These Hanging Wedding Flowers (and More Lofty Ideas) Will Make Your Decor Soar

These suspended blooms and botanicals will wow even those with the highest expectations.
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Updated Apr 26, 2024

We bet you've considered the flowers that'll line your ceremony aisle, decorate your tables and appear in bouquets and boutonnieres, but there's another spot where blooms will make a big impact: the ceiling. Installations of hanging flowers at your wedding is one of the hottest wedding decor trends this year, especially when they weave lush blooms with statement lighting to create a grand design element that feels totally immersive for guests.

From lavish flower chandeliers, to understated greenery garlands, to full-coverage displays that look like suspended gardens, there are so many ways to elevate your blooms. Get some inspiration below, then learn the nuances between each type of aerial arrangement, plus tips to pull them off. Spoiler alert: You'll need an experienced wedding florist and wedding decor expert (which is who decorates a wedding venue). Find both on The Knot Vendor Marketplace.

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What is a Hanging Flower Arrangement?

A hanging flower arrangement is any type of floral decor that's suspended from above rather than gathered in vessels on a tabletop or the ground. These larger-than-life displays can be used in addition to or in place of other floral accents, such as ceremony backdrops or traditional centerpieces. Incorporating flowers hanging from the ceiling at your wedding will create a focal point and add that wow factor to the space, whether it's above the head table at your reception, at the altar of your ceremony or centered over the dance floor. If you aren't big on blooms, you can get a similar look and feel using greenery and dried grasses. (And if you'd rather skip the botanicals altogether, there are plenty of hanging wedding decorations that don't include flowers that'll still make an impact.

Types of Hanging Flower Decorations

While there's no denying that hanging flowers from the ceiling at your wedding will make a statement, there's more than one method to send your blooms skyward. Here's a breakdown of some of the most popular types of hanging wedding flowers:

Flower Chandelier

Mimicking the circular shape of a chandelier or wreath, a flower chandelier is an oversized hoop covered in fresh blooms, greenery or other botanical elements. It can be single- or multi-tiered and is sometimes designed using an actual chandelier, combining the lighting and floral elements into one impactful decor detail.


A garland is a long, rope-like arrangement that's typically made with greenery leaves, but can also include flowers. Garlands can also be strung and swagged from the ceiling to create a "tented" look above a dance floor or reception space.

Botanical Bridge Centerpiece

This elongated arrangement is either supported by decorative pedestals or suspended from above to create the illusion of one long, rectangular centerpiece running along the length of the table. Botanical bridge centerpieces can also incorporate other hanging elements, such as floating candles, crystal strands or ribbons to fill the space between the flowers and the tabletop.


Unlike the other arrangements above, which are connected and continuous, flower clouds create a whimsical look with separate bundles of blooms suspended in a group. The resulting look reads like fluffy, cumulus clouds floating in the sky.

Upside-Down Garden

The most dramatic of the bunch, the upside-down garden is what we call it when a florist covers the entire ceiling (or large focal portion of the ceiling) in hanging flowers, with little space in between the stems. Think of the look as if a lush garden was flipped over and attached above.

Cost of Hanging Flowers for a Wedding

Hanging flower wedding decorations take time, care and expertise to execute, so they typically will skew more expensive than a simple table centerpiece. Though, the price will vary depending on the size, shape and materials you choose. A safe minimum would be to assume at least $100 per foot of your arrangement, though, a large ceiling-covering arrangement can enter into the four- or five-figure range, which might bump up your average cost of wedding flowers. Work with your florist to see what they can execute in your desired budget and get creative with who pays for wedding flowers to perhaps split the cost if hanging decor for your wedding is essential to your vision.

Hanging Wedding Flower Ideas

Whether you're envisioning a ceiling-spanning swath of blooms or just a few suspended stems that make your venue feel like a fairyland, you'll find inspiration here.

1. Freeform Pastel Table-Spanning Hanging Flowers

The flowers in this hanging centerpiece make this outdoor reception feel like a California spin on a secret garden. The terracotta pots that line the table pull in the peach tones and natural textures of the incorporated light fixtures.

2. Whimsical Garden-Inspired Hanging Centerpiece

A pastel assortment of blue delphiniums, pink dahlias and yellow garden roses makes this flower chandelier a picture-perfect choice for a spring wedding. Silver chameleon chairs, white taper candles and ivory linens add formality to the wedding tables.

3. Wisteria-Covered Ceiling at Wedding Ceremony Venue

Create a truly enchanting setting by adding wisteria vines to the ceiling of your ceremony or reception space. The end result is a floral canopy straight out of Bella and Edward's wedding, one of our favorite Twilight wedding ideas.

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4. Square Baby's Breath Flower Cloud

Anyone else want to just perch on this cloud of baby's breath like an angel? An ethereal square of these fluffy white blooms suspended over your dance floor feels both sophisticated and whimsical.

5. Yellow and White Oversized Floral Clouds

Our jaws hit the floor when we first saw these voluminous flower clouds bursting with white orchids and twiggy yellow blooms. The tones bring in the creamy whites and warm golds of the reception dining tables below.

6. Colorful Abstract Hanging Centerpiece

This floating botanical bridge ceiling arrangement is filled with grasses, vines and palm fronds that create an organic, abstract look. If your wedding is taking place in a similar all-white space, the pops of color will stand out even more against the backdrop.

7. Floating Pampas Grass Wedding Centerpiece

Brown tones will add warmth to an airy, white reception space and pampas grass is the perfect solution. The addition of other dried grass plays up the earthy, organic feel of this design.

8. Hanging Floral Installation With Pampas Grass

Muted pastel colors are on full display in this eclectic pampas grass installation. When using such an eye-catching hanging centerpiece, keep the tabletop arrangements small and simple.

9. Hanging Wedding Floral Arrangements in Woven Baskets

Woven baskets will conceal the mechanics of your hanging flower centerpieces while adding decorative flair to the overall design.

10. Rustic Hanging Wedding Centerpiece with Fall Foliage

We love this cozy birch-branch canopy for a rustic fall wedding. The golden leaves and votive candles give off a warm, glowing ambience that feels inviting and homey.

11. Monochromatic Hanging Centerpiece Pampas Grass

Baby's breath clouds are a big floral wedding trend, but if your style is a little more boho and earthy, you can switch to pampas grass instead. The neutral ivory tones of the grass complement this gray-and-beige tablescape.

12. Classic Hanging Floral Wedding Centerpiece

While a lot of hanging wedding flower installations tend to skew more trendy, you can definitely make them work for a classic wedding theme with the right approach. A simple color palette of green and white will prevent hanging centerpieces from seeming too busy or dominating.

13. Wedding Sweetheart Table Backdrop

Frame your VIP seats with a flower chandelier or garland hanging above the wedding sweetheart table. If you're using the same space for your ceremony and reception, the arrangement can first be used as altar decor, then repurposed during the venue flip.

14. Boho Hanging Centerpiece with Macramé

Accented with an intricate macramé rope curtain, this suspended floral bridge centerpiece is one of the coolest alternative hanging wedding decoration ideas you can recreate if you don't want to use pampas grass or dried flowers.

15. Hanging Plants as Wedding Centerpieces

Botanical wedding venues, like greenhouses and arboretums, often have hanging flower baskets and planters as part of their existing decor. Otherwise, you can add your own for a garden-inspired look.

16. Upside Down Ceiling Garden

Peach roses pop out from between a variety of white blossoms—some fluffy, some trailing—to create a magical garden suspended from above. The shades in the arrangement nod to the richer hues of the decor below, but keep it light and bright to highlight the spaciousness of the reception room.

Flower Chandelier Wedding Ideas

Floral chandeliers are some of the most unique wedding flower ideas around. Whether you'd like to add blooms to existing lighting in your venue or work with your florist to create a custom fixture, you'll find endless inspiration here.

17. Crystal Chandeliers and White Flower Hanging Decor

Adding drapey and delicate white blooms swagged in between existing crystal chandeliers makes the entire ceiling feel like one, continuous statement piece. We love how the draping of the blooms recalls the graceful crystal garlands of the chandeliers.

18. Twisted Flower Garland Suspended Chandeliers

Twisted Flower Garland Suspended Chandeliers
Photo: MC Weddings
Floral Design: Pina Hernandez

A more relaxed, beachy take on the flower chandelier for a wedding, this tablescape scene uses alternating textured lamp shades individually suspended on arching hooks to add visual interest. Each pole is wrapped in a leafy garland speckled with delicate orange flowers.

19. Circular Rose Flower Chandelier

This florist used a large circular hoop as the base for this flower chandelier draped in greenery and multihued pink roses. It mimics the dramatic look of the sophisticated light fixture even without actual lit elements.

20. Wrought-Iron Chandeliers with Long-Stem Roses

wedding barn venue with red long stem roses hanging upside down from round iron chandelier
Photo: Nicole Aston Photography

Want to incorporate hanging flowers at your wedding without going totally over the top? Use long-stemmed roses to accent chandeliers or hoops like this.

21. Glam Floral Chandelier Centerpiece

Bring out all the luxe vibes on your big day by suspending crystal chandeliers and hanging roses at your wedding reception above the tables. The long-stem roses trickling down from the main floral arrangement are a unique way to build out the decor.

22. Rose Decoration on Existing Chandeliers

Threads of greenery connect these crystal chandeliers, each given a fluffy wreath of pink and white roses to wear. They slowly draw the eye down to the elongated table centerpieces at this dreamy garden wedding.

23. Wisteria Wishing Tree Flower Chandelier

Attach dangling blooms like delphinium or wisteria to existing chandeliers or wire hoops for a fantasy feel. At this wedding, this hanging ceiling decor piece doubled as a wishing tree, with tiny cards suspended by silk ribbons where guests can write notes to the couple.

24. Minimalist Candle and Greenery Chandelier

A thick curtain of vines cascades down from a square frame to set the backdrop for this couple's warehouse ceremony. The group of candles atop this chandelier brings warmth to the industrial space.

25. Hanging Flowers for Fairytale-Inspired Ceremony

Hello, modern-day fairy tale. A ceremony setup of flowing white drapery, twinkling chandeliers and hanging flowers will create the dreamiest backdrop for your wedding day.

26. Edison Bulb and Jewel-Tone Floating Centerpiece

Edison bulbs are an offshoot of the industrial minimalist wedding aesthetic, but when paired with jewel-toned flowers, the vibe is a mixture of modern and glam.

27. Greenery Tree Branch Installation with String Lights

preppy indoor wedding reception decor with greenery garlands and green patterned lampshades hanging from white cloth tent ceiling
Photo: Delesie, Inc.

Sturdy manzanita branches can be used to hold flowers, greenery or string lights in your hanging wedding centerpieces. Their driftwood-inspired look makes them a good choice for beach weddings or coastal themes.

28. Greenery and Floral Garland Flower Chandelier

boho hanging wedding flowers with greenery vines, flower garland and mismatched rattan lampshades
Photo: Outland Weddings
Floral Design: Jubilee Flower Co.

Use greenery as the base of your hanging wedding centerpiece, then string flower garlands through the arrangement to incorporate color. Mismatched rattan lampshades will add a textural, visual element.

29. Rich Rose Chandelier Installation

At this moody, carnival-themed affair, deep red and rich purple roses mingle with a thick forest of greenery above the dance floor, peppered with interspersed crystal chandeliers or varying sizes.

30. Flower Chandelier with Votive Candles

Maximize the impact of a floating centerpiece by adding glass orbs at varying heights. The candles' glow will feel extra-romantic and enchanting after dark.

Hanging Greenery Wedding Ideas

Suspended greenery will make your venue look like an enchanted forest without feeling too over the top. Opt for a bevy of vines for a more immersive experience, or try a few subtle garlands swagged across the ceiling. Threading through some twinkle lights or just a few tiny flowers will add a little interest.

31. Long Draped Greenery Garland

Branches are the base for this stunning woodsy greenery garland, interspersed with baby's breath bundles, slender fronds and light bulbs. It does wonders to soften the industrial vibe of the venue, bringing warmth and a sense of magic.

32. Indoor Wedding Ceremony with Greenery Installation

We can't decide what's catching our eye most about this wedding ceremony setup: the lush greenery ceiling decor or the chairs arranged in a circle around the room. Either way, this hanging decor for your wedding would look equally amazing above a reception dance floor.

33. Disco Balls and Greenery Accents

What do you get when you pair shimmery disco balls with winding vines? A ceiling your guests won't be able to pull their gaze from. It's the perfect way to spice up the area above your dance floor.

34. Delicate Greenery With Orange Carnations

If your ceremony space has beams, draping them ever so delicately with vines and a few subtle blooms will draw the eye up to this attractive architectural feature.

35. Simple Greenery Chandelier Centerpiece

If understated floral design is more your style, you'll appreciate these wrought-iron chandeliers decorated with wispy greenery vines. The organic look is understated and easygoing.

36. Evergreen Draped Garlands at Venue Entrance

What better way to set the scene for a wonderful reception space than with some dramatic hanging greenery at your wedding entrance? This winter wedding incorporated evergreen fronds into their decor.

37. Subtle Stretches of Greenery

For a modern, minimalist reception look with just a hint of softness, try something simple. The short vines of this leafy arrangement still provide the feathery shape of botanicals without being too overpowering.

38. Hanging Tropical Greenery Centerpiece

indoor wedding reception with tropical monstera leaves hanging above long wooden banquet table
Photo: Merari Photography
Floral Design: Dia Uno Events

Monstera leaves are a go-to floral detail for beach and tropical themes, but they're given a fresh look when you add them to your ceiling decor. Keep the greenery minimal on the tabletops for more visual impact from above.

39. Garland Wedding Centerpiece with Vintage Lanterns

Ideal if you're having long banquet tables at your wedding reception, this greenery garland and lantern combo is eclectic and functional.

40. Climbing Vines Along Walls and Ceiling

Like those on a historic estate, vines crawl up the walls of this reception tent and continue to span across the ceiling. The leaves add so much texture to the space, while keeping the color down on the tables.

Alternative Hanging Wedding Decoration Ideas

Blooms not your bag? All good. There are plenty of ways to adorn your ceiling with hanging decor that doesn't involve flowers or plants at all. See some of our favorites here:

41. Colorful Streamer Hanging Decorations

Colorful swags of streamers threaded with metallic touches crisscross on the ceiling of this barn venue. They bring so much flair to an otherwise rustic locale, plus accents the sweet ribbons adorning the backs of the chairs.

42. Funky Fluted Paper Hanging Decorations

Maximalist couples, take note. These fluted paper decorations are the perfect way to herald guests into your party (especially in tandem with this cool streamer tunnel). Imagine how lovely these would look hanging from tree branches at an outdoor reception?

43. Colorful Balloon Cluster Hanging Decorations

How sweet is this sculptural cluster of balloons at this warehouse reception space? We love its free-form shape, and the fact that it starts on the floor before spreading to the ceiling means it'll make a great photo backdrop too.

44. Multi-Tiered Disco Ball Cluster

While a greenhouse venue looks really cool overall, that doesn't mean you have to love some of the more practical details of the space. This couple turned an eyesore into a focal point, concealing an industrial fan behind a bevy of disco balls. Each one is hung at a slightly different height, creating a chandelier-like effect.

45. Paper Lantern Grouping Hanging Decorations

Chandeliers can appear quite elegant on their own, but for couples looking for a more playful way to adorn their ceiling, a pairing of paper lanterns and crystal chandeliers offers creative contrast.

Hanging Wedding Decoration Tips

Behind every stunning installation of hanging wedding flowers is a lot of thought, planning and effort. Keep the below tips in mind when you're ready to get started.

Check With Your Venue

First thing's first: always check with your venue to make sure they're able to accommodate hanging wedding flowers. And if so, ask about any additional fees or special stipulations related to installing them.

Anticipate Infrastructure

Depending on the existing structures at your wedding venue, your florist or event designer may need to add cables or poles to support the arrangements. But if your ceremony or reception space already has light fixtures or large beams in place, you can consider these as a starting point when it comes to planning what style of arrangement you'd like.

Pick Your Flowers Thoughtfully

Do you want your blooms to fluff out like clouds, cascade like a waterfall or a little bit of both? Your desired look will play into your flower choice. For example, wispy long florals like ivy and wisteria dangle gracefully, while sturdy roses and pampas grass can hold horizontal volume.

Trust the Pros

Most importantly, reputable wedding vendors are your best friend when it comes to pulling off hanging wedding decorations safely and successfully. Hire a florist that knows their stuff when it comes to style and an event designer that can help with any logistical concerns.

Samamtha Iacia contributed to the reporting of this article.

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