11 Gorgeous Centerpieces With Fruit

by Bridget Clegg
Fruit centerpiece ideas for your wedding
Wendy Laurel Photography

Use fruit in your centerpieces to stay on budget for reception decor. DIY your cocktail hour centerpieces or fill out dinner table floral arrangements with pretty fruit details. Like flowers, fruit comes in a vibrant range of pretty colors — just think about all the colors we name after fruit (lemon yellow, peach, apple green…)! Tip: Incorporate smaller fruits, like cascading grapes or cut kiwi, into floral arrangements as an interesting filler or cluster fruit with a rind in glass hurricanes to create centerpieces without any flowers at all. See the surprising variety of fruits that work as centerpieces in the 11 beautiful photos below.

Kiwi, Cabbage and Hydrangea Centerpiece

Kiwi and hydrangea centerpiece
Meg Perotti

From the album: A Fresh Green Wedding in San Jose, CA

Tall Green Apple and Forsythia Centerpiece

Granny Smith apple and forsythia tall wedding centerpiece
Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

From the album: A Vintage Fall Wedding in Austin, TX

Pomegranate, Honey and Flower Tablescape

Pomegranate and honey floral centerpiece
Jen Fariello Photography

Simple Tangerine Accents

Hurricane with stacked tangerines for a destination wedding
Jillian Mitchell Photography

From the album: A Destination Wedding In Mexico

Clementine and Succulent Centerpiece

Clementine, rosemary and succulent wedding centerpiece
Joyeuse Photography

From the album: A Rustic Homey Wedding in Orange, VA

Lemon Hurricane With White Tulips

Hurricane full of lemons with tulip bouquets at wedding reception
Kelly Hornberger Photography

From the album: A Modern Outdoor Wedding In Houston, TX

Red Delicious Apple Boxes

Rustic wooden boxed centerpiece with apples and table number
Simply Jessie Photography

Nectarine and Grape Table Decor

DIY centerpiece with grapes and nectarines
Samuel Potter Photography

From the album: A Rustic Wedding in Reedley, CA

Pears and Branches Centerpiece

Pear and tall branch centerpiece
L Photographie

From the album: A Modern Wedding In St. Louis, MO

Basket of Peaches Table Decor

Peaches, peonies and lanterns wedding table decor
Samuel Lippke Studios

White Grape and Cabbage Centerpiece

White grape centerpiece with kale
Meg Perotti

From the album: A Fresh Green Wedding In San Jose, CA

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