15 Centerpiece Ideas for a Rustic Wedding

Lean on your theme to inform your florals.
by Andrea Fowler

When it comes to picking out florals for your wedding, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many varieties, colors and different ways to arrange them. Here's our advice: Take a break from thinking about all your options and just look at pretty pictures! Bringing photos to your florist is one of the most helpful ways to help the process along. 

Even if the specific blooms used aren't available to you they can suggest swaps. If you have your general wedding theme figured out, that's half the battle. Lean on that detail to inform your other décor decisions. Going rustic? Here are some of our favorite centerpiece ideas for rustic weddings. 

  1. Moss Table Runner

    Moss table runner idea for a rustic wedding
    Lauren Gabrielle Photography
  2. Dried Seed Pods

    Rustic wedding centerpiece with dried seed pods
    Jackie Cooper Photo
  3. Magnolia Leaves and Antlers

    Rustic wedding centerpiece idea with magnolia leaves and antlers
    onelove photography
  4. Lush Table Runner

    Rustic centerpiece idea with a low, lush garland and flowers
    Fondly Forever Photography
  5. Small Arrangements With Taper Candles

    Rustic centerpiece idea with small arrangements and blue taper candles
    M2 Photography
  6. Burlap and Lace Mason Jar Vases

    Rustic wedding centerpiece ideas with lace and burlap mason jars
    Fearless Photography
  7. Wood Vases and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

    Rustic wedding centerpiece idea with eucalyptus idea
    Joshua Aull Photography
  8. White Florals and Greenery

    Rustic wedding centerpiece idea with white florals and greenery
    Michele Hart Photography
  9. Taper Canldes and Gold Antlers

    Rustic wedding centerpiece idea with tall taper candles and gold antlers
    Steve Stanton Photography
  10. Boxed Blooms

    Rustic wedding centerpiece idea with succulents and dahlias
    Melissa Fuller Photography
  11. Lush Greenery and Moss

    Rustic wedding centerpiece idea with moss place settings and lush arrangements
    Carrie Patterson Photography
  12. Small Bud Vases

    Rustic wedding centerpiece idea with small bud vases
    Ebersole Photography
  13. Antler Accents

    Antler details for rustic centerpiece ideas
    Votive Photography
  14. Sprawling Sweetheart Table Florals

    Rustic sweetheart table centerpiece idea
    M2 Photography
  15. Candles and Overhead Lighting

    Rustic wedding centerpiece and lighting idea
    Vienna Glen Photography
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