The Best 26th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Another Year of Wedded Bliss

From jade gems to unique works of art, we've found the best gifts to mark the 26th wedding anniversary.
26th wedding anniversary gifts: custom house portrait, couples' connection cards, personalized tickets to love box, personalized candle
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Updated Jul 06, 2023
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While the 25th wedding anniversary typically gets a lot of attention, we think marking 26 years together deserves just as much recognition. If you and your love are celebrating over a quarter-century of marriage, you may be looking for a thoughtful 26th anniversary gift to honor the occasion. Running out of great gift ideas? Don't stress—we've picked out the best symbolic and alternative gifts for your husband, wife or spouse. Read on to learn all about the different themes and symbols associated with the 26-year wedding anniversary.

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26th Anniversary Gift Themes

Instead of a traditional gift theme, the 26th wedding anniversary has a modern one: A picture or a piece of artwork. Just like a photo captures a particular moment in time, this unusual theme symbolizes the immortal nature of true, undying love. It also allows you to get really creative with your gift and surprise your spouse with something really unique, whether that's a piece of modern abstract art or a special photo of the two of you.

While the 26th anniversary does not have an anniversary flower or designated color, it does have an official gemstone. Jade, known for its distinctive green shade, is a beautiful stone that represents good fortune, love and wisdom—three key components of a marriage blessed with happiness and longevity.

Symbolic 26th Anniversary Gifts

If you think a symbolic anniversary gift is a right choice for your spouse, we've found plenty of great options that fit the 26th anniversary themes. From pretty jade jewelry and accessories to sentimental wall art and custom portraits, there are tons of memorable and meaningful gifts on our list. Check out our favorites below to kick off your shopping in style.

Jade and Pearl Necklace

Jade and pearl necklace 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Neiman Marcus

Take inspiration from the 26th anniversary gemstone with this pretty jade and pearl necklace. Designed and handcrafted in New York City, this beaded accessory will make an elegant addition to your spouse's jewelry collection. Whether they pair it with their favorite dress or layer it over a sweater, it'll add the perfect finishing touch to their outfit of the day.

Sentimental Wall Art

Personalized wall art with signpost 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Looking for a unique piece of art that celebrates when your love story began? This personalized photo print is a 26th anniversary gift that'll give your partner all the feels. It features two signposts with your names and the special year fate brought you together to create the "intersection of love." Choose from a variety of framing options so you can hang this sentimental piece of art in your home right away.

Sheet Music Canvas Art

Sheet music canvas art 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Canvas Vows

The great thing about the modern 26th anniversary theme is that it allows you to be really creative with your gifting. Pieces of artwork come in all shapes and sizes, like this unique canvas displaying the sheet music from a song you and your partner both love. Whether you pick your first dance tune or another track of personal resonance, this striking artwork will remind you of your shared passion for music.

Personalized Push-Pin Map

Personalized push-pin map 26th wedding anniversary
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Here's another inventive take on the modern artwork theme: a personalized push-pin map of the US marking all the places you've visited with your partner. Customized with your names and anniversary date, it comes with 100 pins that you can use to mark everywhere from your own neighborhood to your favorite vacation spots. Whether you've enjoyed a fun weekend in Vegas or spent a week in sunny Florida, you can relive your favorite travel memories from the past 26 years all over again.

Modern Abstract Art

Jackson Pollack print 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Nordstrom

If your spouse considers themselves a modern art expert, they'll love this colorful reproduction of Jackson Pollock's abstract painting. With vivid splashes of color and a distinct painterly style, this showstopper will add a touch of drama to any room. It's mounted, framed and ready to hang with a protective laminated finish to prevent damage from dust and UV rays, so it'll look great for years to come.

Custom Star Map

Custom star map 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Etsy

Celebrate how the stars aligned 26 years ago when you and your partner got married with this custom star map. It features an illustration of the night sky from the date you wed, along with your names and the coordinates of your wedding location. Choose from various sizes and design options to suit your spouse's style or your home's interior. Whatever option you select will be a sweet, romantic 26-year anniversary gift for him or her.

Personalized Photo Canvas

Personalized photo canvas 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

After 26 years, your wedding may seem like a distant memory—but this personalized photo canvas will make it feel just like yesterday. Your chosen image sits at the center with your name and wedding date surrounded by the wedding vows you recited to one another all those years ago. Feeling extra creative? Swap your vows for a romantic poem you both love or write a list of all the highlights from your 26-year marriage so far.

Jade Hoop Earrings

Jade hoop earrings 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: CaitlynMinimalist

The 26th anniversary gemstone jade is showcased to perfection with these fashionable hoop earrings. Modern yet minimalist, the chunky double hoop design of these pretty baubles is guaranteed to make a style statement. Whether your partner rocks them daily or keeps them for special occasions (like going out for your 26th anniversary), they'll add a sophisticated touch to their look. Choose from 18K gold or sterling silver hardware for a glamorous finish.

Paint Your Partner Experience

Paint Your Partner Experience 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Whether your partner is a talented artist or a complete novice, they'll love this really creative take on the modern 26th anniversary theme. It includes a 90-minute live virtual experience with Annie Monaghan, an expert art instructor who will show them how to paint a watercolor portrait of someone special in their life (like you!). Using a photo for guidance, she'll introduce basic drawing and painting techniques to help them complete their masterpiece. There's also an option to add a watercolor paint kit of 36 colors, so they have everything they need to get started immediately.

One-of-a-Kind Artwork

One-of-a-kind painting 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Minted

If your partner has an eye for all things quirky and cute, a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork is a gift they'll treasure. Minted offers an array of original artwork lovingly created by a community of independent artists. Whether your spouse loves colorful florals or moody landscapes, you're sure to find something to suit their eclectic tastes.

Custom House Portrait

Custom house portrait 26th anniversary gift
Photo: CasaBellaPortraits

If you and your spouse have lived in the same house for the last 26 years, here's a meaningful gift to commemorate your home sweet home. This custom watercolor portrait is created from an original photo of your house that's digitally remastered and printed on archival paper or canvas to create a sentimental keepsake. It's a lovely way of honoring the modern 26th anniversary theme and the beautiful home you have spent years building together.

Coral Jade Sand Bracelet

Coral Jade Sand Bracelet 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Did you and your partner get married on the beach? We've found the perfect romantic gift that'll take your love right back to the sandy shore: A coral jade bracelet filled with beads made of sand. This beachy accessory allows you to use your own grains of sand for a truly unique trinket that celebrates your love story and the 26th anniversary gemstone. You can also choose sand from some of the world's most beautiful beaches if you'd prefer not to use your own.

Custom Digital Illustration

Custom digital illustration of couple 26th anniversary gift
Photo: PunoPrints

You don't always have to spend big to find a really special anniversary gift for your other half. This custom digital illustration is a fun way to turn a treasured photo into a modern piece of art that you can give to your spouse. All you have to do is provide an image file that the artist will transform into a hand-drawn digital illustration. You can choose a personal portrait of you and your love or include up to 15 people for an extended family picture. Just a note: You'll receive the finished piece as a digital file, so you'll have to manage the printing and framing process yourself.

Personalized Anniversary Chronicle

Personalized Anniversary Chronicle 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

If your spouse enjoys reading the newspaper every day, they'll get a great kick out of this personalized anniversary chronicle. It features your name and wedding date printed on canvas, along with topical information from the day you got married. With everything from headline news and top movies to who was president at the time, it's a fun way to look back on all that has happened over the last 26 years.

Modern Art Book

Modern Art Book 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Nordstrom

Stretch the modern artwork theme just a little with a gift that speaks to your spouse's hobbies and passions. If your partner loves art, they'll be intrigued by this book on the Museum of Modern Art and how it discusses topics around diversity, identity and change in the art world. It features 170 works that have not been included in earlier editions, including a broader representation of artists from minority groups. It's a cool, on-theme 26th anniversary gift that'll impress any art aficionado.

Alternative 26th Anniversary Gifts

If a symbolic anniversary gift isn't on your radar, there are lots of alternative options that don't fit into any specific theme. You know your spouse best of all, so feel free to go with your gut when picking out a special anniversary gift. Whether you opt for a sweet and sentimental keepsake or a practical present they can use every day, you're sure to find something awesome on our list. From luxurious loungewear to fun activities you can do together, our round-up is bursting with memorable gifts for the 26th wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Map Candle

Personalized map candle 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If a personalized anniversary gift is what you're looking for, this champagne-scented candle is sure to get your spouse in a celebratory mood. You can add your names and date to a custom label on the lid, alongside a sweet message: "Burning bright since [your wedding year]." It's a unique 26th anniversary gift that's guaranteed to make them melt inside.

Couple's Connection Cards

Couple's Connection Cards 26th anniversary gift
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Between work, family commitments and general life admin, it's totally understandable if your date night ritual has taken a hit. Make time to get to know your partner all over again with this set of connection cards from the Adventure Challenge. The deck includes a variety of prompts meant to inspire intriguing conversations and help you reconnect and form new memories together. Best of all, these pocket-sized cards can be carried anywhere, so you and your spouse can look forward to new chats in the car, at the park or on your next long-haul flight.

Personalized Kitchen Utensils

Personalized Kitchen Utensils 26th wedding anniversary gifts
Photo: Personalization Mall

If you're married to someone who loves to cook, this set of personalized kitchen utensils will inspire them to show off their culinary skills. It includes a large spoon, a slotted spoon, a wooden spatula and a silicone spatula, all made from natural beechwood for a rustic finish. You can customize each utensil individually with one line of text (think: all the cookery puns and rhymes you can muster!). It's a thoughtful 26th anniversary gift that's sure to make them smile every time they prepare a meal.

Silver Picture Frame

Silver photo frame 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Neiman Marcus

Surprise your spouse with your favorite throwback photo presented in this beautiful picture frame. The shiny silver tone features scalloped detailing that'll add an elegant finish to any special snapshot. Whether you fill it with your wedding photo or a more recent image, this 26th anniversary gift is bound to leave your partner smiling.

Luxe Lounge Sweater

Luxe Lounge Sweater 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Lunya

Luxurious loungewear from Lunya is an awesome anniversary gift for many reasons: It's sumptuously soft, effortlessly chic and looks absolutely amazing on everyone. This ribbed sweater is made from a plush blend of cotton and silk and comes in an oversized fit for maximum comfort. The button-down details give it a stylish finish for that perfect off-duty look. (P.S.: If you're a first-time customer, you can take 15% off your order with the code FOR-TK).

Stylish Monogram Mug

Monogram mug 26th anniversary gift
Photo: Anthropologie

If your spouse always starts their day with a fresh brew, this monogrammed mug will add a stylish touch to their morning coffee ritual. This practical and fashionable 26th anniversary gift features a bold, mosaic-inspired pattern complete with your partner's initial trimmed in gold. The best part? These mugs are so affordable, you can easily snag one for yourself too.

Personalized Ticket To Love Box

Personalized Ticket To Love Box 26th wedding anniversary gifts
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This box is full of sweet surprises and is a clever take on those DIY coupon books you may have made when you were younger. It's filled with tickets for things like a free back rub or breakfast in bed your partner can cash in at will. The front of the box can be personalized with their name for an extra thoughtful finish. Just don't be surprised if they want to trade a ticket for a home-cooked meal to celebrate your 26th anniversary.

Classic Linen Shirt

Linen shirt 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: UNTUCKit

Whether your spouse likes to dress up for work or nights out, they'll appreciate having a versatile linen shirt in their wardrobe. This one from UNTUCKit is specially treated to resist wrinkles for much longer than traditional linen, so your partner can spend less time ironing and more time enjoying themselves. Bonus: You can choose from three different fit options—slim, regular or relaxed—to find the perfect style for their shape and silhouette.

Assorted Cactus Garden

Assorted Cactus Garden 26th wedding anniversary gift

Succulents are having a major moment right now and it's not hard to see why—these low-maintenance plants look seriously cool, are easy to care for and they don't require a ton of space. This assortment of cactus plants comes in a terracotta bowl and a list of instructions on how to best care for them. It's a great alternative 26th anniversary gift for anyone who wants to add some greenery to their indoor space.

French Macaron Baking Kit

French Macaron Baking Kit 26th wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Food La La

An edible anniversary gift that doubles up as a fun date-night experience is a clear winner in our eyes. With this French macaron baking kit, you'll receive access to a virtual baking masterclass, along with all the dry ingredients needed to make 24 sweet treats, including powdered sugar, sprinkles and edible metallic paint. It's a fun and interactive gift that's sure to bring a sweet touch to your 26th anniversary celebrations.

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