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15 Unique Wedding Table Numbers We'll Help You Recreate

Shop the look to make this awesome inspiration your own.
Emily Platt
by Emily Platt
Updated Aug 22, 2019
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Escort cards are only half the equation when it comes to getting guests to their assigned reception seats. To help everyone settle in seamlessly, you'll have to make it easy for them to find said seats once they have their assignments. Wedding table numbers (or names or themes, if you're feeling extra-creative) that mark each designated seating section are best when they're ultra-eye-catching. They should also feel personalized to you as a couple—just like the rest of your event! Luckily, "unique" doesn't have to translate to "hard to execute." We've pulled the following wedding table number ideas straight from some of the most creative real weddings. And to show you just how simple they are to recreate, we've found similar items you can buy on the spot or easily DIY.

1. Wooden Table Numbers

Wood stump wedding table number

Get table numbers that stand tall all on their own with these natural wooden stumps that do just that. We love the idea for a fall, winter or otherwise rustic wedding. To DIY, just collect some lumber and paint the numbers on yourselves. Or, buy a premade option—like the engraved option below.

Shop the idea: Vermont Branch Company elegant woodsy wedding table numbers, $8 each, 

2. Geometric Table Numbers

Acrylic geometric wedding table number

Consider yourselves a contemporary couple? Try hexagonal wedding table numbers that look just like these. They're chic, artsy and unique. The versions below come with or without wooden stands and you get to pick the lettering color.

Shop the idea: Bella Bride Creations hexagon table number, from $8,

3. Agate Table Numbers

Blue agate wedding table number

There's no doubt about it: This wedding's agate table numbers rocked. Love the look? Purchase your slabs then find table number stands to hold them. From there, you can handwrite the numbers or commission a calligrapher for the penmanship. That said, there's always the option to purchase pre-numbered agate slices and coordinating wedding table number holders. 

Shop the idea: Hello Posh agate table numbers, from $11 each,; Hello Posh mini gold easel agate slice display, from $5 each, 

4. Neon Light Table Numbers

Lobster neon light wedding table number

It looks like these two found their lobster! (Friends, anyone?) We're obsessed with neon wedding decor, including eye-catching wedding table numbers. Ready to replicate the idea? First, make sure your venue setup allows you to hide (and plug-in) any necessary wires. Then, shop for affordable standing lights that speak to you. (FYI: Target sells a bunch that you can buy in bulk or mix and match.) Bonus points if you keep them or give them as fun wedding party gifts postwedding! 

Shop the idea: Room Essentials palm tree neon LED lamp, $20,

5. Chalkboard Table Numbers

Vintage chalkboard sign wedding table number

You can't go wrong with cute chalkboard signs. These all-in-one table numbers and table number holders prove it. The Knot Shop sells a bunch of similar options for any casual or rustic-chic event. From there, just buy the chalk!

Shop the idea: The Knot Shop tabletop antique white blackboard stand, from $6 each, 

6. Acrylic Table Numbers

Acrylic wedding table number with wooden stand

Acrylic signs are also taking the wedding world by storm. And are you really surprised? The minimalist look is equal parts dreamy and modern. We love the botanical accents on this real wedding's table numbers so much that we found something ultra-similar on Etsy (right down to the wooden stand!). You can even customize the text color and holder colors. 

Shop the idea: Artzone Signs acrylic with vinyl table numbers and wooden holders, $8 each,

7. Mirror Table Numbers 

Silver mirror wedding table number

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what are the prettiest table numbers of all? Perhaps these geometric stunners are the answer. Go hunting for vintage mirrors you can paint and display with table number holders, or buy a set of the below, which look near-identical to the ones pictured. You can get them as either silver or gold table numbers and they come with coordinating stands. 

Shop the idea: Z Create Design mirror hexagon numbers for wedding decor, $10 each, 

8. Wine Bottle Table Numbers

Wine bottle wedding table number

Vino-themed wedding table numbers? We'll toast to that. These wine bottles were decorated with custom stickers, which The Knot Shop sells a ton of. As for the bottles? Save the ones you drink while wedding planning—because planning goes well with a good glass of wine.

Shop the idea: The Knot Shop classic table number wine label, $11 for a set of 12, 

9. Playing Card Table Numbers

Vintage playing card wedding table number with key holder

Playing cards work with so many themes, especially with all the themed decks out there (we're looking at you, The Knot Shop). This wedding went with a whimsical, vintage event design. Check out those key table number holders! Color us impressed. Now impress your guests by replicating the look. Pro tip: Give attendees matching card decks as wedding favors so they'll never forget your amazing decor. 

Shop the idea: The Knot Shop unique custom playing cards in Rustic Lace Medley, $3 per deck,; The Knot Shop vintage key stationery holder, $4 for a set of 8,

10. Watercolor Table Numbers

Watercolor wedding table number with seashell holder

This seaside wedding featured gorgeous watercolor table number cards fastened to seashell stands. It's a foolproof combination for any oceanic event, and also really easy to replicate.

Shop the idea: The Knot Shop aqueous table number in Carribean Blue, $10 for a set of 12,; The Knot Shop seashell silver card holders, $20 for a set of 8,

11. Scrabble Table Numbers

Scrabble wooden wedding table number

Talk about a genius idea—especially for wordsmiths. To create your own playful Scrabble-inspired table numbers, crowdsource pieces from the actual game. Or, shop for imitation pieces in bulk on Amazon. (Because Amazon really has everything.) Just make sure you have enough letters to spell out all your wedding table numbers. Also ensure that your letters fit into the stands you buy.

Shop the idea: Yellow Mountain Imports wooden racks for Scrabble tiles, $19 for a set of 10,; BSIRI craft wood letter tiles, $6 for a set of 100,

12. Driftwood Table Numbers

Driftwood sailboat wedding table number

 Ahoy, nautical brides and grooms. How cute is this sailing-inspired table number? The handmade decor pieces were designed using fabric, paint, a dowel, driftwood and twine. Don't feel very crafty? Don't worry. Buy the super-similar sailboat table numbers below.

Shop the idea: Maine Salty Girl driftwood sailboat centerpieces for wedding tables, $275 for a set of 6 with table numbers,

13. Plate Table Numbers

China plate wedding table number

Here's another wedding table number idea that requires a little crowdsourcing (or estate/garage/yard sale browsing). Collect fine china or any other cool plates and customize them with stickers. (We prefer removable labels to paint so you can reuse the dinnerware.) The result will be elegant or eclectic table numbers just like these. 

Shop the idea: The Knot Shop classic deco die-cut printed number removable vinyl, $5 for a set of 6, 

14. String Art Table Numbers

Wooden string art wedding table number

Feel free to make string art table numbers yourself—that's what this planner did! It could even turn into a fun wedding party bonding activity. Otherwise, commission the too-cool, bohemian table numbers from an artist.

Shop the idea: Blossom & Knots string art wedding table numbers, $12 each,

15. Growler Table Numbers

Beer growler wedding table number

This idea is perfect for a brewery wedding or a couple who just really likes craft beer. Similar to the wine bottle idea above, all you have to do is collect a few growlers and customize them with numbers. In this case, vinyl decals work great. And again, they make excellent take-home gifts for the couple or their wedding party.

Shop the idea: The Knot Shop amber glass beer growler bar accessory, $20,; The Word Nerd Studio wedding table number decal, $2,

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