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6 Ways to Use a Retro Airstream in Your Wedding

The vintage road-trip trailer is all set to take your wedding in new directions.
Airstream trailer
carrie anton the knot contributor
by Carrie Anton
carrie anton the knot contributor
Carrie Anton
The Knot Contributor
  • Carrie Anton is a freelance user experience writer and content strategist.
  • Carrie co-founded Wonder: An Idea Studio, a creative consultancy in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Carrie previously worked as a Book Editor and Web Writer for American Girl.
Updated Nov 18, 2019

Full of retro style, vintage Airstreams are best known for camping and cross-country treks. However, as more couples look for unique options to make their weddings stand out, the silver-bullet styled bus or trailer offers a lot in a little space. Here, we've rounded use seven fun ways to get more miles out of Airstreams for your wedding.

1. Get Ready to Go

Hotel suites are great for bigger bridal parties, but when getting ready with just a couple of bridesmaids, park an airstream near the ceremony site to prep your hair and makeup.

2. Roll Up to the Bar

Give a retro vibe to cocktail hour by having bartenders serve up signature drinks from a drop down window.

3. Just Park It

There is an airstream outside our wedding venue.
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When guests arrive to an Airstream parked at the wedding, they know they're in for a classic good time. Use the shiny vehicle as a decor statement piece, making it the must-see item of your retro theme.

4. Find Time for Two

Finding little moments to steal away with your new spouse is a must on your wedding day, so pop in when you just need a couple minutes away together.

5. Serve in Style

If renting or buying an Airstream isn't in the wedding budget, hire a food truck that serves tasty street fare from the silver bullet.

6. Hit the Open Road

🙌🏼 #AirstreamDreams ____________________________ 📷 by @soundrawing
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Who needs frequent flier miles for a vacation when you can hit the open road and turn your newlywed time into a chance to travel the country?

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