25 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers That'll Have Your Guests Laughing

Who said wedding cake toppers can't be funny?
Funny wedding cake toppers
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Updated Dec 11, 2023
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A wedding is a great time to showcase your personality as a couple and funny wedding cake toppers can help you to do that. It's a best practice to have your chosen cake topper picked out before meeting with your baker as you want to have as thorough of a vision for your cake as possible before they get started in the kitchen. If you haven't yet found a cake baker to help you bring your wedding cake dreams to life, The Knot Vendor Marketplace is a great resource that can be used to find bakers in your hometown or the town of your reception.

Whether your wedding will take place outdoors, by the beach, or at a refurbished firehouse, we've compiled a list of funny cake toppers for wedding cakes below. Read on for our favorites.

Fireman Rescuing His Bride Wedding Cake Topper

Fireman Rescuing His Bride Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: aroma lite

A couple of firefighters will appreciate this hand-painted wedding cake topper of a fireman climbing up a ladder to rescue his bride while wearing his gear. Although this cake topper can't be fully customized, you can customize the hair color of the bride. With hair color options including gold blonde, strawberry blonde, red, light brown, dark brown, black and silver gray, it's unlikely you won't find a similar match.

"Achievement Unlocked" 8 Bits Retro Video Gamer Wedding Cake topper

Achievement unlocked 8 bits video gamer wedding cake topper
Photo: cool cake toppers

If you're looking for a funny game wedding cake topper, this one's for you. Although this topper is funny because it resembles a retro-style video game, getting married is an achievement and having "achievement unlocked" written across the front should be celebrated. You and your partner can add your personal flare to this topper by selecting its color (of which there are 11 to choose from) and its material (birch plywood or acrylic)

"Best Catch Ever" Hilarious Wedding Cake Topper

'Best catch ever' bride fishing groom funny wedding cake topper
Photo: Tanya 8k Design Studio

If you and your partner enjoy fishing, you'll get a kick out of this funny fishing wedding cake topper with "best catch ever" written in the middle of a bride reeling in a groom. If you want your topper to be another color other than black, there are more than 20 solid and glitter options. Additionally, you can choose the dimensions of your topper (4-inches through 7-inches) and whether or not you'd like it to be created on wood or acrylic.

Show Them They're Yours "Fore Ever" Funny Golf Wedding Cake Topper

Fore Ever Golf Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Kato Baking Supplies

Show your guests that you've found your "fore ever" partner with this funny golf wedding cake topper. What makes it stand out is that it is available in some fluorescent colors, including fluorescent green that you could select to match a golf course.

Dalmatians Kissing on the Cheek Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Bride and Groom Dalmatian Dog Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Those Days

Top your wedding cake with this cute, funny and unique wedding cake topper featuring two Dalmatians dressed in traditional bride and groom attire. There are many outfit options for both the bride and the groom dog–you can try to make their attire match yours for a special touch.

Powerful Weightlifting Couple Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Weightlifting Couple Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: JBCookieCutters

Since marriage can show the strength of a relationship between two people, this wedding cake topper will literally show your guests just how strong you and your partner are. Whether you want to be carved in black or silver glitter (or any of the other 15 available colors), the fact that you and your partner are doing bicep curls together (symbolically) stays the same.

"Ride with Me Forever" Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Motorcycle Mr. and Mrs. Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

If you and your partner can frequently be found riding your motorcycles together, it's hard to go wrong topping your cake with a couple of them. At nearly seven inches, your guests will spot this funny cake topper from the moment they walk into your celebration.

"It's About Damn Time" Funny Wedding Cake Topper

It's About Damn Time Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

If it took your partner longer than you would have ideally liked for them to pop the question, this cake topper displaying "it's about damn time" may be the perfect fit for your wedding cake. Just make sure you and your partner are okay with playful jokes headed your way by your guests.

Customize Your Bobbleheads For The Top of Your Wedding Cake

Custom Bobbleheads Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: MY bobble head doll

On the hunt for custom funny wedding cake toppers? It takes a lot not to laugh at the sight of a bobblehead let alone two of them. With that said, you can customize two bobbleheads to resemble you and your partner down to the head style. Once you make your purchase, you'll receive a link to a website on which you can submit your personalization information and photos of you and your partner for the shop owner to reference.

Literal "Till Death Do Us Part" Funny Wedding Cake Topper

"Till Death Do Us Part" Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

Many people believe that marriage is a "till death do us part" ordeal. If that sounds like you and your partner, you can take things one step forward and have those words top your wedding cake alongside two skulls kissing one another on black gold glitter cardstock–we think that sounds pretty nice.

Dinosaurs Kissing Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Personalized Dinosaurs Kissing Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Rustic WD Art

Did you watch Jurassic Park on your first date? Even if you didn't and you and your partner are big dinosaur fans, a wedding cake topper with two dinosaurs kissing is a great way to showcase your special interest while keeping things romantic. To keep things aligned with your preferences, you can select your favorite color from more than 15 options as well as your ideal width and name. If you have any special questions about your order and would like to request different pronouns or make any other changes to the original design, you can reach out to the shop owner.

Comical Pumpkin Cake Toppers for a Spooky Wedding

Comical Pumpkin Cake Toppers for a Spooky Wedding
Photo: Those Days

If a spooky wedding is on your radar, add these pumpkins dressed in bridal and groom accessories to the top of your cake. If you're purchasing a topper for an LGBTQIA+ wedding, you can contact the shop owner to customize your order and dress the pumpkins in your preferred attire.

Let Your Marriage Take Flight With This Funny "Just Married" Silver Airplane Wedding Cake Topper

'Just Married' Silver Wedding Airplane Cake topper
Photo: Topper Farm

You and your partner's happiness levels will soar even higher on your big day once you catch a glimpse of your wedding cake with this funny cake topper featuring a silver airplane with a "just married" banner hanging from the back. If you don't like "just married," you can personalize the text on the banner to read an inside joke or another phrase that's meaningful to your relationship–just make sure it's less than 17 characters.

Harry Potter-Inspired "Always" Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Harry Potter-Inspired "Always" Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

Whether you're a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin, your guests will chuckle when they see this hilarious wedding topper containing the phrase "Always" from the Harry Potter franchise.

"The Adventure Begins" Personalized Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Camping themed Custom Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Cactus Wood Studios

A wedding is the start of the next chapter in most relationships and is oftentimes filled with many adventures. With that said, this wedding cake topper with "The Adventure Begins" is fitting. And, you can request for your names to be engraved onto the piece for an extra personal touch.

Show Everyone You're a Hiking Couple

Hiking Couple Backpacking Bride and Groom Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Chick Design Boutique

Just because it's your wedding cake doesn't mean you can't have a comical wedding cake topper. Although hiking isn't usually funny in itself, this wedding cake topper of a couple backpacking may be to some people if present at your event since it's not likely to be expected. However, comedic elements often show your personality and we think this hiking-inspired cake topper will do just that.

Alpaca Wedding Cake Topper for the Alpaca-Loving Couple

Needle Felted Alpaca Funny Wedding Cake Toppers
Photo: Hndmd By Marion

It's not every day that needle-felted alpacas top a wedding cake which is what will make yours memorable. These cute alpacas are hand-made from 100% alpaca wool and dressed in a veil and bowtie. Whether you select the 3.5 or 5-inch version is up to you–they will look delightful either way.

You'll Score a Home Run With This Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Custom baseball funny wedding cake topper
Photo: engraving wiz

Transport your guests to a baseball game (not literally) with this customized baseball wedding cake topper. You can have your names, last name and the date of your wedding written across the front of the ball. If you want a piece for your personalized ball to stand on, you can add an acrylic cube or bat stand to your purchase

Star Wars-Loving Couples Will Appreciate This "May The Force Be With Us" Wedding Cake Topper

 May The Force Be With US Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

A Star Wars-themed wedding wouldn't be complete without a Star Wars-themed wedding cake topper. Although it's only available in black acrylic, you can make it your own by buying some glitter glue sticks and outlining the edges.

Cute Funny Turtles Wedding Cake Topper

Cute Funny Turtles Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: JBCookieCutters

If you're looking for a funny beach wedding cake topper, this one containing two turtles won't disappoint. In addition to selecting your favorite color or the one that best matches the theme of your celebration, you can have the date of your wedding written in the middle.

Cute Heart Arms Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Couple Making Heart Arms Cake Topper
Photo: JBCookieCutters

Add this heart arms topper to your wedding cake and you'll have everyone smiling. Since an arm heart is one of the purest hearts that can be formed, it'll add to the amount of love that fills the air on your special day. Although there are 17 colors to choose from, we'd recommend going with red to stick to the theme of love.

Cute "We Eloped" Wedding Cake Topper for Couples Who Eloped in Las Vegas

"We Eloped" Las Vegas Wedding Cake Topper for Couples
Photo: JBCookieCutters

If you tied the knot in Las Vegas, consider this festive cake topper. When it comes to its color, we like the black look, but there are 17 to choose from if there's another that better suits your and your partner's fancy.

Adorable "Together Forever" Puzzle Piece Wedding Cake Topper

"Together Forever" Puzzle Piece Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: JBCookieCutters

Now that you've found "the one," you probably feel as though you no longer have a missing piece. That's what this "together forever" puzzle piece wedding cake topper will symbolize when it stands on top of your wedding cake at the dessert table.

Comical Wedding Cake Topper for a Couple of Mechanics

 Repairman Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

A funny car wedding cake topper like this one will have car lovers (and their partners) howling with laughter as many of them will probably find the image of one partner dragging the other out from underneath the car to be all too relatable.

"You & Me Married By The Sea" Funny Wedding Cake Topper

"You & Me Married By The Sea" Funny Wedding Cake Topper
Photo: 1 The Cherry On Top

A beach wedding should be accompanied by a funny beach wedding cake topper like this one. Since it's available in multiple glittery colors, it will sparkle beautifully against any body of water it sits near.

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