50 Wedding Photos You Can't Do Without!

Your wedding photos shouldn't just be beautiful -- they should tell the story of your wedding day. From the look on your guests' faces as you walk down the aisle to your first dance, these insanely gorgeous photos will give you an idea of what we're talking about. Take a look, drool a little, get ideas, and then find your photographer.
by The Knot
  1. Your Preceremony Emotions

    Shelly Kroeger Photography
    Before the ceremony, you'll probably have a lot on your mind -- namely marrying your best friend -- making this the perfect time for your photographer to capture candid smiles and expressions.

  2. The Getting Ready Photo

    B&G Photography
    The time before the ceremony while you're getting ready -- whether it's stepping into your dress or having your makeup done -- is one of the most exciting parts of the day.

  3. A Shot of Your Wedding Dress

    Artisan Style Photojournalism
    Your wedding dress -- the one you found after months of searching or the one you stumbled upon at a sample sale -- will be the focal point of the day.

  4. Your Wedding Hairstyle

    Pen Carlson Photography
    Don't underestimate your wedding day look. Style photos like one of your hair perfectly pinned back (before you've danced the night away) are must-haves.

  5. A Fashion Magazine-Worthy Photo of You

    Holly Wilmeth Photography
    Once you're all put together, you're going to want an I-look-amazing-and-I-know-it shot (trust us, you will!).

  6. The Wedding Rings Photo

    Elizabeth Messina
    We've seen photographers arrange the wedding rings in books, bowls, bouquets, and more. No matter how it's propped, a good shot of your wedding bands (like this one) is a scene-setter.

  7. Personal Notes and Wedding Vows

    A sign-of-the-times shot of wedding vows typed up on an iPhone notepad is a sweet addition to the photo album.

  8. A Photo of Your Bridal Bouquet

    Boutwell Studio

  9. Black-and-White Action Shots

    Kristin Spencer Photography
    Many times, action shots are just simply stunning in black and white, and this is one of them.

  10. Family Moments

    Agnes Lopez Photography
    You'll probably have the posed shots of your families all together after the ceremony. But a photojournalistic shot of you with your dad or mom just before the ceremony is full of emotion and sentiment -- a must-have if you ask us.

  11. A Shot of You and Your Bestie

    Jenna Walker Photographers
    She's your very best friend or she's your sister (or both!), and you asked her to be your bridesmaid or maid of honor for good reason. A shot of the two of you together for the album is a no-brainer.

  12. The Child Attendant Photos

    Corbin Gurkin Photography

  13. Just the Guys

    VUE Photography
    Shots of the guys gathered together on the porch before the ceremony or just hanging out with the groom relaxing preceremony are so much better than the stiff all-lined-up shots from your parents' wedding album.

  14. The Bridesmaid Bouquet Photo

    Red Loft Studios

  15. The Only-At-Your-Wedding Detail Shot

    Nashan Photographers
    Maybe you decided to have your dog prance down the aisle as ring bearer or you're going to plant a tree in front of all your friends and family during the ceremony. Whatever tradition you decided to reinvent, make sure your photographer knows about it so they can be on the lookout to capture it.

  16. The In-Between-Moments Photos

    Cheri Pearl Photography
    Sometimes the best photos are shot behind-the-scenes, like this one of two younger guests playing with their etch-a-sketches preceremony.

  17. The Wedding Invitation Photo

    Diana M. Lott Photgraphy
    Your wedding invitation sets the tone for the entire wedding day. A photo of it at your wedding venue would make for a great opening shot to your album.

  18. Welcome Bags and Bridal Party Gifts

    Olive Juice Studios

  19. Your Ceremony Setting

    Boutwell Studio

  20. Your Ceremony Decorations

    Alea Moore Photography

  21. A "Here Comes the Bride" Photo

    Polito Photography

  22. Your Bridesmaids

    Ryan Phillips Photography
    It's a given that you'll get shots of your bridesmaids from the front. But a shot from the other direction as they watch you exchange vows gives your ceremony even more dimension (and captures the detail on their dresses!).

  23. The Ceremony Musicians

    Skye Blu Photography
    Whether it's your talented cousin singing your favorite classical number or a professional string quartet for your walk down the aisle, a photo of the ceremony music is a great way to remember the sounds of the day.

  24. A Sweeping Shot of Your Ceremony

    Robin Proctor Photography
    A shot like this one -- captured from the vantage point of someone who happened to walk by your wedding ceremony -- is one for the picture frames.

  25. Traditions and Exits

    D. Bryant Photography
    Whether it's a six-sword military salute, the traditional breaking of the glass, or a crown exchange, clue your photographer in to the traditions you're planning for the day so that you have it in a photo.

  26. Your Big Kiss

    Dia Rao Photography
    You know the snide saying -- why don't you take a picture and it'll last longer? We think it's appropriate here.

  27. The "We did it!" Photo

    Anna Kuperberg

  28. A Scenic Shot

    Jared Wilson Photography
    While your guests are at the cocktail hour, you may want to take the time to grab a few posed, environmental shots like this one.

  29. The Modern Bridal Party Photo

    Julie Wilson Photography
    Gone are the days of stiff lines of bridesmaids and groomsmen. A bridal party photo that feels relaxed and environmental is so much more interesting.

  30. The Modern Bridal Family Photo

    Jen Kroll Photography

  31. The Wedding Shoes Photo

    Punam Bean Photographer

  32. The Welcome Sign Photo

    Christine Gallagher Photography

  33. The Big-Picture Shot

    Julie Wilson Photography
    A long-lens view of your wedding setting -- whether it's the outside of your reception venue, the outdoor cocktail setting, or a long-range photo of your reception tent -- would be a great addition.

  34. A Candid Guest Photo

    Leigh Miller Photography
    The best pictures are many times the ones that you won't find on a must-have wedding photography shot list. An aerial shot of your guests enjoying themselves at the cocktail hour is one example.

  35. The Entryway Photo

    5ive 15ifteen photo company

  36. The Escort Card Photo

    Kristin Spencer Photography

  37. The Reception Room

    Cameron Ingalls, Inc

  38. The Centerpiece Photo

    5ive 15ifteen photo company

  39. The Wedding Favors Photo

    Jules Bianchi Photography

  40. The Catering Photo

    Shelly Kroeger Photography

  41. The Band or DJ

    Lisa Lefkowitz

  42. The Wedding Cake Photo

    Harry Taylor Photography
    Step aside and allow your photographer to get a clean and clear shot of your wedding cake (preferably a well-lit shot).

  43. The Cake-Cutting Photo

    Del Rao Photography
    Of course, go ahead and cut into that piece of amazingess. The cutting of the cake is one of the most photographed moments at the wedding -- a classic addition to the album.

  44. The Wedding Toast Photo

    Kirsten Shultz Photography
    The wedding toasts are a time for tears, laughter, and sometimes surprises. Photos of your toasters as well as your reactions are must-haves.

  45. The First Dance Photo

    Agnes Lopez Photography
    Speaking of must-haves, your first dance is one of the last formalities of the evening. A shot of the two of you in the spotlight makes for great action shots.

  46. An Overhead Shot

    Tony Gajate Photography

  47. Silly Dances

    VUE Photography

  48. The Photobooth Smooch Photo


  49. The Getaway Car Photo

    Jesse Leake Photography

  50. The Day-After Shot

    Heather Waraksa Photography
    While this particular shot was taken the day after the wedding (during a day-after wedding photo shoot), it's these types of shots that remind you what your wedding day is really about. All the better if you can prop it out with one of your shared passions like music or books.

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