of vintage brooches passed down from family members.

                              15. Succulent Wedding Bouquet Alternative

                                Succulent wedding bouquet alternative
                                Photo: Shanda Lynn Call Photography,Florist: Plant Peddler

                                Succulents are a popular element in rustic wedding centerpieces. The plant can also be included in bridesmaid bouquets.

                                16. Eclectic Dried and Metal Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative

                                  Forget having a fresh arrangement and have a dried one instead. This bouquet got a glam upgrade thanks to the inclusion of spiked metal flowers.

                                  17. Crepe Paper Alternative Wedding Bouquet

                                    Coral charm peonies are beautiful but have a limited growing season and may not be readily available on your wedding day. If that's the case, take a cue from this to-be-wed and opt for peonies made of crepe and tissue paper and coffee filters.

                                    18. Artichoke Bridal Bouquet Alternative

                                      Artichoke wedding bouquet alternative
                                      Photo: Kirsten Marie Photography

                                      If you're wondering "What can bridesmaids carry instead of flowers," try artichokes. These veggies are visually similar to succulents and are a good out-of-the-box plant for your bouquet needs.

                                      19. Large Paper Flower Unconventional Bouquet Alternative

                                        A single-flower bouquet is a new wedding flower trend, so take it up a notch. This couple decided one giant paper flower would really pack a punch and make a statement.

                                        20. Neutral Non-Flower Bouquet With Fabric Rosettes

                                          This is a bridesmaid bouquet idea that'll last as a keepsake long after the wedding. The champagne and white arrangement is made of fabric and has gold accents with pearl centers.

                                          21. Metal Hoop Bouquet Alternative

                                            Want to keep the bridesmaid bouquet lightweight? Have a metal hoop as the foundation for a small bouquet. And as a bonus, wedding attendants can take the design home and utilize it as home decor.

                                            22. Parasol Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative

                                              If you're having a wedding in the sunny outdoors, give your bridesmaids parasols instead of bouquets. Parasols help block the sun but don't expect them to protect you from the rain.

                                              23. Non-Traditional Wedding Bouquet With English Ivy

                                                Ivy wedding bouquet alternatives
                                                Photo: Josh & Dana Fernandez
                                                Florist: LBJ Events

                                                Greenery vines, like ivy and eucalyptus, are incredibly versatile. We love how these alternative wedding bouquets are held together with a lacy white ribbon.

                                                24. Reusable Lantern Non-Flower Bouquet Idea

                                                  Much like other non-traditional wedding bouquets on this list, lanterns are a versatile option. They can double as ceremony bouquets and reception table decor.

                                                  25. Silk Bridal Bouquet Alternative

                                                    There's something so timeless and elegant about silk flower bouquets. The bride and her mother got old jewelry from their family, deconstructed it, and put it in the faux rose bridesmaid bouquets.

                                                    26. Woven Basket Bouquet Alternative

                                                      Woven basket wedding bouquet alternatives
                                                      Photo: Athena Bludé Photography

                                                      Baskets aren't just for flower girls. A basket is a great option for your other wedding-day attendants as well.

                                                      27. Simple Wheat and Greenery Non-Flower Bouquet Idea

                                                        Wheat and greenery wedding bouquet alternative
                                                        Photo: Christina Lilly Photography

                                                        This is a stylish option for rustic or boho weddings. To add more texture to this greenery-centric arrangement, the florist layered in preserved wheat stalks.

                                                        28. Wood Flower Box Alternative Wedding Bouquet

                                                          Wooden flower box wedding bouquet alternative
                                                          Photo: Brooke Mayo Photographers

                                                          If you don't know what to hold instead of a bouquet, try this alternative. Work with your florist to identify vessels that wedding attendants could carry down the aisle before those designs are placed on reception tables as centerpieces.

                                                          29. Rustic Hoop Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative

                                                            Rustic hoop wedding bouquet alternatives
                                                            Photo: Emily Mathewson Photography

                                                            We know we already showed you a hoop bouquet, but for those who want a more natural choice, this one is for you. Have your bridesmaids hold wreath-style decorated hoops.

                                                            30. Mixed Greenery Bouquet Alternative

                                                              Mixed greenery wedding bouquet
                                                              Photo: The Flowerman

                                                              The bride wanted to have all-green unique bridesmaid bouquets. That's why each person had an arrangement of seeded eucalyptus, rosemary, Israeli ruscus and sprengeri.

                                                              31. No Bridesmaid Bouquet

                                                                Contrary to popular belief, you can go without bouquets for your bridesmaids. Save some money and ask your florist to add more drama and romance to other parts of your wedding.

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