9 Wedding Cake Shapes to Make Your Big-Day Dessert Stand Out

Turn your wedding cake into a work of art.
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
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Updated Apr 16, 2024

There are many components to wedding planning, but one of the most exciting parts is choosing your big-day dessert. The right wedding cake shapes can transform your reception into a wow moment, which is why it's crucial to find a baker on The Knot Vendor Marketplace who can make your creative vision come to life. (You can filter results for certain dietary needs, like dairy-free, or for other options and accessories, such as groom's cakes and other desserts.)

We even spoke with a pro baker, Jeanne Scott of Artsy Cakesy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to get the inside scoop of all things wedding cake shapes. She says, "One way to get creative is through shapes…I [also] like to consider the personality of the couple, the architectural details of the venue, as well as other artistic elements from the wedding, such as draping or lines you might see within the dress. My best advice is to find a cake artist whose style you can trust and let them create!" So grab your wedding cake checklist, study up on wedding cake terms to really know what you're looking for and check out our inspo for one-of-a-kind treats that'll elevate your wedding.

Wedding Cake Shapes:

Square | Mixed | Heart | Cylindrical |Abstract | Hexagonal | Round | Custom | Rectangular

Sweet and Square Wedding Cake

Something about a tiered, square cake just looks like a bundle of gifts. Treat your guests to the gift of an amazing wedding cake when you choose this fun shape. And Jeanne Scott says, "If you do opt for a square cake, your caterer might love you a little bit more, because they yield more slices of cake and are such a dream to cut." It'll make cutting your first slice with your new spouse even easier.

Beautiful Mixed Shapes Cake

Who says you have to choose just one shape? This tiered cake lets you play around with different shapes for a truly unique geometric display. Jeanne loves mixed shapes, saying that this "mashup of sorts, using various heights, shapes and decorative details to create a truly bespoke cake that really is a statement maker."

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Retro Heart-Shaped Wedding Cake

You can't go wrong with a romantic heart-shaped wedding cake for your big day. Make it retro, like this design, or even display a handful of heart cakes for a display that your guests will love. Here's what Jeanne Scott has to say about this trendy cake: "You also have odd shapes, like the current on-trend heart-shaped cake. If a heart shape makes you smile, go for it!"

Candescent Cylindrical Cake

This cake shape takes the classic "round" and adds a fun little twist. A cylindrical cake elongates your dessert without the need for extra tiers, and it's a gorgeous way to play around with different shapes on one cake. Jeanne from Artsy Cakesy adds about this shape, "Gaining in popularity is the round cake with varying heights across multiple tiers. It's still traditional, yet with a modern flair."

Awesome Abstract Wedding Cake

Transform your cake shape when you add abstract designs. Though this cake might be a normal, round-tiered cake, it has a fun flair thanks to the cake decorations that make the shape seem more unique. Our baker pro, Jeanne Scott, has a tip for these cakes: "With odd-shaped tiered cakes, make certain your baker can nail the symmetry. How can you be sure? Look at their previous work with a discerning eye."

Heavenly Hexagonal Cake

This geometric cake plays around with hexagons for a truly one-of-a-kind display. Plus, this asymmetrical design is a creative way to modernize your cake while still giving the classic tiers. Jeanne adds a tip for this shape: "I frequently make hexagon-shaped cakes. They are beautiful and not too difficult to cut like the petal shape can be."

Ravishing Round Wedding Cake

You can still play around with the ever-popular round shape for your wedding cake. This display utilizes a trio of cakes with descending tiers for a waterfall effect. Jeanne notes, "Wedding cakes are quite different now from the traditions of the past, allowing couples to really get creative and expressive with their cake, which is often an anchor for the design of the reception that can unite the aesthetic details into one beautiful, edible work of art. A popular and traditional cake might be all-round tiers, stacked symmetrically, one atop the next."

Utterly Unique Custom Shape Cake

You don't have to stick to a certain shape, and this hamburger cake proves just how fun your wedding dessert can be. Think of things that just scream you and your spouse, like maybe your favorite hobbies or foods. Jeanne from Artsy Cakesy does want to add, "[A]ny shape outside of round and square will be trickier to calculate serving numbers, but your baker can help with that, and you might consider asking them to print up a cake-cutting guide for the caterer so that they know how to get the servings cut properly."

Romantic Rectangular Wedding Cake

This cake, with its rectangular tiers, is what Jeanne would consider a favorite. She says, "Square cakes are so beautiful and modern looking, really providing a wow moment when done well. Be careful, though, because not all bakers can master these angles. Make sure you see their previous work, ensuring the design you want is realistic for their skill set." You can even serve a rectangular sheet cake for a truly unique display on your big day.

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