22 Small (But Stylish) Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Go back to basics with these petite posies.
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Updated Feb 03, 2023

There are so many good reasons to carry a small wedding bouquet. Whether it's because you're going for a minimalist look, don't want to max out your wedding budget on flowers or simply because you don't want to carry a heavy arrangement all day long (and yes, bouquets can be heavy), we're onboard with downsizing to a smaller design. Large, greenery filled bouquets have been the norm for the last few years, but posy bouquets and petite arrangements are making their mark on our list of the latest wedding flower trends. If you're ready to start finalizing the flower arrangements for your wedding, find a florist on The Knot and bookmark these small bouquet ideas for your consultation appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Small Wedding Bouquets

What is a small wedding bouquet called?

A small wedding bouquet is also called a posy bouquet or nosegay bouquet. Both of these wedding bouquet styles are smaller in size and feature a rounded, neatly arranged shape.

How many flowers are in a small bridal bouquet?

On average, a wedding bouquet has 20 to 30 flower stems (or more, depending on your budget and the look you want). A small wedding bouquet is about half of the size, with anywhere from 10 to 20 flower stems.

Some bouquets are even smaller, especially when it comes to bridesmaid and flower girl bouquets. Small bouquets use fewer filler flowers and greenery accents in order to keep all of the focus on the main blooms.

Minimalist Small Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you love the less-is-more aesthetic, these minimalist bouquets will fit right in with your style.

1. Lily of the Valley Wedding Bouquet

Take a cue from royalty by carrying a dainty posy of lily of the valley. This delicate white bloom, which is one of the earliest signs of spring, was carried by some of the most famous brides of all time, including Grace Kelly, the Princess of Wales, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana.

2. Small Rose Wedding Bouquet

It doesn't get more classic than this. For an elegant but minimalist small wedding bouquet, choose an arrangement of white tea roses and spray roses (nix the greenery for the simplest look).

3. Simple White Wedding Bouquet

This all-white posy of garden roses, peonies, ranunculus and maidenhair ferns would work for any season. The small, rounded shape and minimal greenery make it understated and easy to hold.

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4. Small Winter Wedding Bouquet

Add cedar branches and evergreens to a small bundle of white flowers for a winter bouquet that's seasonal yet sophisticated.

5. Bridesmaid Posy Bouquet

Incorporate a pop of color into a small white bouquet by using greenery and ribbons for contrast. To keep the overall shape neat and tidy, the greenery shouldn't extend too far out from the rest of the arrangement.

6. Small Stephanotis Wedding Bouquet

Stephanotis is another blossom that looks chic in a petite bouquet—and it has a special meaning behind it. This delicate flower symbolizes marital happiness and joy.

7. Small Greenery Wedding Bouquet

Achieve a subtle rustic look by adding eucalyptus and dusty miller to a small bundle of white mums and spray roses.

Small Wedding Bouquet Ideas by Theme

Need even more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite small arrangements and posies for any wedding theme.

8. Small Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

Hand-tied wedding bouquets (also called garden-style bouquets) are typically recognizable by their oversized, loose shape. If you love the more natural look of this style but want to scale down the size, avoid using too much greenery or long-stemmed flowers.

9. Lavender Wedding Bouquet

Keep your small bouquet extra-simple by carrying a few stems of fresh lavender. What the bouquet lacks in size will be made up for with the irresistible fragrance.

10. Romantic Wedding Bouquet

A pastel assortment of garden roses, ranunculus and eucalyptus is an instant recipe for a romantic bouquet.

11. Small Bouquet with Succulents

Use a succulent (or two) in your small bouquet to create a focal point without adding too much height or width.

12. Small Summer Wedding Bouquet

Philodendron leaves, marigolds and a single amaranthus formed this bold arrangement. Since the flowers make such an impact on their own, you don't need as many for the actual bouquet.

13. Small Spring Wedding Bouquet

These pink and purple freesias, tulips and carnations prove that you can pack a lot of color into a small bouquet. Finish with a white satin ribbon wrapped around the stems for a sweet touch.

14. Orchid and Rose Bridesmaid Bouquet

Wide, flat flowers, like these phalaenopsis orchids, are perfect for adding interest to your bouquet without impacting the overall size or shape.

15. Small Fall Wedding Bouquet

Add a few stems of dark purple or burgundy flowers (like these hellebores) to quickly transform a bouquet for the fall season.

16. Small Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Love the dried wedding flower trend? Use a combo of small flowers and dried wheat stalks or bleached greenery for a charming rustic vibe.

17. Small White Wedding Bouquet

There's no shortage of texture in this posy bouquet. The dahlias, stock and roses paired beautifully with the eucalyptus branches, while the all-white color palette keeps the arrangement from being too overpowering.

18. Simple Rose Wedding Bouquet

Perfect for a flower girl or junior bridesmaid, this sweet bouquet keeps it simple with blush roses and hints of white.

19. Small Garden Wedding Bouquet

If you have your heart set on specific flowers that tend to be more expensive (like peonies or these Juliet garden roses), you can reduce the overall size of the bouquet to get the most out of your budget.

20. Freesia Wedding Bouquet

This freesia arrangement is proof that you don't need to use a dozen different types of flowers to create a photo-worthy bouquet. Keep it simple by sticking to one flower variety and color.

21. Small Boho Wedding Bouquet

Boho wedding flowers usually rely on abundant greenery and oversized shapes. If you prefer a smaller bouquet, use wispy flowers like astilbe, thistle and lisianthus to create a similar illusion.

22. Small Purple Wedding Bouquet

Don't want the bridesmaid bouquets to detract from the attire? Have them carry small bouquets that match the color of their dress for a seamless look.

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