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Wedding Guests

Trying to narrow down your wedding guest list or just got a wedding invitation in the mail? You've come to the right place. We have plenty of tips for wedding guests.

Narrowing down the wedding guest list is never an enviable task, but since a lot of your major wedding planning decisions are dependant on the number of guests you're inviting, it's a good idea to get a grip on your list as early as possible. If you are like most couples, you probably will not be able to invite everyone you have ever met to your wedding, which can lead to problems (trust us, someone will cause a fuss about you not inviting your aunt's third-cousin's daughter's boyfriend). Fortunately, there are ways to deal with wedding guest list drama. First, read up on our top tips for creating your wedding guest list -- this will give you the step-by-step rundown on everything you need to consider when you're figuring out which wedding guests to invite. Once you've read through the basics, it's time to start adding names -- the easiest way to keep it all organized is with our wedding guest list tool. If you're attending a wedding, you should check out our wedding guest attire decoder to make sure your duds won't make you stick out for the wrong reasons. If you are not sure what to bring for a wedding gift, we have tips for you too.