11 Stylish Ways to Use Succulents in Your Wedding

Adding depth and dimension, succulents show that wedding decor is no longer all about fresh stems.
Succulent bridal bouquet
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Carrie Anton
carrie anton the knot contributor
Carrie Anton
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Whether you're seeking sophisticated simplicity or one-of-a-kind style, succulents are a great place to start. The thick and fleshy plants store water in their leaves, allowing them to thrive best in warm, dry climates. But beyond the botany basics, these textured beauties add natural charm all on their own or when blended in with your favorite blooms.

"Designing with succulents in personals, such as bridal bouquets, attendant bouquets and boutonnieres, are best because they'll be photographed and noticed more," says Christi Lopez, President of Bergerons, who says succulents work well with organic, rustic, garden, modern and contemporary themes. "You name it, succulents work!"

Not sure how to add succulents to your special event? Here are a few ideas.

1. Showstopping Backdrop

Succulent backdrop

Take your greenery over the top with a ceremony backdrop starring succulents from floor to ceiling.

2. Plant Your Guests

Wedding succulents

Combine your wedding favors and escort cards in one with small succulents to show your guests where to sit.

3. Mane Attraction

Succulent hairpiece

Loose waves are transformed into a striking 'do adorned by succulents and blooms used throughout the big day.

4. Best of Your Bouquet

Wedding succulents

Even small succulents amidst a bed of flowers can be stunning. "Succulents cost more than cut flowers, so using them as accents and focal areas in designs are best so that they shine," says Lopez.

5. Striking Simplicity

Succulent bridal bouquets

Complement the beauty of your bridesmaids and their gowns with bouquets of monochromatic succulents and foliage.

6. Garden Art

Earrings on succulents

It can be hard to capture little details like your jewelry in a full body photo. But when used as props, succulents can turn your accessories into lasting memories.

7. Blooms for the Boys

Succulent boutonniere

Succulents make the perfect plant for a simple statement against classic menswear.

8. Dazzling Danglers

Succulent decor

Share your first kiss beneath an arch strung with glass terrariums filled with sweet succulents and baby's breath. "Also consider hanging them from a tall centerpiece with fishing line for the illusion of them floating, or decorative wire for a more contemporary look," says Lopez.

9. Desert-Inspired Dessert

Succulent decor

A cascade of succulents adds a desert detail to a traditional four-tiered white wedding cake.

10. Succulent Style

Succulent decor

Bring your theme to life with dots of decor and small pots of succulents in vignette-styled nooks.

11. Sophisticated Centerpiece

Succulent centerpiece

Succulents take texture to new depths when paired with bright blooms and fanning foliage for a tropical-inspired centerpiece.

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