25 Brownie-Point-Worthy Gifts for Your Boyfriend's Brother

Win over your boyfriend's built-in bestie.
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Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Oct 12, 2023
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Some people are just naturally hard to shop for. The grandparent who has everything, the long-distance friend you haven't seen in years and, yes, your boyfriend's brother. Buying gifts for your boyfriend's brother should be easier than it is (after all, he shares the same genes as your S.O.), but when it comes time to click "add to cart," you might feel a little unsure of what to get.

You might not be sure how personal to get with your gift, especially if the relationship is new. Or maybe this shopping excursion feels more like buying a perfect gift for your future brother-in-law rather than just finding good gifts for your boyfriend's brother. Or there might be a large age gap and you're not sure what's cool to get for his generation nowadays. It might even just be a case of not feeling sure of his interests or hobbies. If your S.O. and his brother are close, you might feel pressure to truly nail it with your gift.

Whatever the case may be, we've got you covered. We've compiled the best gift ideas for your boyfriend's brother, no matter his age, the occasion, your budget or how well you know him. From his birthday, to graduation, to the holidays, you're sure to feel inspired with this gift inspo.

1. College City Glasses

College Cityscape Can-Shaped Glasses Gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Whether it's his alma mater, his current school or his dream school, this set of two glasses will surely put a smile on his face. Each glass features a campus illustration in the school of choice's colors. With plenty of colleges and universities to choose from, you're bound to find a match.

2. Custom Baseball History Book

New York Times Custom Baseball Book Gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Uncommon Goods

For the baseball fans out there, this book traces the history of his favorite team. Inside this hardcover book, 70 pages of the team's news coverage from The New York Times over the decades are carefully compiled. From their first pitch to the latest home run, your boyfriend's brother will love diving into the history of his favorite team.

3. Mini Cupcake Gift Set

Baked by Melissa Mini Assorted Cupcake Gift Set for Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: Baked by Melissa

Who doesn't enjoy a sweet treat? A food gift is an easy, but always appreciated gift. This set includes bite-sized cupcakes in all sorts of flavors, so your boyfriend's brother is guaranteed to find a few he enjoys in this selection of 25 or more.

4. Portable Camping Lantern

AlpenGlow Mini BioLite Camping Lantern Gift for Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: BioLite

Everyone likes some mood lighting. This mini lamp is made for camping, but it's also great for college dorms or for adding some light to a workspace on the go. From warm lighting to fun colors, the vibe will be in his control.

5. Superhero-Themed Soccer Ball

Marvel Captain America Soccer Training Ball Gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Adidas

Soccer player? Marvel fan? Bring all his favorite things together with this fun Captain America training ball. This novelty product doesn't sacrifice quality for style, so he can use it game after game.

6. Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar Gift for Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're shopping for a Christmas gift for your boyfriend's brother, consider an advent calendar that correlates to his favorite hobby or favorite food. This advent calendar has 12 days of hot sauce. The weather outside might be cold, but this gift is hot…literally. And since this calendar marks the 12 days of Christmas, which begin on the 25th, it doesn't have to be given in advance of Christmas, so there's no need to plan ahead.

7. Magnetic Puzzle Cube

Magnetic Speed Cube Gift for Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: Amazon

Everyone's heard of Rubik's cubes. These new modern versions are magnetic for controlled and easy turning. For any guy who likes brain games and puzzles, this modern take on the classic teaser makes the perfect gift.

8. Gummy Bear Light

Squishy Gummy Bear Light Gift for Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Take all the squishy sweetness of a gummy bear and put it into a light and you have this colorful LED. Choose from green, pink, purple or blue for this adorable little bear. When you squish the belly, it lights up the room with its ambient, colorful lighting. Adorable and useful for a boyfriend's little brother!

9. Super Mario Bros Room Decor

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Next Level Quote Figurine Gift for Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: Hallmark

If your boyfriend's brother can often be found playing Nintendo games, he may be excited to proudly display this decor piece on his desk. It features Mario and the quote: "Live life like you're ready for the next level." It's inspirational, fun and cute.

10. Earbud Case Cover

Yellow airpods pro case gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Five Below

Some guys are big on protecting their tech. If that's your boyfriend's brother, consider a handy new silicone case cover for his wireless earbuds. He'll say goodbye to scratches and have a case with a pop of personality.

11. Custom Dog Portrait Glass

Custom Dog Portrait Whiskey Glass gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: 365 Print Co

Celebrate his furry pal with this custom pet portrait gift. All you need to do is upload a picture of his dog and you'll receive a personalized glass etched with that picture. Choose from a whiskey, beer or wine glass for a gift that he can truly enjoy with his fury best friend by his side. We also love this as a gift for your boyfriend's parents, if they have a beloved pet, too.

12. Pullover Hoodie

Heathered grey hoodie gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Everlane

A hoodie is a classic gift for a reason. Everyone likes to feel cozy and comfortable, and it's much easier to determine the right size (because baggy is the best). This super-soft hoodie will work for a guy of any age and any style.

13. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knife gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: L.L. Bean

Every person needs a Swiss Army Knife. It's a handy tool, containing everything from blades, to a can opener, to a corkscrew, to a screwdriver all in a portable, safe bundle. Whether he needs it for camping or just to keep handy in his car, someday he'll be thanking you when he needs to whip this out to save the day (or at least open a beer).

14. Extra-Long, Extra-Fast Phone Charger

10FT Extra Long iPhone Charger Gift for Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: Amazon

You can never have too many phone chargers. After all, they always seem to go missing or be in the other room. Give him the gift of battery life with this extra-long (as in, extra-useful) lightning charger, which works faster than the standard model.

15. Novelty Mug

Sunday Funday Football Mug Gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: The Paper Store

We all love novelty mugs and this football-themed one walks the line of being perfectly cheesy, but also pretty cool. It's great for football fans. Your boyfriend's brother will be pumped to break it out on game day.

16. Crossword Puzzle Book

 The New York Times Best of the Week Crossword Puzzles Book for Gift Boyfriend's Brother
Photo: Amazon

Crossword puzzles are the ultimate Sunday-morning activity and, for those who enjoy puzzles and games, a book of crossword puzzles can make a great gift. It's a timeless hobby for all ages. This book comes stocked with 50 of the best puzzles from The New York Times, so you know it's legit.

17. StubHub Gift Card

Stubhub gift card for boyfriend's brother
Photo: StubHub

Sporting games? Check. Concerts? Check. Theater? Check. Your boyfriend's brother can get tickets to whatever his entertainment interests may be. As a bonus, this gift card can be sent as an e-gift card, so if you need a gift fast or from a distance, this makes a great option.

18. Mini Toaster Oven

Dash Mini Toaster Oven Cooker gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Amazon

So, maybe your boyfriend's brother isn't the best cook. Or maybe he's stuck with a small space for a kitchen. This mini toaster oven makes it easy to heat up simple meals in a second. From toasting up a sandwich to warming up leftover pizza, he can at least pretend to be a gourmet chef.

19. Popular Water Bottle

Green hydroflask gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Hydroflask

Being hydrated is in. So is being eco-friendly. Gift him this insulated, trendy steel water bottle so that he can always stay hydrated on the go without using too much plastic.

20. Sock Pack

Men's Solids Ankle Socks Gift Set for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Bombas

We get it, socks sound boring. But not these socks. The arch support and seamless toe design create a sock so comfortable, he'll never go back to plain old socks. As a bonus, for every pair purchased, a pair is donated.

21. Manly Candle

Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Candle for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Boy Smells

Making a cozy and warm environment can make all the difference when one is setting the mood for a party, making dinner or just relaxing on the weekend. This candle will do just that for your boyfriend's brother. Cashmere woods, white amber and earthy vetiver all come together for a warm scent anyone will enjoy.

22. Controller Holder

Personalized Controller and Headphone Gaming Stand Gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Serdar Wood

Headphones, controllers, charging cords, a phone—there's a lot of electronics for gamers to keep track of! This gift makes it easy to neatly store all gaming accessories. You'll win the loyalty of your boyfriend's brother faster than you can say "winner, winner chicken dinner." And if your boyfriend is also a gamer, check out our guide to gifts for gamer boyfriends.

23. Men's Skincare Set

Men's Energizing Essentials Gift Set for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Nordstrom

This men's set by Kiehl's includes a cleanser, bar soap and facial moisturizer all arranged nicely in a branded box. The gift is already packaged up and ready to go for you, all you need to do is hit "add to cart." Scoop one up as a gift for your boyfriend's dad while you're at it.

24. Throw Blanket

L.L. Bean Wicked Plush Throw Gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: L.L. Bean

We get it. When you hear "gift for my boyfriend's brother," your mind doesn't automatically go to home goods. But who doesn't like to curl up on the couch with a new, warm blanket? Especially if you're shopping for a holiday gift, this ultra-plush and warm blanket makes a cozy gift anyone can appreciate.

25. Portable Charger

White Anker Portable charger gift for boyfriend's brother
Photo: Amazon

Don't let your boyfriend's brother feel stranded with a dead battery. These days, your phone is everything. It can act as a lifeline in an emergency, a GPS system and even a key to your home or car. Gift him this small portable charger that's easy to throw in his pocket for a quick juice on the go.

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